July exit for NAB's Tredenick

July exit for NAB's Tredenick

Summary: National Australia Bank's (NAB) recently replaced chief information officer Michelle Tredenick who will officially leave the bank in July, NAB spokespeople confirmed today.

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National Australia Bank's (NAB) recently replaced chief information officer Michelle Tredenick who will officially leave the bank in July, NAB spokespeople confirmed today.

NAB CIO Michelle Tredenick
(Credit: NAB)

Tredenick, who the bank last month announced would be replaced by Adam Bennett, was ousted amidst a broader executive reshuffle following the appointment of Cameron Clyne as chief of the bank. Clyne had moved across to NAB from his role as chief of NAB's New Zealand arm, the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ).

However, the bank had not until today confirmed Tredenick's future.

At this week's half yearly earnings announcement, Clyne noted progress to NAB's $1 billion Oracle i-Flex based core systems replacement — a project kicked off by Tredenick in August last year.

NAB spokespeople said the bank "acknowledged the important contribution Michelle has made to transforming NAB's technology team and operations and leading the development of the group's IT strategy and strategy for the Nextgen program".

Despite replacing Tredenick, NAB has stuck to the course outlined by the CIO in August, with early efforts focused on NAB's Star Direct business, with the first product launched under it, UBank. Clyne this week said the deposit platform for UBank was on track to be delivered by June.

The replacement of Tredenick with Bennett, who had worked under Clyne at BNZ, also came just one month after Satyam's financial fraud was revealed, which resulted in NAB suspending further work with the Indian IT outsourcer. NAB is yet to announce an alternative to its cost-cutting plans in place prior to the Satyam scandal to offshore hundreds of mostly Melbourne-based IT roles to India with Satyam.

Clyne this week also gave an update on ServCo, an internal services company bank had launched in August 2008, headed up by Glenn King. A spokesperson confirmed King was heading up ServCo. King held a key operations role at NAB's UK operations, Yorkshire Bank, where he headed up modernisation and integration projects with its Scottish-based bank, Clydesdale.

Bennett formally commenced in the lead technology role at NAB on 14 April 2009.

Topics: CXO, Banking, Oracle

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  • Tredenick payout

    any word on how much money NAB is having to pay Tredenick to go away...she would have quite the case against them. and where will she turn up...i bet she gets a well-paying gig at PWC or Accenture? hmmm, sounds like same deal and same unfortunate career path as diane sias...australian banking sure is sexist.
  • Tredenick payout response

    You have got to be kidding cg! That woman has not done anything inventive or original in her time at NAB. These women execs are all the same cut back costs and offshore and collect big bonuses for themselves. She deserved to get the axe, as they say what comes around goes around.
  • Agreed

    Tredenick was definitely not the right person for the CIO job in a Cameron Clyne-led organisation. She refused to engage with her technology staff, I believe she visited NAB's main data centre only once in her few years in the job! That's despite hundreds of technology staff working there.
  • Wish this happened much sooner

    MT used to run the shop like a 'dictator', NAB lost lots of great senior managers because of her style.