Microsoft adds a 256 GB Surface Pro to its line up

Microsoft adds a 256 GB Surface Pro to its line up

Summary: Microsoft is starting to roll out 256 GB versions of its Surface Pro tablet/PC hybrids, starting with Japan in June.


Microsoft will begin selling the first of its Surface Pro tablet/PC hybrids with a 256 GB model, starting on June 7 in Japan.

surfaceprojapan reported on May 29 about the new 256 GB model of the Surface Pro, which will sell for 119,800 yen, tax included ($1,170). There also will be a 128 GB Surface Pro model introduced in Japan for 99,800 yen, tax included ($975). There won't be a 64 GB version introduced in Japan, LiveSide noted.

According to a Microsoft Japan press release, the 256 GB version of the Pro will be sold in other unspecified countries as well. I asked Microsoft for details on additional countries and the target launch dates, but no word back so far.

Update: A Surface spokesperson responded with the following statement: "We are excited at the tremendous response to the upcoming Surface Pro availability in Japan. With regard to future markets and other details, we have nothing to share at this time."


Microsoft is also making available in Japan several unique cover designs, a Microsoft Japan-provided screenshot of which is included, at right.

Microsoft plans to sell the Surface Pro in Japan through its own online store, as well as via a number of retailers, including 100 full and bolts Edion Corp., K's Denki Group, Bic Camera Co., Yamada Denki Co. and Yodobashi Camera Co.

The two Japanese Surface Pro models will come preloaded with Microsoft's Office Home and Business 2013 suite. Microsoft also introduced a unique/custom version of the Surface Pro for China. In the rest of the world, no version of Office comes preloaded with the Surface Pros, beyond a trial version of Office 365. (Office Home and Student 2013 RT does come with the Surface RTs, however.)

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro in early February 2013. For the first few months after launch, Microsoft had problems with its supply chain for the Pros, especially the more popular 128 GB models.

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  • Looks good to me.

    Dropping the 64-GB model seems to be a step in the right direction, seeing how it made as much sense as having 8 GB of storage for a smartphone.

    Hopefully, other notebook manufacturers (Like Apple) follow the trend.
    • Why?

      Oh wait I get it, if other manufactures (like Apple) follow the trend then they (Apple) will raise the price of their products which might make the Surface more appealing.

      Or do you really expect us to believe you think the world would simply be a better place if everybody had more storage space?
      • Technology should evolve, not stagnate.

        What Microsoft is doing right now is replacing their 64 GB model with the 128 GB variant.

        Currently, the norm for Atom tablets is 32-64 GB and the minimum for i-Core machines are stuck at 64 GB.

        If Microsoft breaks the trend, other players will follow, dropping prices for the high-end market and improving the low-end segment.

        Like the resolution jumps we've had recently, going beyond the 100 GB barrier for SSDs is a must for desktop operating systems.

        I used Apple as an example because their 64 GB MBA has the same storage issues that the Surface Pro does, but nobody ever mentions it.

        They're also one of the few manufacturers that still continue to offer a standalone-64 GB option for their products.

        So yes, the world would be a better place if everybody had more storage space.

        It's the little steps, not the huge leaps, that improve the every-day experience of our daily lives.
        • You posit an interesting theory

          But each individual has a unique perspective on what is an improvement. I don't own nor I have used any MBA, so I cannot say whether or not it is fit for my specific use.

          I suspect Apple has an office full of people that study the sales numbers of each model of their product lines. It seems reasonable to me that if customer satisfaction or sales numbers of specific a model tanked for whatever reason, then Apple would take appropriate action to correct that situation. I would bet Microsoft went though this same process when they decided to kill the 64GB version of the Surface for Japan.

          I have little doubt that Microsoft, Google, and Apple would love it if they could get their costumers to pay annually for online storage. Offering internal devices with massive storage runs counter to making that a reality. Sure, there will be howls of protest, but then there were howls of protest when the floppy drive, CD / DVD ROM Drive, parallel port, removable battery, and modem were no longer offered as standard features.
      • Given that...

        my tablet spends about 80% of its time without a network connection, I am thankful for all the storage I can get. I have y 64GB ATIV 500 with a 64GB MicroSD in it. That is fine, but the 64GB on its own would be too little.

