Kantar says iPhone 5s, 5c release not as successful as iPhone 5

Kantar says iPhone 5s, 5c release not as successful as iPhone 5

Summary: Japan and the US are bucking the trend as Windows Phone edges over 10 percent in Europe, and iOS sales fall in Australia despite the new iPhone's launch.


Kantar's latest smartphone sales data for the three months up to the end of October has shown that iPhone sales have jumped as expected, but that the size of the increase has seen Apple gain a smaller percentage of smartphone sales than its iPhone 5 launch did.

In Japan and the US, Apple has captured a larger share when compared to last year. Due to the iPhone's availability on NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest telco, Apple's share surged to 76.1 percent of smartphone sales, while in the United States, Apple returned to a majority share with 52.8 percent, up from 48.1 percent at the same time last year.

Australian smartphone install base.
(Image: Kantar)

"Apple's share of the market still remains lower than when the iPhone 5 was released, although this is not wholly unexpected, as shoppers tend to react more positively to 'full' releases than incremental improvements such as the 5s and 5c," said Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Across the five leading Western European economies, Apple earned only 15.8 percent of sales, with Android responsible for 70.9 percent, and Windows Phone continuing its run of increasing sales just edging over the 10 percent mark to 10.2 percent from 9.8 percent last month. Focusing on the United Kingdom, the Kantar report says that it has seen the iPhone 5s outsell the 5c model by a factor of three to one — Apple had 28.7 percent of sales in the UK over the past three months.

Sunnebo said that demand for the iPhone 5c is coming from lower-income owners, who have an average age of 38 years — Kantar says the average age of an iPhone 5s owner is 34 years.

"Almost half of iPhone 5c owners switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG, compared with 80 percent of 5s owners who upgraded from a previous iPhone model," Sunnebo said.

Similarly, the gains made by Windows Phone in Europe have been made in the lower end of the market.

"In Britain, almost three quarters of Nokia Lumia sales in the latest period were low-end devices such as the Lumia 520 and 620 — a pattern that is similar across other EU markets," said Sunnebo.

Australian iOS sales fall

The latest release of Kantar's numbers provides an update of the existing install base in the Australian mobile phone market. As it stands at the end of October, feature phones held 31.4 percent of the market, Android had 33 percent, iOS came in at 26.8 percent, Windows Phone had a mere 2.8 percent, and BlackBerry and "other" accounted for 1 percent each.

Compared with the same time last year, Android had gained 8.9 percent, Windows Phone was up 0.9 percent, and other was steady at 1 percent, while iOS had shrunk by 3.9 percent, BlackBerry lost 0.6 percent share, and the percentage of feature phones decreased by 8.5 percent.

(Image: Chris Duckett/ZDNet)

Despite the launch of a new pair of iPhones, iOS sales in Australia dropped by 2.1 percent when compared to smartphone sales figures from September. Android sales grew by 4.1 percent in October, while Windows Phone sales fell off its recent high of 9.3 percent by 2 points to 7.3 percent.

In the three months until the end of October 2013, 27.7 percent of all mobile phone sales were feature phones.

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  • I'd like to think this is just the beginning.

    I know it's a silly little one month trend, but I am a huge fan of the idea of the super expensive phones being the norm going the way of the dinosaurs. The difference in quality (perceived and real) between sub $200 phones and the $600-800 iphones and other high end phones is rapidly shrinking. The faster that happens the more power consumers will have over carriers.
    • bit.ly/17CPlOn

      especially when iPhone is such a toy..... just for games..... not for a serious work:

      • Serious work ?

        Bit.ly/17CPIon - glad you can program space vehicles, military drones, and perform laser surgery with your phone ... The iPhone works great for me at the office, on the road and in front of clients...sorry YOUR job is Soooo technical....grow up will ya ?
        • Serious work?

          no, with Android I can see my calendar on my desktop
          or a wi-fi switch on my desktop
          or a simple connect and copy a file

          I know, it is too technical for you.......limited as your device, will you grow up? :)

          you can not do with an iToy, you would be satisfied with an old Nokia at your work, you wouldn't recognize the difference :)
          • 200 million iDevices sold and used by people and business

            And yet wanders like you still want to pretend that those devices cannot be used for work. Btw, how are your Android updates going. Oh sorry, I shouldn't have embarrassed you with that topic.
          • 200 000 000 million rolls and used by people and business

            200 000 000 million rolls and used by people and business

            yes, strenght of marketing can sell you a cr*p..... a normal state you still dont understand, just brainwashed

            fortunately Android is more capable and used for business

            I will tell you a secret:

            1) first iPhone bought just MAC owners (90%)
            2) first iPad bought just iPhone users (90%)
            according to a survey

            and the hype is here.....just brainwashed :)
          • I assume that you tried to write in English

            Unfortunately, your rant is quite incomprehensible.
          • Crescent rolls,

            or Steak rolls?

            What kind of roll it is is important to the discussion, I would assume.
          • iPhone is an ordinary cheapest roll with a price of Ferrari :)

            iPhone is an ordinary cheapest roll with a price of Ferrari :)
            just facts, iPhone is a very limited device.....just a marketing tool for fool :)

          • Apple Culture includes- "No Patch, No Flaw"; difficult to get good advice.

            Yes, because rules of MacClub includes-

            "NO PATCH, NO FLAW - We believe any security or product flaws should only be posted when a solution/patch as been already released."

            How's the burn-in with the iPad Mini Retna doing?

            Citation (Start at 50-seconds):
          • exactly, iPhone = most vulnerable spread OS in the world, just facts

            Disastrous iPhone's security - iPhone is most vulnerable, least secure smartphone in the market, security firm finds.
            Infected Appstore is the reality, Apple just doesn't know that.
            Beware of poor quality of iPhones: Quarter of iPhones have a broken screen, poll says.
            Disastrous iPhone's quality - Foxconn's iPhone 5 devices fall below agreed standards
            Another poor built quality of iPhones - Class action lawsuit claims iPhone 4 has defective power button nearly three years after its launch.

            iOS (iPhones, iPads) has really very poor security:
            iOS apps are more dangerous! - "Apple iOS Apps Leak More Personal Info Than Android".
            BEWARE of your privacy with iOS (iPhone, iPad)!!! 40% of iOS popular apps invade your privacy without any permission.
            Almost every app in the App Store has almost no security about your personal data!
            iTunes very probably contains malware.
            And many many more basic security flaws (You can never be safe with Apple iCloud).
          • Lots of threats...

            Absolutely nothing to back it up. You should at least provide URL's.
          • really??

            I can see my calendar.. On my desktop or not.
            I can configure my router in my computer room.
            I can easily copy a file via drop box or any other number of methods.
            I can putty into my unix servers
            I can ftp, sftp, scp any file I want.
            Yes real work can be done by a iPhone.
  • iPhones

    If one looks at the auto market (84million sales last year) ~8% is premium brands. BMMW, long Jobs' metaphor for modern Apple has about 2% globally.

    Apple is trending down toward that 8% figure, so the 5s/c sales trends are no surprise as 'lower' end phones increase in capability, folks are saying, 'why spend $700 when I can get something completely useful at 200? Why indeed?
    • What folks?

      I have never heard anyone make such a statement. No doubt you just created that bit of nonsense as some presence to support your point. Next time, try facts. Those work better.