It's MAGIC: Aussie war robot photos

It's MAGIC: Aussie war robot photos

Summary: An Australian team has recently demonstrated its robotics "wizardry" by advancing to the grand finals of an international land warfare robot competition to be held in South Australia in November.


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  • (Credit: MAGICIAN and the Australian DSTO)

    According to Harch, performance matters when you are a robot completing military exercises.

    "The six successful teams displayed high levels of innovation and dexterity in completing their assigned tasks," Harch said.

  • (Credit: MAGICIAN and the Australian DSTO)

    This competition could be a step in putting robots into "real" combat situations around the world.

    "MAGIC aims to develop fully autonomous robots capable of conducting dangerous missions and keeping soldiers out of harm's way," Greg Combet, minister for Defence Materiel and Science, said in June this year.

    "I congratulate all the finalists and wish them well for the MAGIC Grand Challenge in Australia," said Harch.

    The finalists are Cappadocia (Turkey), Chiba (Japan), MAGICIAN (Australia), RASR (USA), Team Michigan (USA) and University of Pennsylvania (USA).

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