Lenovo IdeaPad S2110 tablet with laptop dock in pictures

Lenovo IdeaPad S2110 tablet with laptop dock in pictures

Summary: The S2110 is a capable Android tablet that turns into a laptop when plugged into the optional dock. The Lenovo attention to detail is evident in both the 10-inch tablet and the laptop dock.

TOPICS: Tablets, Android, Lenovo

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  • IdeaPad S2110 tablet with laptop dock

    The Android tablet is good but comes into its own when used with the optional laptop dock.

    The tablet as shown with the dock is $499 from Lenovo.

    See the full review by James Kendrick of ZDNet.

  • S2110 in laptop configuration

    The tablet is easily popped into the laptop dock, and removal for tablet use is as simple as hitting the button above the keyboard.

    Note the trackpad with two mouse buttons on the dock.

    See the full review by James Kendrick of ZDNet.

Topics: Tablets, Android, Lenovo

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  • Here is my problem with these devices

    My issue with any tablet/laptop design is that it typically will cost more than a traditional laptop and actually have weaker hardware specs then a laptop. I for one don't want something to cost more and I get less? Just for the sake of being able to toch my screen for inputs? Which I do not care to do anyway? I personally think tablets have been oversold and actually a couple of Europe surveys of iPads owners showed just that. While most users surveyed said they at first used their iPads frequently at first. Over half said after 6 months they used it much less and about a 1/4 actually said they sold their iPads. I think many buy them because someone they know has bought one. Its the "keeping up with the Jones's" inpulse buying mentality. My daughter 15 pretty much displays similar traits about her iPad2. While she used it at first a lot. She has now goe back to mostly using her Macbook Air. Which leads me to believe the tablet fever that has been going around could easily end up like Netbooks.
    • Cost More Than A Traditional Laptop?

      Looks like it will be cheaper than an Ultrabook™. Probably helps that it's not running Windows.
  • Tablet or shiny rock...

    A monkey with a shiny rock attracts inquisitive mates and rivals. It doesn't matter if
    the rock serves any other purpose. Its novelty creates the status symbol effect. When
    the effect dies off, the monkey will search for another object that will once again
    create the effect. Apple knows how to make shiny objects, and that is the value proposition.
  • Laptops still seem like a better option

    If netbooks are any indication, the 10" screen will suffer (while docked) for web browsing. I get a kick out of the various features written recently in regard to what a tech writer took on the road to get his work done. "I've got my tablet, external keyboard, 5 chargers, open source Word Processor/Office Suite" etc. Am I missing something here? Can't you just use your laptop? I agree that the tablets are being oversold, but if you're going to add all these peripherals to a tablet, just use a laptop for god's sake.
  • Tarnsformer with dock...

    ... is already out there, which means it is a good idea, hence the Lenovo spin-off.