Java support over for Windows XP

Java support over for Windows XP

Summary: UPDATED. The regularly scheduled quarterly security updates for Java on July 15 will not include updates for Windows XP, which is now formally unsupported by Oracle.

TOPICS: Security, Oracle

Oracle has quietly ended all support for Java on Windows XP.

As a result, the quarterly security updates scheduled for July 15 will not include any fixes for Windows XP.

In an FAQ on the Java site the company states that Microsoft's end of support for Windows XP is the reason for Oracle's decision to end support. Users may still run Java 7 at their own risk. Java 8, the next major version, will not be available for Windows XP.

In a press release, Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO of Danish IT security firm Heimdal Security says that after the updates are applied, Java will no longer load on Windows XP. The new Java versions will be 7u65 and 8u11, according to Kjaersgaard.

Update on July 4: We asked Oracle for a comment and received this statement from Henrik Stahl, vice president for product Management at Java: 

"As you know, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP and recommend their users to upgrade to more recent versions in order to maintain a stable and secure environment.

Oracle makes the same recommendation to our users running Java on Windows, and also has a standing recommendation that users stay current with the most recent Java security baseline — currently available for the public for Java 7 and 8. There are a few compatibility issues with Java 8 on Windows XP, since it is not an officially supported configuration. We are looking at ways to resolve these.

For now, we will keep Java users on Windows XP secure by updating them to the most recent Java 7 security update on an ongoing basis. Java users on more recent Windows versions can choose between Java 7 and 8, and depending on their choice will be kept up to date with the most recent Java 7 or 8 security update respectively."

Based on this statement and the language in the FAQ linked to above, it appears that Oracle's policy is that future Java updates may or may not work on Windows XP. You run them at your own risk. Kjaersgaard says that the current test versions of those updates do not work on Windows XP, but perhaps that will change by July 15.

As Kjaersgaard also notes, Windows XP still accounts for a large percentage of systems in use, even in enterprises. Of those systems, Heimdal Security claims, according to their intelligence, that almost 88 percent run Java.


Java has been a major source of real-world security threats over the last few years. While he advises Windows XP users to upgrade to a modern, supported version of Windows, Kjaersgaard recognizes that Windows XP users are stubborn and will be exposed. "This is a huge security problem," says Kjaersgaard.

Topics: Security, Oracle

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  • Oracle has quietly ended all support for Java on...

    virtually every platform. The language is just a pathetic joke at this point. Actually, it always was.
    • Let me guess

      Not enough linq?
    • What?

      Three fails: False statement about dropping platforms. If you think Java is just a programming language, you have no idea what you're talking about. It is the key enterprise platform around the world.
      Buster Friendly
  • Should just open sourced Java.

    If you can't support XP then it's time to release Java to the Open Source community. Of course you won't though; sad. :)
    • It is

      That's the OpenJDK project. Java is a collection of standards and not a piece of software. Specifically they're talking about the Oracle JRE/JDK in this article. No one is going to continue to support XP as the OS itself is no longer supported.
      Buster Friendly
      • Well I finally found Open JDK version of Java for Windows....

        ....but, after un-installing Java 7 and installing Open JDK, applets weren't recognized my my Iron VM (Iron is a Chrome based browser). I recovered my XP VM from a golden set point and all's well. I do admit I didn't pursue the issue more to get it to work, but then again, why should I even have to; the Open JDK installer should have did so for me. Anyway, it looks like Oracle sort of tweaking it's tune and will continue to provide 7 updates for XP; just won't guarantee that they will work. lol

    • Here 'ya go

      Good luck with Windows XP. :)
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Article: "Oracle has quietly ended all support for Java on Windows XP"

    Public (read 'consumers and SMBs') availability? Or both public and private (read 'enterprise') availability?

    Does this action include enterprises (I am thinking that the minimum no. of seats for custom Java support is around 6000) that pay Oracle for custom Java support? As an example, updates for Java SE 5 and 6 are no longer publicly available but are still available to enterprises paying Oracle for custom Java support.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Still there

      All the old versions are there back to 1.1. Just scroll down to the bottom for the java archive. Custom support where they'll actually give you new builds of those I have no idea. We actually have a few legacy things that old, but we don't bother with support. They're not going to suddenly break after all these years and they're network isolated.
      Buster Friendly
      • Oracle's custom Java SE support

        This is what I was referring to:

        "Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap"

        One can purchase custom support for Java SE versions that have been EOL'd for the public. Java SE 5 and 6 are still supported (read 'security updates provided') for enterprises as long as they meet the minimum number of seats requirement and pay Oracle for the service.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • Really?

          Really? I'm surprised anyone would pay for that. 5 and up seem to be basically drop in replacements. 4 to 5 was the biggest hurdle as I remember but was worth it for annotations.
          Buster Friendly
  • Heres a golden oportunity for security firms to save the day...

    with the New Fangled Security solutions for Java on XP

    Never fear you can run Java on XP till 2025 if your still alive...
  • Java support over for Windows XP??

    More like Windows XP support over for Java, lol.
    • It's pscyhology test

      That's a psychology test- are you an OS guy or an application guy. I swear some of the sysadmins think the entire reason we have computers is to run an operating system.
      Buster Friendly
      • Its the apps stupid!

        Those sysadmins are clueless. People use applications on the computer and only care what applications will run on their box. The OS is only relevant because it preselects which applications one can choose from.
        • Speaking of clueless and stupid people

          Please let us know where one can find / run full-fledged EMACS/Latex/XWindow environment in any Crippled Apps also known as CrApps on any underpowered puny ARM CPU based minimalistic devices; either under iOS or Android or WindowsRT?

          For free of course!

          I do that just fine in any Windows or *Nix Clone environments (except for the crippled mobile ones such as Android thanks to the CrApp Stores of all persuations).

          Even though Android shares the Linux kernel, it is certainly NOT the GNU Linux environment we are accustomed to.

          Yes I run all of that directly under Windows, I use Cygwin-64... Open-Source of course!

          And EMACS is 1976 open-source as well. So don't compare Crapps with really useful/powerful/sophisticated true applications.

          If you speak of real available applications, then the largest ecosystem by far is Windows including the possibility of recompiling any and every open-source program available out-there for Linux/*Nix directly from within Windows.

          Where have you been lurking lately?
          • Do you feel better now?

            Near as I can tell, no one was talking about anything you just ranted on. Is all that off your chest now?
  • Re: Java support over for Windows XP….

    With the likes of Java support ending it presents more of a security issue than Microsoft not supporting XP itself. What does bother me however is how many consumers out there working on Pentium 4 machines on a daily basis will be aware of this?
    • I assume you mean the plugin

      I assume you mean the JRE browser plugin which is where end user problems usually show up the same with other plugins like flash. Browser will also be dropping support which will be a lot worse than just one plugin not getting updates.
      Buster Friendly
    • I run XP on a Pentium 4, and my answer is 'meh'.

      First off, I use an older version of Firefox which I won't update, as the later Firefox versions have problems with the cache, and after 29 it's Australis, which is a disaster. Second, I've no use for Java anyhow, and can just disable it. Third, I don't have to use XP for browsing at all, can use Linux (on a stick) at will or Win7. Fourth, I see no use for Java, except when my browser demands it. What it does in my machine at all, I've no idea. I don't see Java updates in Win7, nor in Linux, and frankly don't see why I should.