        If I could guarantee that I always have a network connection, then 64GB might be enough, but as it is, I store local and sync to the cloud when I can. In I need to quickly check something, I can tether to my smartphone, but even that often has only a GPRS speed in this area! So accessing gigabytes of photos or PowerPoints for presentations in the cloud is a non-starter most of the time.
  • With the size of the Windows 8 installation

    This is where they needed to be all along.
    • Agreed.

      Desktop operating systems (Windows 7/8, Ubuntu, OS X) take up too much space to be set inside tiny 64 GB drives.

      The only non-mobile OS's I've seen that work well on anything less than 128 GB were Damn Small Linux and Chrome OS.
  • $1,200 or $975 for any surface pro is a waste of money

    Untill they make W-8 a usable OS and dump that kiddie UI (Metro) anyone who purcases W-8 is a fool.
    Over and Out
    • Have you actually used the Surface?

      By your comment, it appears you haven't actually used the Surface (RT or Pro). The modern UI is ideal for a touch-centric device.
      • Of course not

        He's too busy compiling his kernel, closing his telnet ports, smoking pipes, flipping burgers, and wondering what his other hand is doing. Between all that he has no time to use a Microsoft Surface.
    • grow up

      Stop posting annoying kid
    • Linux_is_always_enough, is this why Google Play has tons......

      of win8 themes and lockscreens available and many of them have been purchased and installed 500,000 or more times by Android users who want their devices to look like Windows 8? And there are many to choose from so the overall download numbers are massive for Android users who want to dump the Apple look-a-like, static icon that requires much paging for a more efficient and useful UI.
      Same for windows phone 7 look. Lots available and purchased.
      It appears even the Android users want that Windows look and feel.
      The number of Windows phone sales is increasing and this is a sign that users who are currently stuck with an Android ho-hum static icon phone want the windows interface and will be going with the winphone next time aroun. The winphone numbers are on the rise.
  • Microsoft adds a 256 GB Surface Pro to its line up

    That should be enough space to keep your files, music, and videos on a portable next generation device such as the Microsoft Surface. The 256 GB drive makes this very tempting to buy.
    • MS Couldn't Have Said It Better

      Why do your posts read like they were written by MS?
      • Microsoft employees are forced to blog one hour per day

        He is a Microsoft employee. Did you ever meet anyone who likes Surface Pro or Windows 8! These are all Microsoft employees.
        • Yes I Have

          My daughter likes her Surface Pro, not so much Win 8. She still wonders why the Surface Pro (or "Portable Next Generation Device") comes with two versions of IE installed. And at least one of them is pretty much useless.

          Personally I would never use a Browser (i.e. IE) without Ad Block Plus rendering both useless to me. No ads and the satisfaction of disabling all Google's javascript based trackers. MS has got to hate this. If MS were to add an Ad Blocker to IE it would help cripple Google's source of revenue. But MS likes to track us too.

          MS needs to decide what business they are in. Too Bipolar.
          • Lay off MaryJo - She Rocks!

            MaryJo Rock! She is no shill for MSFT. If Senofsky black balls you like he did to MJ, then your aren't drinking the kool-aid.

            BTW - I do work as an IT Professionals, with very large IT staff. I know plenty of folks who love their surface RT and Pro machines. Because they actually work inside a corporate network very well, and they can run the best software, and you can still play angry birds with your touch system when you need it.

            Take this machine and hook it up to an external monitor and run it as most information workers do. Then unplug it and go into a meeting, then take it back and forth to home for a few days. You will see why this will be a desktop replacement form factor for years to come.
          • @InfuseMeToo????

            You may be confused. I did not comment about the author. I like her too.

            When I said "Why do your posts read like they were written by MS?"

            I was replying to the LD post. His posts are like MS ads written by a really bad copywriter. So bad you want to hate MS just for being associated with some one that lame. It's like if you agree with LD you may become like LD. And that is a scary thought.
        • anyone who likes Surface Pro or Windows 8!

          I do, thanks for noticing
      • MS: "With regard to future markets and other details, we have nothing..."

        I also like the MS spokespersons line:

        "With regard to future markets and other details, we have nothing to share at this time."

        Just a wee bit too long. Easier to understand this way:

        "With regard to future markets and other details, we have nothing..."