Iran 'blacklists'

Iran 'blacklists'

Summary: Home-grown freelancing and outsourcing site appears to have been blocked in Iran.

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Home-grown freelancing and outsourcing site appears to have been blocked in Iran.

Matt Barrie

Matt Barrie

Iran has a long history of internet censorship. The country censors almost everything from its people, including controversial political content and several news outlets. Iran blocks prominent websites, including Twitter, Facebook, Reuters and the BBC, and now appears to have added to that list. was tipped off to the block after a user of the site said that he could no longer access the site.

Company founder and CEO Matt Barrie is disappointed by the move.

"The reasons for the ban are unspecified, but thousands of Iranian freelancers are now being denied opportunities to work and earn online at a time when the internet has irrevocably disrupted global labour markets.

" members in Iran have gone to great lengths to access the site. They used to use VPNs — virtual private networks — but the government slowed connection speeds so as to make it near impossible, and now this," Barrie said in a statement.

ZDNet Australia understands that is attempting to have the ban on the site removed.

Barrie said he hopes that the ban is lifted soon.

"We hope the authorities will reconsider their stance on, because, historically, Iran has given the world major advancements in mathematics, astronomy and other fields.

"They're an accomplished people, and have a lot more to offer," he said.

Iran recently began a transition to a controversial "national internet" that will give the censors the ability to shut down the country's access to the internet at will. now boasts over three million members in 234 countries around the world.

ZDNet Australia has contacted the Iranian embassy for comment, but had not received a response at the time of writing.

Topic: Security

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  • Iran didn't.

    It's completely a lie.
    I am freelancer from Iran
    and I have been worked using this website more than 6 month.
    I have a problem with my account recently.
    they didn't answered,and they just say,you must contact the proper department.
    this issue continues, and I have notice that,they have limited the account of many other users,
    because they are Iranians.
    when I have asked them they told me that,it's because your country has been banned our website,please note that the old national filtering system has caused many problems,many Iranian websites has been filtered,there was no department to respond to the complaints.
    and now they have changed the filtering system,and is not filtered many filtering problem has been reduced,and please note that the freelancer dot au freelancer dot in and other domains has not been filtered at all.

    now I have a question,Mr Luke has been published a news that,create a huge conflict between the and it's user,don't you think you are responsible,
    don't you think you are cause of this problem I am struggling to withdraw my money and now it's because of journalist,whom thinks that he is really sweet.
    shame on you and all the others that cause the problem
    you can remotely access to an Iranian computer and see your self
    shame on you.
  • Ha?????!!!!!

    I'm in Mashhad, IRAN. I'm visiting NOW! :|
    Why are you lying? Why should Iran blacklist a freelancing site?

    I've another question:
    Why blacklists Iranian users? You can visit now and search for Iranian freelancer profiles, you can see all are blacklisted by

    I'm really disappointed by with this news...