Microsoft: 100,000 Windows 8 apps will be available by February

Microsoft: 100,000 Windows 8 apps will be available by February

Summary: Microsoft's VP for sales and marketing says that the company expects over 100,000 Windows 8 apps to be available in the Windows Store by the end of January, and 400 million people will be using Windows 8 by next July.


In a television interview with Beet.TV, Microsoft's U.S. sales and marketing vice president Keith Lorizio said that Windows 8 will be a success, calling it a "very special experience" which is driven by the consumer.

The interview revealed some rather ambitious goals for the PC maker, who expects 400 million Windows 8 devices to be in the grasp of customer hands by next July. He said:

"With Windows 8, it's not just about pivoting around productivity, which every Windows release has been known for -- now we're going to pivot off the consumer."

The new operating system is expect to be a strong force, as Lorizio cited the anticipated 400 million devices as a key distributor in a one billion-plus consumer marketplace. This includes both new sales and upgrades of the current Windows 7 OS.

Lorizio said it was "critical" for a wide variety of Windows 8 apps to be available if the new platform is going to be a hit. "We're expecting to aggressively pursue 100,000-plus apps over the first three months," the exec said.

This is billed by Lorizio as a way to improve the customer experience, but each Windows Store app will also be include paid advertisements -- something the representative claims will not be a distraction. Instead, he claims that although every advertisement will be integrated, they will be "beautiful, relevant and useful".

When asked what publishers of content could expect from Windows 8, the exec said:

"Every publisher who adds an app into the portfolio of apps we have in the marketplace ... we will work with them in order to execute a deal so they can take a share of the revenue for all the ads that we sell on to the network, and the same ads will appear across the network of advertisers, and the most unique thing [..] will be a common look and feel."

Microsoft's partners can choose to sell their own advertisements on the network, and also have the option to select their own advertisement controls in the Windows 8 ecosystem. However, Microsoft has needed to invest "millions of dollars against the effort" to generate enough Windows 8 apps to create a "healthy ecosystem".

Lorizio says the 400 user-mark by July first is "conservative" -- but the distribution model, making the experience uniform across all Microsoft-hosted devices, and a "critical mass" of apps will make the new platform a "guaranteed success".

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  • Is that 400 million happy people though?

    It's quite easy to get that figure when you're a bloody monopoly.

    Quite a different kettle of fish to have those users happy with the half baked idea that a desktop should be a tablet should be a phone.

    • get a 'chrome-book'

      Why don't you get a chrome book and be Happy, because it offers so many choices !!!
    • Yes that's happy people, because the W8 desktop is much improved over W7

      os even primarily desktop users will love the upgrade to W8
      Johnny Vegas
    • If They Buy It:

      And continue to use it for their benefit, yes, I would say they are happy!!!!
  • 100000 apps is pretty mundane.

    Given how many are/will simply be ports and how fast new apps hit google play and the app store.

    400 mill... Now that's a target; it took win7 2 years to hit that. Presumably helped by the cut price initial upgrade cost of win 8?
    • On the other hand...

      of the nearly 700,000 apps in the Apple App Store or the 500,000 in the Google Play Store, how many hundred thousand have you installed on your device?

      I have an iPhone, Android phone and a WP7 phone, I got around 50 apps on the iPhone, but I currently have half a dozen installed, I have the same half a dozen installed on Android and the same half a dozen installed on WP7.

      At the end of the day, it is irrelevant, how many hundreds of thousands of apps are available on a platform, what is relevant is that the apps the customer needs are available.
      • +1

        It's funny how the group that doesn't care about specs care about the size of their app store. It's also fitting how that same group has the largest need for apps due to the sheer lack of quality options that Apple puts out. Last I knew, iOS and Android users need a facebook app or some 3rd party solution to access their friends status updates and all the other things that the people hub does on Windows Phone/Windows 8.

        The apps that come with Windows 8 will more than serve the masses for their non-game needs. Of course, plenty in tech will argue that they don't want to use anything extra from Microsoft and, therefore, need 700,000 apps to be relevant.

        Realistically, the major developers/companies that don't have an app on Windows 8 yet will shortly after launch, because as others have and will say, Windows 8 will be on everything. Whether this is right or wrong (different topic), you're going to start having access to the largest customer base out there.

        The good news is we won't have 10,000 flash light apps ;)
    • Windows 7 upgrade price just made me mad.

      I guess Microsoft was marketing to people who were spending other people's money. Small wonder that home users and small businesses held off getting Win7. $40 is very reasonable. Someone came off the mountaintop in Redmond and got a clue.
  • Desktop

    Unless one of those apps returns the Windows 7 desktop, I'm not impressed.
    • Zing!

      The desktop is an app.

      Good job.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Win 8 Desktop

        Mr. Goff,

        I'm sure that Mr. akaltman means is the desktop we are used to in Win 7 -- one with a START button. The "app" desktop in Win 8 lacks that and, therefore, the ability to see all your installed software. The "type in the name" feature in Metro is not the same. You have to remember the name of the software, and sometimes that's a little hard when you haven't used it for a while.

        Have a nice day,

        • Easily Done

          Or you can simply list 'all apps' in the start screen. It's really not that hard, and after using Win8 since the developer preview days, I can say, for me at least, it's much easier than navigating the menu. Plus, once a power user learns simple keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Win+X), the advanced features are actually easier to get to than in Win7. Sure, there's a bit of a learning curve, but I have zero tolerance for people that won't learn an OS that they'll use day in and day out (even if that's not Win8, any OS used daily).
          • you old religious luddite

            Computers are used by most everybody these days. I guess they should all demonstrate the fervor for computers that we have? "Hey Doc! Get off that site explaining the interactions between the new meds, you should concentrate on knowing your OS! You'll never be a power user that way." Think I'll let you have use of that doctor, I'll find another.
        • He's in the minority

          Everyone I know uses Windows 7 like this

          Hit the "Windows button" (their words)
          Type what you want
          Click enter, or possibly down until you get what you want... then enter

          Are you really so unorganized that you can't remember what you install?
          Michael Alan Goff
  • Microsoft: 100,000 Windows 8 apps will be available by February

    That is a decent amount of apps, should fill most people's needs and if it doesn't they can always download and install the software themselves from the vendor. Even more impressive is the 400 million number. Glad that I'm going to be one of them.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • Mr. Lorizio's estimates

    Find out what that guy is smoking in his pipe -- it's got to be really good stuff!