IT outsourcing: Ten reasons for ruling it out

IT outsourcing: Ten reasons for ruling it out

Summary: Outsourcing may look good on paper — until you factor in a number of undesirable side effects, says Jack Wallen

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    8. Morale
    Outsourcing an IT department has an impact on morale across the organisation because everyone wonders who will be next. Recovering from that dent to morale can take a long time, and there is also the direct effect on perception about IT itself, with employees believing that tech problems will take longer to resolve.

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    9. Continuity
    With outsourced IT, you have to cope with external engineers, retrain people in relation to conduct and security, and deal with a fluctuating IT schedule over which you may have no control. With an external supplier, the way issues are resolved will change and setups may be completed with little regard to in-house standards.

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    10. Control
    It's hard to control an external provider — which also represents yet another cog in a machine that is already incredibly complex. Why add more layers and complexity, which can only mean you retain less control over how your company behaves, performs, and grows? If you are one of those owners, shareholders, or managers who prefers to keep control over the daily workings of your company, it doesn't make sense to outsource such a critical aspect of the business system.

    To outsource or not to outsource
    The outsourcing issue will be argued back and forth, but I've seen its effects from nearly every side and rarely does it work as well as those initiating the process would hope. Of course, it's not a completely flawed system, but many issues get overlooked when the goal of saving some salary is at issue. Where do you stand on the outsourcing issue?

    This story originally appeared as 10 problems with outsourcing IT on TechRepublic.

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Topic: IT Employment

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