Lenovo's lineup of Windows 8 convertibles

Lenovo's lineup of Windows 8 convertibles

Summary: Lenovo has announced a lineup of Windows 8 hybrids designed to work as both laptops and tablets. Rather than choosing one convertible design, the company will offer several models including two versions of the flexible Yoga.

TOPICS: Laptops, Tablets, Windows

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  • Like the Yoga, the Twist works in a "stand" mode for watching movies or browsing the Web.

    Image Source: Lenovo

  • Finally the "tent" mode--as with the Yoga designs--is a good option for content consumption in cramped spaces such as an airline tray table.

    Image Source: Lenovo

Topics: Laptops, Tablets, Windows

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  • You are reaching now

    A bluetooth keyboard does not solve the limitations of an ipad or android tablet.

    Simple little things remain impossible or difficult at best. Printing, attaching docs to 1 email, a real file system the user can interact with, multitasking, collaboration, multiple users, display multiple programs on the screen at the same time, etc.

    iOS was designed to run MP3 players. Unless iOS gets a major overhaul it will always fall short and resort to hodge podge solutions.
  • Lenovo's lineup of Windows 8 convertibles

    These convertibles have their uses. It may not be for every market but it looks like its got its niche. Having Microsoft Windows 8 installed makes it that much better for its touch based design.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • I have been here for a while, but this is still shocking to me

    From the first post on, this is just a "mine is better than yours" pi$$ing contest.

    When are you guys going to grow up????????????
    • Probably never

      It is the same fan boys of whatever giant corporation they seem fixated on. It is understandable when someone feels that way about a school or sports team, but this is territory for a shrink.

      You'd think after a while they'd get bored.

      As for the article I think these look pretty cool, they seem to integrate the keyboard as a cover/stand so you can use them differently when laying on the couch (which I think is the best use for a tablet being the couch potato that I am), instead of getting in the way like the Surface keyboard 'appear to do' (have not actually used one), they incorporate it into a stand, cool idea.
    • Gee, no one doing contest here except one school kid

      And he has no idea about productivity.
      • You should seek professional help

        Your obsession with a major corporations product is really out there.
  • These look great!

    I really like these convertibles. If I was in the market for an ultra-book with a big screen I wouldn't hesitate on these, but I've been waiting for a true tablet. It's been a long wait, but i'm leaning towards a Surface to cover my tablet needs...my Thinkpad can handle the rest.
  • I think I'd like a yoga 15, if they made one LOL

    I like the bigger screen and full keyboard of a regular sized laptop... But I wouldn't mind it turning into a 15-inch tablet :) yeah I know, not the sort of thing you can use while holding in your hand, you'd have to have something to prop it on most of the time, but still I'd prefer something that was both adaptable, entertaining AND productive too... And I'm not that interested in having both a laptop and a tablet. One device is enough for me thanks.