Mac usage skyrockets in 2007

Mac usage skyrockets in 2007

Summary: The use of Apple Macs rose over half a percentage point as 2007 drew to a close, according to statistics released this week.


The use of Apple Macs rose over half a percentage point as 2007 drew to a close, according to statistics released this week.

Web analysis company Net Applications monitored the operating systems being used to access its customers' sites, which receive around 160 million visitors per month.

Net Applications found that Mac operating systems represented 7.31 percent of Web traffic during December, but that figure shot up after Christmas to 8.01 percent on the last two days of the year. The increase was "nothing short of spectacular", Net Applications said.

Mac OS usage rose throughout the autumn from a constant of between six and 6.5 percent in the first half of the year. At the same time, Net Applications reported falling Windows usage, which fell two percent throughout 2007.

The company claimed that the statistics were an underestimate of actual Mac usage, because the figures did not include Boot Camp users. Boot Camp is a feature of Apple's latest operating system, Leopard, that allows users to run PC applications in a Windows environment on their Mac.

The apparent increase in the popularity of Macs has coincided with the launch of Leopard, also known as OS X 10.5. Leopard's October launch proved popular with Mac enthusiasts, and sales in the first month were 20.5 percent higher by volume than those of the previous version, OS X 10.4.

In November, analysis conducted by King Research found that 90 percent of IT professionals have concerns about migrating to Windows Vista, while 44 percent are considering non-Microsoft alternatives, including OS X.

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  • Really? half a percent is spectacular?

    Doesn't sound like a huge rise to me...
  • More than it sounds

    Put it in perspective: from 7.3 to 8.0 means in increase in the total number of Mac OS users of 10%. For a one-month time period, that's fairly high! (Especially given the point raised in the article that a lot of people run Windows via Boot Camp, so the increase in Mac hardware is likely somewhat higher.)
  • Still minor no matter how you look at it.

    Apple still have very small market share. No matter how you look at it. I like Apple but they are very self promoting - like any good business should be but hay its just a computer not a lover. Don't spend all your time thinking about the OS wars its more about the applications you need to run. I run linux, mac and windows and they all have good and bad features. They can all get a virus, trojan etc.. despite what Apple tries to tell the public
  • ha

    "while 44 percent are considering non-Microsoft alternatives, including OS X."

    I do not know any IT professional that thinks of Mac OS's except the latest Mac and Vista OS disasters. Thinking of old OS X is like thinking of Windows NT4.
  • RE: ha

    "Thinking of OSX is like NT4?"

    No sir! Macs are by far the best operating system around! I wouldn't trust microsoft with anything! I've used all sorts of operating systems in the past, but right now I wouldn't use anything else aside from OSX. Infact just yesterday my dopod with windows mobile 6 just crashed!I lost all my data and all of my portable e-mail! So I went out and purchased an iPhone. much better in my opinion. Linux may be an alternative but honestly what are you going to do if it crashes? You can't do anything.
    As for windows I gave it the slip, had a compaq with xp and it crashed. after it had been repaired you couldn't even run the most basic applications... try a mac they just work.