Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 runs Windows 8 Pro, includes keyboard for $799

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 runs Windows 8 Pro, includes keyboard for $799

Summary: Microsoft wasn't kidding when it said Windows 8 Pro tablets would cost as much as Ultrabooks.

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PC makers usually don't cough up pricing information on unreleased models easily, but apparently the folks at wpcentral merely asked Lenovo reps at a recent press event how much the ThinkPad Tablet 2 running Windows 8 Pro would cost at launch -- and the reps told them. The new slate will bow on October 26 -- the launch date of Windows 8 -- and cost $799. 

That price will apparently include a keyboard, which could make it a slightly better deal than Microsoft's own Surface Pro tablet, which may cost $799 with an additional $199 for its keyboard cover. (You may also be able to buy the ThinkPad Tablet 2 without the keyboard, presumably for $100-$200 less.) But it's also in line with Microsoft's assertion that Windows 8 Pro tablets will compete in price more with Ultrabooks than with consumer tablets.

Other specs for the ThinkPad Tablet 2 include a 10.1-inch IPS display with 1,366x768 resolution and a full version of Office 2013, with the processor rumored to be an Intel Atom Clover Trail running at 1.8GHz. There's also an optional dock that provides an Ethernet port, a trio of USB ports, and an HDMI output.

It's clear that the Windows 8 Pro tablet pitch is that you'll prefer the mobility of the slate over the mobility of a thin laptop, even if you don't get all the accoutrements you'd have carrying an Ultrabook around.  (And in case you mind paying a similar price, you get a full version of Microsoft Office thrown in.) There's plenty of skepticism about that strategy, including on ZDNet (see here and here).

If all the pricing turns out to be accurate, Lenovo's pitch might be that you'll prefer to pay less for its Windows 8 Pro tablet-and-keyboard package than for Microsoft's. Are you buying?

[Via wpcentral]

Topics: Tablets, Lenovo, Windows

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  • Why did you think MS was kidding?

    "Microsoft wasn't kidding when it said Windows 8 Pro tablets would cost as much as Ultrabooks."

    That is an odd slant. Windows 8 Pro tablets offer a significantly different functionality set and comes with significantly better hardware as offerings from iOS and Android tablets so of course it will cost more. Does it provide better value? That will be up to every individual.

    Windows 8 RT tablets will be priced competitively with iOS and Android tablets, unless you think MS is kidding about that statement?
    • until now all of the WinRT tabs were at least

      as pricey as this one Acer,Asus,Sansung, now it just remains Serface with WinRT and we should wait and see what MS is up to!
      about Think Pad 2 it is so much cheaper than its rivals so far ...i wonder why that is? most probably it is a crapware....batter say a pricey crapware! as SJVN has mentioned at least OEMs are DOA on Windows tablets we should just wait and see what MS will do with its surface!
      • Links please

        Not that I don't believe you but I've only seen pricing for the Asus and it turned out to be completely false.
        • They are not officials just rumors but here u go!

          i suppose you have seen the asus prices so no link needs to be here but how come it was completly false?

          this is for samsung 650 €>800$

          this is for acer i forgot they don't have winrt but see their ultra price for no RT tabs link came from mary joe
          • Sorry, can't read that language

            Is it fair to say that Samsung pricing comes from an online retailer? It isn't the least bit uncommon to see online retailers put up placeholder entries with completely made up pricing.

            As for the Acer, the price of the Windows 8 Pro tablets / slates is irrelevant.

            For the Asus, I only read that in ZDNet commentaries on the story so of course it is rumor vs rumor.

            Ultimately, one can choose to believe or not believe MS when they say RT tablets are going to be priced competitively with existing Android and iOS tablets. I don't see why they would lie about that. It doesn't benefit them in the least.
          • yeah of course they are all rumors

            And we are all talking about what we know so far as it happened to iPhone they can give you a vision what we could be expecting! if u are so persistant to wait for official pricing so you have no right to say sentences like this
            "Asus and it turned out to be completely false."
            wait for the actual price and say what you want...at least zdnet had some resources for what they were saying what about u?!
          • We know one thing for sure

            MS has stated that RT tablets will be priced competitively with iOS and Android tablets. That isn't rumor.
          • Ditto

            The rt info we have received makes it comparable to ipads abd high specked samsung tablets, so we should expect it to do as microsoft suggest and fit nicely in to this bracket. Don't forget these devices run scaled down linux or Mac OS on compromise hardware.

            The surface pro costing ultrabook prices? Seems fair; I mean from what we've heard they are specked to be ultra portable ultra books. At the end of the day microsoft have been at the tablet game for a long time. Apple may have created a new type of compromise tablet with the ipad, but ms have the experience of full desktop OS on x86 tablet pc's with pherial ports going back over a decade. This if anything is their market. Sure they've learned a lot from those that make the current tablets, and this has helped make the pro so appealing.

            It is a lot of money, but it's also the kind of decice some of us iPad users have been waiting for - sometimes you need a full blown desktop os; office, external storage, scanning, file transfer without internet, etc.
          • Atom sucks

            sorry, but Atom comparing to typical ultrabook's i5 is a joke. there've been full windows tablets on atom before, they all suck. it should cost much less for the price to be reasonable
          • An i5 tablet?

