LibreOffice update fixes more than 50 bugs

LibreOffice update fixes more than 50 bugs

Summary: The Document Foundation has updated the version of the open source software suite targeted at enterprise users.


The enterprise-targeted version of open source software LibreOffice has been updated to fix more than 50 bugs.

The Document Foundation yesterday released LibreOffice 3.6.6 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The 3.6 version is targeted at enterprises and individuals who prize stability over more advanced features.

Fixes from 3.6.5 include rectifying incorrect presentation when importing and exporting various file types and preventing various crashes while editing and manipulating files. A full list of fixes for can be found here and can be found here.

The latest release of LibreOffice 4, a less stable version than 3.6 but with more advanced features, was recently made available.

The headline features of the LibreOffice 4 release were Content Management Interoperability Service Integration that allowed LibreOffice to be used in various document work-flow and storage systems, such as Alfesco, the ability to customise the interface with Firefox Personas and improved Microsoft Office and application interoperability.

Both updates are available to download through the site.

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  • 50 bugs...

    I'm impressed. Really. Meanwhile, I have just discovered 50 more better features in Ms Office so i'll skip that IcopyMsOfficeAndcallMySelfFreeWare.
    • The big question is

      How much are people paying for 50 features they don't even know they exist?
      You said it, they are so many that you just discovered them today :-)
  • More better features?

    I suppose Grammar Check is heavily used.

    I did use Open Office (Libre's dad) quite often previously, as I am a heavy GNU/Linux user. That said, the impliemtation of SkyDrive has brought me back to MS Office of late. Still no experience of office 2013 final; I used one of the testing builds and it sure seemed Office enough. SkyDrive is just too useful now; I work in it from my browser, open it in Word at home, save it to the drive, and repeat. I use Dropbox for backups, moving things to iPad, etc. Maybe The Document Foundation could team up with Canonical and their Ubuntu One service?
  • LibreOffice 4....

    ...turned out to be far too buggy for me. I ended up uninstalling it from my machines and reverting back to 3.6. I am sorry, but just exactly what "advanced features" are there in 4, beyond goofy skins for the ancient toolbar? I was hoping to have an option for a ribbon style interface with 4, but instead only got the option to put flowers or dragon skins on an unworkably buggy version. Color me disappointed with the Document Foundation.
    • To be fair they do say it's in testing...

      And the bugs are clearly listed under known bugs...

      3.6 is stable. By the time 4 is stable, it'll have less bugs.

      I'm with you regarding the dated interface. However i see ribbon as very unlikely; they know they catch a percentage of users who don't like the MS interface.
  • LibreOffice update fixes more than 50 bugs

    50 bugs fixed but still doesn't have the compatibility or functionality of Microsoft Office. I will not install this wannabe software. I tell people you use the real thing or nothing at all.
    • Will you pay for it?!

      Your post is - and sorry - extremely silly.
      One is free the other is not.
      Can you advise someone who do simple docs to spend the value of a MS office licence?! I would tell - get it for free or nothing.
      • I won't pay for it, no

        But I will tell them to pay for it and point out the return on investment and how Microsoft Office practically pays for itself. Just the compatibility alone of being able to create and open docs is well worth the price. Hours are not spent trying to reformat the document.
        • What compatibility?!

          Open standards?!
        • Compatibility?

          My limited experience with MS Office, has me wondering about that "compatibility" reason you mentioned, since the old Office documents are frequently incompatible with newer versions of Office, and of course the new Office documents are unreadable by the old versions of Office...
          D. W. Bierbaum
        • And yet

          I sent my boss a document composed with LibreOffice Writer as an MS-Word doc and he praised it highly.

          It's been over a decade since I've used MS-Office on a regular basis, and my colleagues at work haven't been able to tell the difference.
          John L. Ries
      • Oh, come on...

        ... don't you know how many of us (in this economy) have hundred dollar bills just lying around down the couch cushions to spend on MS spyware? I mean really... the food stamps pay for food, right? So why not?
  • 50 Bugs

    I have been using the open source software for 3 years now for my occupation and have found it to fulfill all my requirements. The word processing and spreadsheet applications might not be quite as robust as MS office, but the differences are negligible to me. I look at it as I no longer have to fund the MS Overlords. Grats to those that do. My money is better spent elsewhere!
    Common Senses
  • The only bug I care about

    Can I reopen an ODF (ie: native format) file without all the formatting being screwed up?

    Both LibreOffice and OOo fail miserably at reopening files ... even on the same machine used to create the file 5 minutes ago.
    • Are you...

      Are you by any chance referring to the one where it turns your entire document into paragraphs upon paragraphs of "###" signs? And where there's no way to fix it?

      I actually hadn't had that problem with Libre Office. But Libre Office 4 does have it's moments. (But then, Libre Office isn't exactly a "stable" release, and I hear they did tell people that.)
  • I like LO 4.0

    When LO 4.0 came out I was cautious because of the previous problems with LO 3 sequence, but I was surprised that it is very stable. I enjoy it a lot. Also a comment to the MS fans. What I don't understand is why would you spend time browsing the Internet to find LibreOffice discussion forums such as this one and then tell the audience how much you love MS Office? Okay we get it, you like the "real thing". Congratulations! You don't like LO? Good for you! But why would you spend time looking for the articles that discuss LO if you don't like it? I have only two ideas: you either work for MS or you don't have life. From my personal experience: MS Office is bloated. Just one example - an Excel file I generated was about 150 MB, the same spreadsheet in ODS format - 1.5MB. Speaking of the "real thing". MS Office became ridiculous. Some people came to me and asked to open their old MS Office files with LO because they are not able to open them with the newer version of MS Office.