Is Demonoid gone for good?

Is Demonoid gone for good?

Summary: Demonoid, one of the world's biggest torrent sites, was taken down by a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack last week. Now, the domain has started redirecting to random bogus sites. Does this mean Demonoid is gone for good?

TOPICS: Security, Outage, Piracy

Update on August 6 - Demonoid busted by the police

Update on August 3 - Demonoid admin: We'll be back

Is Demonoid gone for good?

Well this can't be good. Demonoid is no longer down, but it's also no longer Demonoid: the domain doesn't look like it's pointing to the Demonoid server.

Last week, Demonoid started serving up the following error message:

Server too busy

The action you requested could not be completed because the server is too busy.

Please try again in a few minutes

Do not click reload - Use the following links
Clicking reload will get you this page again

Click here to return to the homepage or Click here to go back

It turned out, according to a statement supplied to TorrentFreak, that Demonoid had been taken down by a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The site's administrator reportedly said the fix could take a while, and so the waiting game began. A full week passed, and then last night, the server was turned off completely and the site started serving up a 404 (Not Found error message).

A fake Facebook Page for the Demonoid website said the website was taken down on purpose to work on fixing the issues. I fell for the hoax earlier today and after it was pointed out to me, I immediately tried to contact Demonoid's administrator for a statement explaining what is really happening.

In the meantime, I've been checking the site all day, which kept giving me a 404. About half an hour ago, however, the page loaded something, which in turn redirected to a random website full of advertisements. I tried going to a few more times, and every time it was a different nonsense website. Finally, it seemed to settle on the website you see pictured above. If I tried to keep refreshing, I would eventually get a bogus website again.

All these websites look like the ones you see when you go to a domain that is up for sale or is being kept around for generating ad revenue from random visitors looking for something. For example, if you go to or, you'll see something similar. If this is what is happening to, then the owner will likely make quite a bit of money.

The thing is, it doesn't look as if the owner has changed. The following whois lookup for Demonoid suggests something may have changed last night, although the expiration date is still more than two years from now:

Domain ID:D1703141-ME
Domain Create Date:28-Nov-2010 23:49:19 UTC
Domain Last Updated Date:31-Jul-2012 12:28:28 UTC
Domain Expiration Date:28-Nov-2014 23:49:19 UTC

Is this really just a consequence of the DDOS attack last week or is there something bigger happening? Is this some kind of anti-piracy initiative? Is Demonoid dead or will the site resurface once again under a different domain (remember, Demonoid originally started at

Again, I've attempted to contact Demonoid's administrator for an explanation of what's happening. I will update you if and when I hear back.

Update on August 2 - The site is back to being down and the administrator is still unreachable. As a reader points out, the domain registration was updated again.

Meanwhile, TorrentFreak also hasn't had much luck getting in touch with Demonoid's staff, and says the situation doesn't look good:

For now we’ll just have to wait, but it wouldn’t come as a shock if Demonoid remained down for months. Equally, and this is a distinct possibility given all the variables, don’t be surprised if its doors stay closed for good.

Until we hear more, it's back to the waiting game.

Update on August 3 - Demonoid admin: We'll be back

Update on August 6 - Demonoid busted by the police

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Topics: Security, Outage, Piracy

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  • Demonoid

    Haven't you been around? Of course Demonoid will be back, like every time in the past. Just have some patience.
    Mats Peterson
  • Patience is a virtue

    but going off line for 6 months is just crazy.

    I still like Demonoid and use it as a primary source but every crash like this deflates my enthusiasm to the point of "Demonoid gone? Meh, so what?"
    • It will never die!

