It's official: 'NBN Co. Ltd' is the name

It's official: 'NBN Co. Ltd' is the name

Summary: The company being put together to construct and operate the National Broadband Network will be formally named "NBN Co. Limited".


The company being put together to construct and operate the National Broadband Network will be formally named "NBN Co. Limited".

(Credit: NBN Co)

Back in April when the Federal Government unveiled its strategy to build a $43 billion National Broadband Network, it was assumed the company would go through a complicated marketing exercise to find a formal name and brand, similar to the process which saw the former Telecom Australia re-branded "Telstra".

"The formal naming of the company will be considered in the coming weeks and months," a spokesperson for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told the AustralianIT at the time.

However, understands the company has made its defacto moniker, "NBN Company", more or less permanent.

The company yesterday issued a press release with a new logo incorporating the name. In addition, most press enquiries regarding its operations are being directed away from Conroy's office or the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and towards a separate public relations agency, indicating a new degree of independence.

In recent months the company has put a barebones management structure in place, this week putting some of the final touches on the superstructure with a new chief technology officer and head of network operations.

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  • great...that's original...

    great name guys, great name. God bless the NBN.
  • God help the Australian taxpayer.

    Salami while I do believe that the Good Lord has the capabilities to bless the NBN I have serious doubt that any blessing will be forthcoming for a company created out of blackmail and hoping for success by banning opponents to its monopoly.
  • NBNCo naming

    Good to see they have saved a fortune in navel hazing and consultants fees
  • A more appropriate name >>>>>

    'Ali baba and the Labor thieves'

    Who are stronly supported by the ACCC and the CCC.

    What a self interest pathetic utterance by the Competitive Carriers' Coalition. ...."these shareholders have benefited from 12 years of inflated returns at the expense of all Australians who pay inflated prices."..AFR 08/10/2009

    Apart from the heavy losses incurred on TI & T2 and augmented by billions of dollars on development CapEx, these jokers must have been living and trading on the moon.

    T3 Government's sale price was $3.60, the current price is $3.26 a Loss of 10.43% even before the forthcoming butchering.
  • NSW project 9 yrs late, $23m in red

    By Suzanne Tindal,
    07 October 2009 04:58 PM

    A New South Wales government project to simplify licence processes used by various government agencies is nine years behind schedule and $23 million over budget, according to the NSW Auditor-General.

    Fast Forward>>>>>>> 2027

    NBN Co Limited project 10 yrs late, $23b in red
  • What will this really cost?

    $43 Billion to build and can be maintained to a maximum of 30 years (1.5B per year)

    Operational costs to keep the business running and maintained at around $2B per year

    A company this size would want to return about 4% of the investment as profits, around $1.5B per year

    Minimum raw infrastructure income levels would have to be $5B per year just to keep the core infrastructure viable.

    With 4,000,000 active services at a maximum level they would need to generate $1,250 in income annually (or over $100 per month) and this doesn't include the additional services you may wish to add to make the $100 per month service useful.

    It doesn't matter how much they try and make the name or logo attractive they will never be able to conceal the fact that a dog is and always will be a dog.
  • Plain but works.

    Wholesale company and public owned. Name does not really matter.

    Hopefully they just stick with this name and don't spend thousands of $$ on a pointless marketing exercise.
  • Amusing

    Hey Vasso,

    this comment gave us a chuckle in the bunker :)

    I have no doubt we will be poring through the back pages of many auditor reports into the NBN over the next few years ... whether we find anything interesting or not will obviously be up to the skills of the honourable Mike Quigley ;)


    Renai LeMay
    News Editor
  • Dictatorships not wanted.

    The absolute hypocrisy of the CCC is sickening.

    These people see $43 billion up for grabs and are in like Flynn for whatever they can get. Standard operational procedure for them and a con they have engaged in for years.

    Of course they would call for the weakening of an opponent, Telstra, and use any devious tactic that might gain an unfair financial advantage for themselves.

    As rightly described in today's AFR, Chanticleer writes the proposed blackmail ultimatum of Telstra " wouldn't be out of place in a third world dictatorship".

    Very handy too, I would imagine, is the fact that the boss of the CCC has a wife who is a Senator and regularly speaks out in Parliament against Telstra.
  • exactly sydney...

    dictatorships not wanted.

    that's why sol's telstra weren't wanted.
  • he is amusing

    renai you haven't read enough of vasso's comments. he *always* makes everyone chuckle
  • At least we have sense of humour to fall back on.

    The tragedy which is not so amusing is the fact that Telstra employs an army of skilled and competent telco technicians whose jobs are being put at risk by a Labor Government intent on destroying Telstra for glory.

    Quigley is proudly proclaiming the speed of awarding contracts in
    Tasmania without, so much as a thought about the displaced employees. Good luck to him.
  • What will this really cost ?

    It's in the lap of the gods.

    Troy, NBN Co is purely a wholesale entity operating in a fast changing industry, meaning they are lumbered with the hard yakka of maintaining the networks, USO's and keeping pace with innovations.

    Retail, is where the mula is but it resides in the province of ISPs.

    Monopoly reinforced by economy of scale will not save their bacon.
  • It's no longer sol's telstra but....

    Telstra is still not wanted! Sol was just a Labor party excuse.

    If Jesus Christ was managing Telstra, Conroy would still aim to destroy the company.
  • You are naive Vasso.

    It doesn't matter who's in power Vasso, NBN = split. Don't fool yourself otherwise!,130061791,339282548,00.htm
  • Forman is 100% correct.

    What a (typically greedy) self interest, pathetic utterance by Vasso.

    As you have ridden on the back of those WEAK TELSTRA REGULATIONS, you kindly highlighted for us all, here...,139033349,339298874,00.htm#320357518

    you must have indeed, as claimed by the CCC, "obviously benefited" from 12 years of inflated returns.

    The share price may well only be $3.26 (actually now $3.23 down another 0.92% today when the All Ords went north 1.4%, lol) ... but without those WEAK REGULATIONS artificially exaggerating profits and propping up the share price, they'd probably be $2.26. Either that or the dividend would have been reduced/discontinued or a combination.

    Perhaps a class action by all of Telstra's access customers/wholesalers, for the artificially WEAK REGULATIONS, which related to unfair profits (advantage) to Telstra as a consequence, could be in order?

  • Syd the back flip King.

    Sydney, once again your disgraceful greedy, share driven bias has come to the fore.

    Your blind willingness to change opinion from one extreme to the other and back again, to whatever is most beneficial to Telstra and Telstra only, at any given time, proves it.

    But to then have the audacity to claim to be an unbiased, rational, patriotic Aussie, who isnt worried about his wife's 70000 TLS shares and accuse others of commenting for their own financial agenda, OMG.

    Again I ask. If you are not commenting out of your own selfish greed - "why was a previously proposed (by you) Telstra NBN monopoly most suitable and proper, when a government monopoly (either real or perceived) is considered unfair and ridiculed by you daily"?
  • What Telstra employees?

    Last I heard, they'd fired nearly all of their in-house technicians and had contracted out most of the work. Provided those technicians can make the leap to working with fibre, I don't see how the NBN would make life worse for them. Oh, wait - Telstra have also reportedly been skimping on maintenance while making those $billions of profit, leading to higher rates of network breakdowns. I guess the NBN might reduce the amount of contractor work after all, if it's a more reliable network...
  • How did ASIC approve the name?

    I wonder what NBN Limited (the TV station) thinks of this.
  • Excellent point.

    Our watchdogs desperately need awakening, starting with ACCC.