Is Samsung releasing a Galaxy Gear Mega watch with just 10-hour battery life?

Is Samsung releasing a Galaxy Gear Mega watch with just 10-hour battery life?

Summary: Samsung will be revealing its Galaxy Gear smartwatch this week at IFA, and some photos of a Samsung watch appeared this weekend. Surely these can't be real, though, or Samsung has gone off the deep end.


Samsung has already confirmed that it will be revealing its smartwatch at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event in a couple of days. Rumors are that it will be called the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and this weekend, we saw some ridiculous photos of a likely prototype over at VentureBeat.

Is Samsung releasing a Galaxy Gear Mega watch with just 10 hour battery life?
(Image: VentureBeat)

Some think this is the real deal, but I have to believe that Samsung has more sense than to release a device that looks more like a Galaxy Note or Galaxy Mega watch. Om Malik posted that these are images of a prototype, but also wrote that the lame 10-hour battery life may be real.

The photos show a very large watch with four front visible screws, a display that's 3 inches diagonal in size, and a 4-megapixel camera. It may also only connect to a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, have S Voice for voice control, and include Samsung health apps.

It also may only have a 10-hour battery life with active use, which is ridiculous and in my opinion makes the watch basically useless. Who in the world wants a watch they have to charge daily and that may not even go a full day with heavy usage?

I used Microsoft SPOT watches back in 2004 — I still have a couple in my collection — and liked the idea of having a watch you could just glance at and get the essentials. I was a Kickstarter backer of the Pebble smartwatch, and find that watch to be excellent when partnered with my Android smartphones. I wear it daily, and think it is nearly perfect for a smartwatch. I also backed the Agent smartwatch, since it offers connectivity to Windows Phone as well as Android and iOS, with functions such as wireless charging and more.

As you can see, I am a perfect candidate for the upcoming Galaxy Gear watch and rumored iWatch. Samsung's watch must look better than what the current photos show. It also shouldn't try to include the entire kitchen sink in a watch that must be partnered with a smartphone anyway. I would love the healthy tracking functionality seen in the FuelBand, Fitbit, or Up included in a watch to eliminate one extra device I carry, but not if that means I have to charge my watch daily.

Standard watches seem to be getting more popular, even with everyone having a phone with a clock already in their pocket. A smartwatch offers more than just the time. For example, I love that my Pebble vibrates, shows me who is calling, and lets me keep my phone in my pocket, on my desk, or in my bag without having to pick it up if I don't want to take the call.

The ability to glance at the watch and see key information coming into your phone is actually quite useful. However, I don't think you need such a watch with a camera or the ability to play Angry Birds. These watches need to last a long time, my Pebble goes at least a week between charges, and provide just the essentials. Why would you want to take a crappy photo with your watch when your phone with a great camera is in your pocket?

It will be interesting to see what Samsung actually launches, but if it is like its Galaxy smartphones, it will have way too much software and Samsung functions that people use for a week until the novelty wears off. I am looking forward to what Apple may launch, too, but until then, my Pebble meets all of my smartwatch needs and gets better weekly, with developers offering lots of cool watch faces and functions.

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  • If that image is anything near the final design

    All I can say is "yuck".
    What the hell is that?!!!
  • Kitchen sink, oven, microwave, and a Dyson too

    Hey, its becoming the Samsung way to stuff every idea anyone ever had into its devices; half-baked or not. Success has begun spoiling Samsung, a company that had come so far from its history as a producer of crappy electronics devices to one that became cutting edge in terms of style. Looking at their latest Android phones and this thing, there is clearly no discipline being applied at all.
  • Easy to see how this one ends up.

    Samsung and the rest of the Android me-toos will be loading these wearable devices with all sort of unnecessary junk/features. As we are seeing from the smart phone market, it's really the only way they know how to compete and differentiate themselves from the pack.
    • And then a year later

      apple will release a watch with less functionality but it looks pretty so the usual following will clamour to buy even though they have no need. Pre-ordered yet dave?
      Little Old Man
  • I keep thinking...

    ...that a great strategy for Apple would have been to give everyone the impression that they are developing a smart watch--all the while understanding that battery life would make that an almost impossible task. And then all the Apple people would stand back and watch companies like Samsung spend untold time and money trying to develop a smart watch.
    • Would Have Been?

      They done did it already. A classic distraction for those companies that use Apple for R&D.

      Serves them right!
  • Why post this?

    Really...Why? That is so obviously not it. I mean seriously? That's s mockup of a smartphone strapped to a guys wrist. Who in their right mind would buy something that silly? I would accuse you of playing an April fools joke just to troll some hits, but it's not April.
  • Tech columns with no tech.

    The few thousand people that might be crazy enough to buy one of these watches from anybody who markets them are one step from committal.
  • Memo to Samsung

    Dear Samsung. Please release your smart watch AFTER Apple so that you can copy their design and put Samsung on it. Well, I guess you can save that for version 2.
  • If Apple would have just upgraded their nano...

    The previous gen iPod Nano was a great platform to use as a smartwatch, which is why they sold wrist-bands for it, it just needed a few more features. If instead of going away from that design on the Nano they would have just added the ability to link to your phone and put in a bit more basic app functionality, it would have had everything you need and they could have had it out a year ago. It had the battery life, fitness apps, music, could have tossed in a calendar app, added the phone link, and that's basically al you need. And a camera if you want, they're tiny these days. Don't know why companies don't realize you don't want every device to do everything. Can't wait for the Microsoft smartphone that for some reason runs a full version of Windows 8 even though none of the programs make any sense to use on it.
    • Actually, quite smart

      Upgrade the nano into its own new form and build on the old nano as the form factor for a whole new iwatch market segment. quite smart if you ask me.
      Panthera son
  • Batteries

    Stone age.
  • Samsung doesn't know who or what to copy for a watch

    Samsung doesn't know who or what to copy for a watch. So in their monkey-like manner, they simply shrink the smartphone into a really ugly watch and force you to charge it at least TWICE a day since the battery can't be large enough to last a week between charges.

    Then once Apple shows their product, I best Samsung clones it.
  • Battery

    Yeah, the battery isn't that bad.. that's 10 hrs use... you won't be using it all the time! What I'm interested in is how they will stack up against the HOT watch, which has private calling/voice control.