Jetstar iPad hands on: photos

Jetstar iPad hands on: photos

Summary: Jetstar held its inaugural iPad flight from Auckland to Melbourne yesterday, surprising its passengers with the use of Apple's tablet for free.

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  • (Credit: CBSi)

    The flight attendant handed over the customised iPad with Jetstar's copy-protected content.

    The iPads will be rolled out across Jetstar's Australian domestic, trans-Tasman and short-haul international services from Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks. Customers who fly two hours and longer on Jetstar will be able to hire the device for $10 to $15 per flight.

    The iPad will be available from $10 on Jetstar's A320 and A321 services. Customers can pre-book from $15 on A330 services, and from $15 when purchased on-board A330 services.

  • (Credit: CBSi)

    ZDNet Australia journalist, Luke Hopewell, turning on the iPad for the first time.

    Only 24 iPads will be available for hire on Jetstar's A320 service, 30 on the Jetstar A321 and 160 on the A330.

    As you can see in the image, the iPad is fitted with a purpose-built case that lets the tablet stand upright. Jetstar said it "will fit a number of its A320/A321 fleet, with aircraft seats that will allow the iPads to be inserted at the back of the headrest to allow for even easier viewing".

  • (Credit: CBSi)

    Every passenger who rents the iPad during their flight will also be given a set of in-ear headphones to keep. The iPads will have the latest-release movies, TV shows and music from Hollywood, as well as games, e-magazines and ebooks.

    There is also a Kids folder, so parents can ensure that only child-friendly content will be displayed.

Topics: Apple, iPad, Travel Tech

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