Iran deploys domestic Internet system, blocks Google

Iran deploys domestic Internet system, blocks Google

Summary: Country announces plans to move citizens to its local Internet system after connecting government agencies to the platform, and said it will block access to Google's search and e-mail services.


Iran has connected its government agencies to its domestic Internet network to improve the nation's cybersecurity posture and will now move its citizens to the online platform. It also said it blocked Google's search engine and e-mail services.

Reuters, citing the Mehr news agency, reported on Sunday Iran's deputy communications and technology minister Ali Hakim-Javadi said in recent days, all governmental agencies and offices have been connected to the "national information network".

The second phase of the plan would be to connect its citizens to the network, Hakim-Javadi added. The report added the domestic Internet system would be fully implemented by March 2013, but it was not clear whether access to the World Wide Web would be cut once this is deployed.

At the same time, a government official known only as Khoramabadi said on state television that "Google and Gmail will be filtered througout the country until further notice" and this will kick in "within a few hours". He did not give further details, Reuters noted.

A check on Google's Transparency Report site showed no signs of these two services being restricted in Iran though.

In early August, the Iranian government said it was taking its e-government services offline as sensitive intelligence was vulnerable on the public Internet. It said it will move key ministries and state bodies onto a national intelligence network which it hoped to develop into a national intranet.

The Iran government has also tried blocking Internet access to foreign news sites and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter several times earlier this year, but many Iranians use proxy servers over virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent these restrictions.


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  • Iran

    Iranian leadership is paranoid and is afraid of the TRUTH.
    • RE: Iran

      and the West feeds that paranoid to gets bigger and bigger
  • Sounds cool

    Thats awesome, good for Iran, but they should disconnect from the US and Israel, but not the world.....or this will be boring...Iran only sites.
    • No. It's not.

      No there's really nothing awesome or "good for Iran" about it. All this is is their government trying to keep their populace ignorant on what's going on in the rest of the world, which incidentally the USA and Israel are, you know, sort of major players in.

      Less information to the public is never, ever, EVER a "good thing."
      Randall Flagg
      • internet

        considering that the United States basically runs the internet, started the internet (arpanet) and has the most services, an internet without the USA would be rather dull.. that's ok, they need the USA more than the USA needs them..
      • Ignorance?

        ".. gov. trying to keep their population ignorant on what is going on in the rest of the world, USA and """Israel""" ..."

        what is going on in the Israel that they are ignorant about? and you are not Mr. Connected to google?

        Of course such approaches of censorship are absurd, but having access to "google" doesn't necessarily get you proof of ignorance.
      • "All this is is their government trying to keep their populace ignorant..."

        Sound pretty much like what our mainstream-media is doing with our population.

        Information and the truth must be blocked at all costs. But, in our case, we don't need for government to stop the truth from getting out, since our mainstream media is doing a good job of that.
  • Packing my Bags!

    NO Facebook! Sign me up--I hope the girls are pretty there!
  • Just another totalitarian regime

    This the sort of thing totalitarian regimes have done for millennia. Iran has now joined North Korea, China and the former Soviet Union in its attempts to create an alternate reality for its victims. Won't last though.
    Tony R.
  • Poor Iran

    Well guess I will miss the Sports Illistrated issue of Miss Iran bikini & Miss Iran beauty pageant.
  • Stuxnet?

    I think Iran is going off the grid because of the Stuxnet issue.

    May be the common people will have access once their govt figures how to keep the govt sites safe.
  • Smithers, release the hounds!

    Now when you poison the well you don't have to worry about the contagion crossing the border.

    What happens in Iran stays in Iran.
  • Domestic Internet

    What you can't see can hurt you.
  • slavery in 21st century

    Just to make easier to keep women in custody. Developed world should prevent this slavery. This is the 21st century! wake up world!
    • Not likely anytime soon, and the century we live in makes no difference,

      since, the human frailty is not changing with the times or the technology or the availability of information.