Lenovo aims for high-end smartphones with Vibe X

Lenovo aims for high-end smartphones with Vibe X

Summary: The company plans to go global with a high-end smartphone to become a leading Android device player.


Lenovo in October plans to launch a new smartphone dubbed the Vibe X that might have the chops to make it a global player.

In Lenovo's most recent earnings report, the company noted that it was the fourth largest smartphone maker and No. 2 in China. Lenovo's China momentum means that it could use that country as a springboard to other markets if it can garner carrier relationships.

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Keith Liu, director of launch marketing at Lenovo Business Group, outlined a plan that revolves around an October launch in China with the rest of the world following in Dec.

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In many respects, the Vibe X appears to aim directly at the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Liu touted a 6.9 mm slim frame and weight of 121 grams, which puts the Vibe X among the lightest smartphones.

Like its Android rivals, Lenovo touted camera megapixels (13 mp on the back and 5 mp on the front), a high def screen and device that is molded to your hand.

Add it up and the Vibe X can be a player in the global smartphone race. 

But here's the catch: Samsung and HTC have established relationships with wireless carriers around the world. HTC has lost its footing, but Samsung's channel is impressive. Lenovo's channel is largely PC based once it leaves its home turf. A strong smartphone design is a good start, but Lenovo needs to work the carrier partnerships. After all, ZTE and Huawei are also getting traction.



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  • Just perhaps...

    Hey maybe this phone will run "flowerpot", that's my new name for yet another version (added to the thousand variant versions) of Android!
    • It appears to be very ho hum average hardware

      Since they did nothing to make this phone stand out from the crowd I think they should have just gone for lowest price. They need something a lot better than this if they want into the high margin game.
      Johnny Vegas