      If the site can return after a year of absence and the loss of Deimos nothing can kill the big D! Even if it totally wiped somebody sure has a recent backup and will restart the whole deal under a new domain.
      Rambling Johnny
      • no ftp can recover more 6mos down

        used have ftp we were sabotaged was 7 mos and didnt recover we were at top with demon my partner invested thousands members near almost 2 mil luckly donations made him almost 3 quarters his invest back if dem isnt up before 6 mos wont be back we were before dem almost 10 yrs ago back when winmx started i seen a few ftp sites includin winmx crash 6 mos max for comeback lose dem we hurting am telling ya music and movie industry behind these bombardments they can getto everyone hire hackers to hit sites my partner has proof hackers brought us down!!! we need fight back remember this all start with METALLICA FREAKIN GREEDY MOTHERF****ERS more money they ever spend!! shut down NAPSTER there are muscians that are out there happily giving music away some on their sites some whereever can we need to organize crash METALLICA then nail RIAA AND MOVIE INDUSTRY SITES i have every cd and bluray dvd to song or movie on puter some dont understandable but we need join together and hit the ones started this first let them know what they did cause they stand alone haent seen noone standing with METALLICA constently cause noone really believes 100 percent in them I have many friends in music bus and most agree they greedy asses my friends most free dl their music and few are hot items right now brantley jason tbp even lady a so we rednecks but we also sellin more than pop and rock jason a top seller at moment yet he offering songs free downloads cause we Americans and know dont need f**king more money than ever spend like freakin assh**e lars so lets start rebellion and save our friends and beloved ftps sites dont let anymore get screwed up like me and my partners and napster and old winmx or some yall forgot stand up and protect our freedoms
        Michael Sills
  • Demonoid Has been Taken down Permanently.

    This Video will Show you Everything :-(
    Scott Hamilton
    • Keep the faith

      Scott, we don't know for sure yet. I'm gonna light me some votive candles and incense and pray. Keep the faith, bro!

      Kip Lange
  • i dont think its gone proof maybe

    if this was down it wouldnt say a new description under the link when you search demonoid in google heres what it says offers Free Movies, Movies And Tv, Tv Shows, and Video On Demand. Demonoid - your number one choice for On-demand Service and Demand ...

    see what i mean
    Marcy Hopwood
  • Failed article

    If the author Protalinski would actually know anything and do some research, he would know that Demonoid has not used the .me domain for quite some time and are instead using a different one. Anybody with a computer, Google and a brain would be able to find the CORRECT info on this one, in fact the only thing in this article that is correct is that they seemingly have been ddos-ed and that the site is down. So posting anything about the .me domain is pointless and incorrect.
    • also doesn't work.

      Thanks for playing.
    • Uhh...

      Hey dude, get off your high horse for a moment. redirected to so checking it does not make a difference. Don't insult the man's intelligence just because he chooses to use the redirect.
      Christopher Vincent
  • so i guess no one thinks....

    what the person did was park the site. that is all that is. my site is parked. there is nothing to it right now. the dot me extension was changed to dot ph for security purposes. there is only one person running it so stop doing conspiracy and just wait for it to appear.
  • Demoniod

    Thanks Emil. Keep us posted if you hear more.
  • Parked Page

    Correct, the presence of add filled pages is usually a default host server page. So, the assumption that the owner is attempting to collect from ads is quite an offensive accusation. It is likely the default server page is being displayed while the server and site are being restored. My site is undergoing the same predicament. I wouldn't draw any assumptions until a public announcement is made or the site is restored and invalidated accusations are never necessary.
  • I don't want to flame...

    but, TorrentFreak actually reported that the administrator of Demonoid told them that he rerouted the traffic to the bogus sites to avoid mounting server fees from the DDOS attack (which is still ongoing). He decided to take the site offline, instead, today. They're still working on fixes, and there was a tech whose a t.v. star (who wasn't named in the article) who is supposedly helping them with their software woes.
    • *who's not whose

      (for the grammar Nazis).
  • Source of Update (at end of article_
  • Demonoid is now going to IIS7 Page

    Good Morning. I just tried going to demonoids page, about at about 6:48 am Eastern Time today, 8/3. It is now loading IIS7 emblem, and when you click on the emblem, it loads Microsoft's Windows 2012 Server page. Maybe Demonoid will rise from the Ashes, maybe she wont. Who knows. All I know, is that I hope the Demonoid will rise again.
  • Down Time

    I was paid handsomely to do it
  • Not redirecting - for me...

    Redirecting? I just get a page from Google:

    Oops! Internet Explorer could not find
    Try reloading: www.­demonoid.­me

    Additional suggestions:
    •Access a cached copy of www.­demonoid.­me
    •Search on Google:

    Are you sure you were not hit by a page direct exploit?
  • Never even heard of it..

    I always use kickass ( to get my free goodies :)