Maps compare 3G coverage across UK

Maps compare 3G coverage across UK

Summary: Regulator Ofcom has published maps that reveal the extent of each operator's 3G coverage across the UK

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  • This map shows O2's 3G coverage in the UK.

    It is the most thinly covered map in the series. Ofcom has in the past threatened O2 with a fine for not rolling out its network quickly enough to fulfil its 3G licence conditions.

  • This map shows T-Mobile's 3G coverage in the UK.

  • This map shows Orange's 3G coverage in the UK, which appears to be second only to 3's network in its extent.

Topic: Networking

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  • Boroughbridge area devoid of any 02 service

    Close to the A1M the town and surrounds of Boroughbridge have been totally been off 02's map of the UK since mobile technology first came in, in the 1980's.
    Repeated attempts to get them to put a booster/share a booster in the area to give town centre coverage have been refused/ignored.
    We contend 02 is Londoncentric and it totally ignores areas like Boroughbridge.
    Local supermarkets and mobile retailers all over the area "rubbish" 02 and its refusal to offer a service.
    Its a joke that they want to boost 3G--why not get bog standard coverage up and running??
    4 large hotels and a conference centre are out of the 02 loop in this area.
    Wake up you dozy quiche-eating Southerners!!!
  • Best coverage apparently all at sea!

    If someone was to take the time to redraw the maps removing the considerable amounts of purple that are over the sea then the true - pretty abysmal - picture would be portrayed!
  • Shame O2 don't put as much effort into 3G as they do h/w exclusives

    What's the point in having an iPhone when there's hardly any 3G signal to make the most of it?
  • haha

    Yes I was just puzzling over that.
  • OfCom may provide these maps, however I resoundingly dispute Orange's 3G coverage, which is shared with T-Mobile. I live in Woolwich, London, have a 3G mobile and are never able to receive 3G signal. Even after numerous conversations with Orange 'Tech Support??' If I force my handset to only use a 3G signal it's unable to connect to any service, so I am stuck with the joy of 2G. By the way I have a Nokia X3-02.