            I love the idea, but Should we just carry a seperate battery on a spring flex like the original mobile phones?

            Ultrabooks are cheaper to make. Why do you think the 10 inch samsung and apples cost so much for arm chips? Wouldn't samsung massively increase their market share by just lowering the price?

            The requirements of the tablets push the price up. The price may be comparable, but the devices aren't - if you want an ultra portable full powered laptop, you get an ultrabook, if you want a full os running tablet with pherial support you get a atom tablet.

            Atom processors really do not suck for their purposes - comparing them to icore processors is no different to comparing arm to icore, you just wouldn't sensibly find yourself in a position where you are trying to choose between them.
          • you can't just convert euros to dollars

            and expect the same product to be sold for that much in the US. it never works that way. ever.
          • Keyboard

            It's interesting that nowhere on the web I can find a picture of the actual keyboard that is said to come with it? I think that's rather crucial; the Thinkpad brand of course has always had excellent keyboards, so I'd be happy to see something a bit better than a flappy-cover type job.

            Or, is it actually the docking station that comes with it, and is Lenovo expecting people to use a more or less full size desktop keyboard?
            Han CNX
        • the specs are really not equal though

          no $800 ultrabook would be running an Atom chip, and will probably have double the RAM this thing will have. touch screen is great, but it feels like there's going to be a lot of compromise.
          • Apples and oranges

            You can't just draw a comparison between their spec to dollar ratio because their in the same price bracket; they're different technologies.

            It's like popping into pc world with 800 dollars. If you shop by spec to dollar, you'll always get a desktop right? Bigger screen, masses of storage, huge ram, super fast cpu and full graphics cards. Comparing it to laptops, you'd get low end gaming laptops in the same price range as ultrabooks; going by the numbers, again the ultrabook looks an utter rip off.

            You're quite correct, it is a massive compromise, but one with massive benifits, both in portability & form factor design and in the user experience and interaction with it.

            It's things like that atom chip; an i5 not only uses much more power, but generates much more heat, so it's going to need a heatsink/cooling solution - on a tablet.

            You can only compare the specs of a device's peer group; at the moment the intel based w8 tablets simply don't have one.
      • ha ha so we need SJVN to predict Windows 8?

        you do have sense of humor, why do you take opinions of a Linux fanboi on anything Microsoft?
      • You can tell yourself and anyone who will listen anything you want

        That doesn't mean it's true.

        I heard Apple makes $385 from each $499 iPad it sells. That means it's only $114 in parts and labor. At that price it has to be crapware in a box.

        Oh, and quoting SJVN as an authoritative figure in reference to anything Windows related is like quoting Justin Bieber as an expert on Israeli - Palestinian relations
        William Farrel
        • So you are saying that these prices for winrt tabs

          are so high and bcz of that it is mostly a rumor!
          i agree their price are too much and if it is true they are DOA !
          i hope when prices where officially claimed and where as high as we are hearing, u MS fanbois stand on what you are saying today and don't bring moronic excuses tomorrow!
          • So you hope the prices are high just so you can insult them?

            Do you not hear how childish your desires are?

            I would have hoped that you would want the prices to be affordable, so that many people looking to purchase a Surface or Windows 8 Pro would be able to afford them.

            But no, instead you want then to go without, so as to give you a reason to ridicule them.
            John Zern
        • Have you considered remedial math and reading?

          Hmmm... parts cost for iPad 16GB WiFi have been quoted in the $260-270 range by several fairly reliable sources. Makes one wonder if the number you quoted as a total for parts and labour was pulled out of your anal orifice -- like most of your other blathering. Am I to believe that the Wall Street Journal was displaying an obviously biased in Apples direction when it printed the parts cost for the iPad 3 16GB 4G to be in the $309 ranges -- this is the unit sold in the States for $629. Even assuming that Foxconn is a charitable organization that assembles, packages and ships the iPads for free, the profit margin you quoted is not achievable.

          For those not caught up in the addiction to Microsoft's version of the Reverend Jimmy Jones special drink, it would seem a bit odd that the higher end Android tablet manufacturers are unable to cut their prices significantly below Apple's pricing given your manufacturing cost claim. Even Samsung recently cited for using child labor, unpaid overtime and damn near every other unsavoury labour practice in Samsung owned factories seem unable to significantly beat Apple's pricing.
          • Have you considered Sarcasm 101, DNSB

            I open with "You can tell yourself and anyone who will listen anything you want that doesn't mean it's true"

            Then make the statement that "I HEARD Apple makes $385 from each $499 iPad it sells"

            Note I didn't say I "read", or anything quite as difinative. I thought it was way obvious, by showing how easy it argue for all the wrong reasons on something based on rumors and inuendos. Guess some people just didn't see that.

            So no, I don't "drink Microsoft's version of the Reverend Jimmy Jones special drink", I was making a point, so please drop your fascination with my anal orifice.

            Oh, and go back and read my posts. for the most part they are definately not blathering. If you understand who and what they are in reference to, you might actualy see they are to the point and factual.
            William Farrel