Latest mobile gadgets: Hands on at MWC

Latest mobile gadgets: Hands on at MWC

Summary: Photos: From smartphones to smartbooks, designer kit to eye-controlled earphones...

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Hybrid hardware was the name of the game at the ARM stand where this ebook-cum-laptop (pictured above) was on show. With two touchscreens, the hinged creation offers e-ink on one of its screens, coupled with a colour touchscreen on the other side.

    The dual-screen set-up allows the device to be used in an e-book or laptop-style position. In the latter case, an ARM spokesman said a keyboard could be displayed on the e-ink screen, enabling the colour screen to be used for normal computing.

    ARM smartbook

    One of the smartbooks on show on the ARM stand

    Also on the ARM stand was this smartbook reference design (shown above), using Marvell chips.

    ARM smartbook

    Lenovo's smartbook

    And this Lenovo Skylight smartbook (shown above), which was unveiled at CES.


    A PC in a box - the Ebox

    ARM was also demoing a PC-in-a-box called Ebox, made by Quanta and running Ubuntu.

    Photo credits: Natasha Lomas/

  • Qualcomm was taking mobility in a different direction by showing off a 'connected car' - complete with Flo TV screens for passengers in the back (pictured above).

    The tricked out Audi has a built-in 3G web connection enabling live traffic updates, navigation and entertainment. The connection also acts as a wi-fi hotspot for passengers who want to get their mobile kit online during the journey. Car sick individuals should look away now.

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/

  • Vodafone had an even bigger bit of kit on show - this solar-powered 'green' mobile base station, pictured above, designed to extend GSM coverage to remote areas and with very low power consumption.

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/

Topic: Mobility

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