Lundy: My filter views 'well known'

Lundy: My filter views 'well known'

Summary: Labor Senator Kate Lundy has backed away from directly commenting on the government's internet filtering policy, saying her views on the subject are "well known".


Labor Senator Kate Lundy has backed away from directly commenting on the government's internet filtering policy, saying her views on the subject are "well known".

"I think it was a predictable announcement given the previous reporting that the tests were apparently satisfactory," Lundy told this morning.

The senator, a strong advocate of the free and open use of information technology within government, was reluctant to comment further. "I'm obviously getting a lot of emails on the subject," she said. "My views are well known on this topic."

While in opposition, Lundy was highly critical of the Howard Government's intentions to introduce mandatory internet filtering.

In 2004 she told "In contrast to the Howard Government, Labor has at least an understanding of the operation of the internet that will ensure our content policies are relevant, useful and meaningful to internet users, not divisive, fear-mongering and irresponsible."

"For example, Labor has always argued that the best approach to internet content management is empowering end users by helping them acquire the skills and confidence for using the net, supervising their children, and installing content and spam filters at the desktop as they see fit," she said.

Lundy helped establish the federally funded Government 2.0 Taskforce, which launched in June. Earlier this month, the taskforce published a draft report recommending that public sector information should wherever possible be free, based on open standards, easily discoverable, understandable, machine-readable and freely reusable and that doing so would "reinforce a healthy democracy".

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  • Sorry Sen Lundy

    But unless you stand up and are counted in opposition to this travesty, you are an apologist for your fascist masters...

    Silence on this issue will not preserve your previous stance of opposition. You have gotten in to bed with people who want to take away human rights generally, not just those who want to impede technological innovation with antiquated notions of a 'rabbit proof fence'.
  • I was trying to think of a word

    I was trying to think of a word to describe the actions of Sen. Lundy and then it came to mind . . . GUTLESS!
  • How can you tell when a politician is lying?

    She changes her opinion 180 degrees and tries to justify it.
  • Lundy

    Lundy shows herself to be an absolute hypocrite. She should be ashamed and embarassed of herself.
  • A true champion on Freedom of Expression

    When it suits her books.

    Extract, Courtesy:,senator-lundys-legal-threats-fall-on-a-deaf-telstra.aspx

    "Senator Lundy's legal threats fall on a deaf Telstra

    By Mitchell Bingemann

    Jun 23, 2008 3:45 PM

    ACT Labor Senator Kate Lundy has threatened legal action against an online Telstra mouthpiece over alleged defamatory comments made in a blog posting.......continued"
  • none of your telstra bs now, serious stuff is happening

    for **k sakes vasso, is there ever a time when you aren't s**king the telstra *o*k?
  • Give em hell Kate

    Kate We encourage you to cross the floor on the filter plan, in the same way you did with the ACT same-sex marriage laws.
  • I was simply portraying her caliber

    Nothing to do with Telsta. Albeit, the mere mention of Telstra, your print activates the dreaded filter.

    I do not support this legislation, even though Telstra supports it. So there!
  • well simply portray this

    well while your over at the telstra exchange telling them to wake up to themselves or youll sell and no longer be their resident suck, why dont you ask them about this too?

    The mandatory ISP filter is due in mid-2011. So instead of abusing me, you should devote your time to kick out Conroy and his merry men at the KEV 2010 election.
  • ...but just quietly vote against it

    Yes, Kate, we know you are too knowledgeable and intelligent to support something that you know is as crap as this bloody filter policy.
  • What will that acheive??


    If you honestly think that 'bboting' out Kev will stop this, I think you are wrong..

    I think you are missing the point that Abbott is quite possibly the biggest bible basher in Fed politics at the moment.

    This would be a fantastic boon for him and his extremist 'right wing' outlook on life..

    Lets not forget the mans views on Gay rights and Abortions.
  • better still

    vasso, you only want them out, becuase you think the others will help your bank account. it has nothing to do with the filter, that's a convenient side issue for you to continually push the telstra mantra.

    abbott wants the filter just as much if not more, otherwise he would have said no. because this sort of oppression is chracteristic of the liberal party and shame on labor for taking the lead from them on this issue.

    but if rudd splits telstra, filter or no filter, he has my vote.
  • Labor's silly policies

    Labor MPs aren't allowed to cross the floor.
  • Freedom of expression

    That would include the freedom to change your mind, even for a politician. Even if the expression was the wish to curtail freedom of expression. She changed her mind, she's of two minds, whatever. let's wait and see what China and USA do... oh that's another issue. well lets see what happens ,let the dust settle, and then make up our minds, ready for action.
  • She gets it

    Just read her blog. She's got more balls than some of the blokes in the capital.