ITC to investigate Apple following Motorola complaint

ITC to investigate Apple following Motorola complaint

Summary: Apple is next under the patent spotlight after Motorola filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission last month.


Apple is next under the patent spotlight after Motorola Mobility filed a complaint last month, claiming the iPhone and iPad maker had infringed seven of its patents. 

The U.S. International Trade Commission said today it will investigate Apple citing Section 337 of the U.S. Tariff Act 1930, a section of the law that could see the firm's products banned from entering the United States.

The ITC announced today that its probe will cover Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac computers. The trade body doesn't offer many details, but states it will probe, "certain wireless communication devices, portable music and data processing devices, computers, and components thereof," which allegedly infringe Motorola Mobility's U.S.-held patents.

FOSS Patents author Florian Mueller notes in a blog post:

Google undoubtedly hopes that Motorola Mobility's lawsuits against Apple may at some point lead to a situation in which Apple may back down and tolerate unfettered infringement of its rights by Google and its device maker partners -- which I doubt very much to be honest.

The complaint has come a week before the ITC ruled that Apple had not violated three 3G patents owned by Motorola Mobility, a division of Google, which bought the company in 2011 for $12.5 billion. A fourth patent was sent back to a judge to determine whether any Apple products have infringed the technology. As sister site CNET noted, it could take more than a year before a decision is made.

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  • SEP?

    I'm guessing this will turn out to be another Standards Essential Patent, which they will ultimately have to licence under FRAND terms.

    Sorry Googlerola. You've got nothing.
    • yes because Apple's whining about Samsung

      is so much better right? No, it's all trolling and it all needs to stop. Sorry Apple Fan boy, you've got nothing either.
      Johnny on the Spot
      • I've got 1.5 Billion dollars in punitive damages from Samsung

        ...and one of the most powerful patent portfolios in the world.

        That's what I've got.
        • Thanks for admitting you work for Apple

          Care to give us the names of the other Apple employees that post here on ZDNet?
          • If I worked for Apple I would just say.

            Why do you think I would hide it?

            There's a big difference between Apple and Android suppliers that you people just refuse to understand. Apple develops ideas and patents them. Android just helps itself to other people's IP and gives it away free to the world, apparently without realising this might get it into trouble.

            Believe me, Apple will lose nothing of any significance to any Android supplier in any court in the world. Conversely, the Samsung verdict is just the beginning of the pain for Android.
          • Oh, so you have nothing

            "If I worked for Apple I would just say."

            I was simply going based on this:
            "I've got 1.5 Billion dollars in punitive damages from Samsung"

            Not sure why you lied about that when it turns out you have nothing at all.
          • I speak as a shareholder.

            One who objects to his investment being ripped off by people who would rather give away Apple's ideas rather than develop their own.
          • You own 100% of Apple?

            Wow, I didn't think any one shareholder had the entire amount of the fine for themselves.

            Oh wait, you own 1 share. How much of that fine is yours? Oh. $1.60. Wow.
          • Well, if you're just going to be stupid...

            ...let's call it a day here.
          • Who is being stupid?

            Right, the person who claimed to own Apple's $1.5 billion settlement and all of Apple's patents.

            Don't make claims you can't back up.

          • Re: ripped off by people who would rather give away Apple's ideas

            Can you own an idea?
          • WOW!

            Really?? Please share with us these revolutionary ideas that Apple came up with and patented! I cannot wait to see these!
          • braun...

            I can show you a plethora of designs they flat out stole from Braun. Does that count? Oh wait, that's the opposite....

            Slide to lock... nope, my grandma's fence had that since the 1920's.
            Robert Frizzell
          • ...Really

            " Apple develops ideas and patents them." Correction: Apple just takes Existing unpatented "ideas" and patents them.... And then sues the world for "infringement"
          • I can name a Microsoft employee here

            Goes by the name Toddbottom3, also uses toddybottom and vairous incarnations of the name.

            None of this refutes the point Englishmole made.

            So Toddy what about Apple scares you? The iFear is strong within you.
          • What point did your coworker make?

            He guessed that Motorola would lose. That isn't a point. That is a script.
          • Why is it someone that supports a particular company on a subject

            is claimed to be an employee of that company?

            Even more curious is that if someone does not agree with another's glowing assesment of some product, that the person disagreeing must be an employee of a competing company?

            I drive past Microsoft's Malvern office at least twice a week: would that mean that I work for them?

            If so, I want my check!
            John Zern
          • Methinks the Toddy doth protest too much

            It's funny how Toddy....who most consistently and steadfastly spouts the Redmond line... bashing Apple (and occasionally Google) with spin and innuendo and an incredibly high number of posts...that Toddy is also the one who accuses people of being in Apple's employ even when they come straight out and directly refute that notion. Yet I'm not sure I have ever seen Toddy directly refute the suggestion that he (or she) is paid by some entity to comment here.

            Toddy exhibits the skill set of a professional word spinner...his (or her) posts sound like political commercials (for those of you not living through the USA election cycle right grateful). Toddy? Are you paid or in some way compensated for the time you spend here and/or for posting?
          • Depends on which name Toddy is using

            toddbottom3, William Farrel, palmsolo, or Matthew Miller. They all spout the same "Microsoft is great, and Apple (and sometimes even Google) sucks so bad" line, it's hard not to think they're all the same little man with a big hatred of Apple.
            Troll Hunter J
          • Toddy may have multiple other names...but I don't believe palm solo is one

            @ Hunter

            Toddy may have multiple other names...but I don't believe palm solo is one of them.