Microsoft adds former Qualcomm exec Peggy Johnson to senior leadership team

Microsoft adds former Qualcomm exec Peggy Johnson to senior leadership team

Summary: Former Qualcomm exec Peggy Johnson is joining Microsoft as its new Executive Vice President of Global Business Development.


Microsoft has added a new member to its now 15-member senior leadership team: Former Qualcomm exec Peggy Johnson.


Johnson is filling a brand-new role at Microsoft, where she will be Executive Vice President of Global Business Development, reporting directly to CEO Satya Nadella. Johnson starts her new job on September 1.

As head of Global Business Development, Johnson will be responsible for "driving strategic business deals and partnerships across various industries with key customers, strategic innovation partners, OEMs, key accounts, 3rd party publishers and industry influencers," according to Microsoft's announcement of her appointment.

Johnson, who had been at Qualcomm for 24 years, was most recently responsible for Qualcomm's global marketing organization.

She also oversaw Qualcomm Labs, an incubator focused on launching new businesses and products. 

There are a couple other moves happening concurrently with Johnson's appointment.

Microsoft's developer evangelism and experience team, headed by Corporate Vice President Steve Guggenheimer, is moving under the Sales, Marketing and Services Group (SMS&G) so as to more tightly align the developer evangelism group with Microsoft's field sales organization.

And Eric Rudder, who had been overseeing business development, will go back to his job as Executive Vice President of Advanced Strategy.

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