Logitech to make wired iPad keyboard for the classroom

Logitech to make wired iPad keyboard for the classroom

Summary: Logitech has several keyboards for the iPad, but the new Wired Keyboard for iPad is the first to plug into the tablet for use in the classroom where wireless keyboards are not ideal.

Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad 2

The folks at Logitech are experts at producing keyboards, and it has leveraged that expertise to make an unusual keyboard for the iPad. Other iPad keyboards connect to the tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth, but the new Wired Keyboard for iPad is the exception.

The wired keyboard comes in two models, one that plugs into the current Lightning connector on the iPad and another that connects to the older 30-pin connector. The keyboards are used by simply plugging them into the iPad. This eliminates the need for charging the keyboard as is required for wireless models.

Logitech realizes that iPads are being used in classrooms more than ever and has designed the Wired Keyboard for iPad for that setting.

“Schools are increasingly purchasing iPads for use in the classroom,” said Mike Culver, vice president and general manager of mobility at Logitech. “While tablets are enabling new ways of teaching and testing, there’s a challenge when a teacher needs to simultaneously pair multiple iPads with multiple wireless Bluetooth keyboards. We developed the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad to specifically solve this problem, so students can now simply plug it in and start typing.”

Both versions of the Wired Keyboard for iPad will be priced at $59.99. The model with the Lightning connector will be available in August while the model with the older connector will appear in October.

Topics: Mobility, iPad, Tablets, Education

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  • only keyboard functions ?

    Makes sense, but comes a little late ? Wired keyboards solve the battery and potential issue of pairing devices, but such device could/should bring extra features for $60 ?
  • Classroom? Really?

    For taking lecture notes I presume. If so, a speech to text recording app would seem to be what is needed more than a keyboard.

    A competent instructor would create lecture notes and distribute them to the students.

    Taking notes during a lecture is counter productive. While the mind concentrates on note taking, what is being said by the instructor is being missed.

    Do the Swiss hate us that much? Why would they sabotage our education?

    I know it is a huge struggle to find some useful purpose for the iPad. That is still no excuse.
    • Writing

      At school, we did an awful lot of actual writing, not just note taking. We had to think for ourselves and answer questions in written form and we learnt how to take notes. We had to write essays and create long form answers to questions.

      I'm guessing, without dictation, we had to write at least 20 pages a day of essays, notes and answers to questions.

      How do you learn to make pertinent notes, when you just record the whole lesson?

      Being able to listen to a lecture or conversation and extract just the key points is a very important skill you need to learn and which is used in every day life. If you don't learn that, it makes most other tasks a lot harder.
      • Agreed

        Couldn't have said it better.
      • Sorry, I Presumed Wrong.

        It's my 40th Reunion this summer. Sounds like things have changed.

        I never took notes, I'd just remembered everything. Can't remember much these days.

        I was not very keen on doing homework either. Or attending class. Just pop in and take the test.

        Out of my element here. I honestly was really wondering. Now I know, thanks.

        I recently bought my daughter a Surface Pro as a graduation present. She's starting at Harvard Law School next semester (proud father). I wondered what she was going to do with it.

        Live an Learn.
        • RE: Sorry

          Lol, no problem.

          I have lever arch files full of notes that I took at college and on training courses etc. over the years. You get handouts as well, but the "interesting" stuff often is only verbal and making notes about them is very important.

          It is like a presentation, a good presentation has very few words on the slides, it is what the presenter says around those words that makes the difference - otherwise, you'd could just read the slides at your leisure and there would be no point to the actual presentation.
    • Speech to text?

      Speech to text is a terrible idea. Speech = noise. Can you imagine what happens in a classroom.? Can you imagine if the device cannot pick up the speech because the lecture room is far from ideal? If you are thinking about recording the lecture then the lecturer would provide the notes. In any case it's better done with paper and transcripted later. Why is it better ? When the student reads the notes afterwards and writes his own based on those is an excellent way to remember the facts.
  • This is DUMB!

    For $8.00 you can get a usb adpator for your IPAD.
    Or any USB adaptor, and plug in a USB keyboard and it will work. The Ipad will complain that it thinks it is a Bluetooth keyboard that it does not support, but guess what, it works.

    There are tons of youtube videos that demonstrate this feature.
    • Adapter