Is cloud right for your business?

Is cloud right for your business?

Summary: The key IT buzzwords for 2010 seem to be "cloud computing" and "virtualisation", but is cloud really right for your business?

TOPICS: Cloud, Google, Microsoft

The key IT buzzwords for 2010 seem to be "cloud computing" and "virtualisation", but is cloud really right for your business?

Will it provide a cheaper, more flexible option? Or can companies not afford to store data and run applications outside their business?

In a program recorded at the annual Kickstart Forum on IT trends, Stilgherrian speaks with Rosemary Stark, Microsoft Australia product manager for Windows Server and infrastructure solutions and Craig Deveson, CEO of Devnet, one of Google's enterprise and web development partners.

Meanwhile, Michael Rich, managing director of Attaché Software, explains why he thinks IT vendors have got it wrong by attempting to sell products instead of providing business value.

Plus we have Stilgherrian's idiosyncratic look at the week's IT news headlines.

For those of you who noticed, Patch Monday this week became Patch Tuesday: you never know what might happen in the land of the clouds. And yes, there's no connection to Microsoft.

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Topics: Cloud, Google, Microsoft


Stilgherrian is a freelance journalist, commentator and podcaster interested in big-picture internet issues, especially security, cybercrime and hoovering up bulldust.

He studied computing science and linguistics before a wide-ranging media career and a stint at running an IT business. He can write iptables firewall rules, set a rabbit trap, clear a jam in an IBM model 026 card punch and mix a mean whiskey sour.

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  • Enterprise hybrid cloud

    Something that I would recommend looking into when deciding if the cloud is right for your business is a hybrid cloud that meets your businesses specific needs.
  • Cloud vs Physical

    On advantage with physical is that you largely control the EOL... Note that one of your interviews recommended Google gears - which is now dead:

    The cloud is moving too fast, companies don't see solutions you could have in-place for 10-20 years - I've worked with business running Windows 2000/2003 quite happily with 20 y/o unix/as400 stock systems. Not saying they don't need to move on, but SMEs like to get the most out of an investment, and the churn in cloud adds a massive risk. (Oh, and connectivity - we have telstra outages every few weeks).
  • Gears not "dead" as such

    Calling Google Gears "dead" is a bit of an over-statement IMO. It's not being developed further, but as that Wikipedia article says Google have committed to supporting it -- though I grant you that probably won't be "forever".

    HTML5 is certainly the way things seem to be going. At least today.

    The point about system longevity and EOL is important, and I may well follow that up in a future program. I personally agree that the industry -- or at least certain parts of it -- tends to focus on The Next Big Thing at the expense of solid, reliable systems.
  • Cloud is ASP...

    Sounds like the same issues as ASP almost 10 years back - just now there are fatter pipes to deliver the experience to users.
  • Is cloud right for your business?

    Interesting how much fear is being promoted by some over the "what if your internet connection fails? " question.

    What if your fax line fails?
    What if your mobile phone fails or is out of range?
    What if there is electricity blackout due to thunderstorms etc?
    What if your EFTPOS terminal fails?
    What if you telephone systems fails?
    What if a supplier's delivery truck breaks down?
    etc. etc.

    All these things happen (rarely) and we all survive! So it is with the Internet!