Iran oil company blames cyberattack on China, Israel

Iran oil company blames cyberattack on China, Israel

Summary: The Iranian Offshore Oil Company reportedly accuses both countries as the main culprits behind an attack on its computer network, which it says was successfully stopped.


Iran says it has successfully blocked a cyberattack on the computer network of its offshore drilling platforms, which it accuses of being launched by China and Israel.

Mohammad Reza Golshani, IT head of Iran's state offshore oil company told the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) on Monday the attack had caused one-way telephone connections to the platforms and the whole company but the information, communication and technology (ICT) unit had managed to nullify the attack.

The main network was safe as it was isolated from the Internet and was back to normal operations, he noted in the article.

The attack was planned and operated mainly by Israel and China, over the past two weeks, but it had also been traced to other locations as well, Golshani remarked. 

This is not the first time Iran has been targetted by a cyberattack. Iran's uranium enrichment centrifuges were hit by Stuxnet in 2010, which they believed was planted by Israel or the United States. The country is also moving to a domestic Internet system, which it says would improve cybersecurity.

Iran itself has been fingered as a source of cyberattacks. Hacker group Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters took responsibility for the denial of service (DoS) attacks on major U.S. banks last month. However, U.S. senator Joe Lieberman believes the attacks were state-sponsored by Iran, citing "the increasingly strong economic sanctions that the United States and our European allies have put on Iranian financial institutions" as the cause.



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  • China?

    China and Russia are the ones that keep protecting Iran from more sanctions. Hopefully China will hear of these accusations and see how nuts Iran is.
  • @Ellyne

    China is one of the very few nations which support Iran. They are helping them in their reverse engineering work and China is one of the major Oil importer of Iran other than India. Accusation on China doesn't make any sense.
  • I guess I'm not the only one

    I guess I'm not the only one that sees a finger pointed at China as a red herring. Why would energy hungry China want to bite the hand that feeds them their petrol?

    It really doesn't make any sense! If Iran really levelled such accusations, there has to be something we don't know or understand about the situation.
  • Iran Paranoid

    Iran is very paranoid and foolish and probably played by the west by blaming China. I think Israel needs to show how easily Iranian nuclear engineers can be disposed of again.
    Del Fino