Microsoft adds monthly in-app subscription option to Office for iPad

Microsoft adds monthly in-app subscription option to Office for iPad

Summary: Microsoft Office for iPad users now have the option to subscribe to Office 365 monthly and from inside Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Microsoft is now allowing Office for iPad users to pay monthly, rather than only annually, for their Office 365 Home or Personal subscriptions.


As of September 2, users can buy monthly subscriptions to Office 365 — either Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home — from within Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad, according to a September 2 Microsoft blog post.

(Office 365 Personal allows users to run Office on one PC or Mac and one tablet; Office 365 Home allows them to run Office on up to five PCs and/or Macs, plus five tablets.)

"Existing customers, who have purchased Office 365 Home for one year, will continue on the same subscription. If you buy a monthly subscription on your iPad, you can switch to an annual subscription from your iPad, or from iTunes on your PC or Mac," the blog post added.

An Office 365 Personal subscription costs $6.99 per month. The Office 365 Home subscription goes for $9.99 per month. An annual Office 365 Personal subscription costs $69.99; an annual Office 365 Home subscription costs $99.99

Office for iPad is free, but requires an Office 365 subscription in order to unlock much of its useful functionality. Without an Office 365 subscription, Office on iPad users can view documents, copy and paste between documents, share via attachments, and present using PowerPoint. But to create new documents, edit and format them, save to OneDrive or SharePoint, Office on iPad users need to pay for an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft launched Office on iPad in late March 2014. A version of touch-first Office for Android tablets is expected to come to market later this year, most likely with similar Office 365 subscription requirements, according to sources. 

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  • In Office for iPad...

    can you print a document (with Apple's crappy AirPrint) without needing a subscription?
    • Yes, you can print without subscribing

      You actually have a good range of functionality "unactivated" by subscription, including view, print, copy content, share via e-mail, view comments, sort and filter existing tables in Excel and present in PowerPoint.
  • $6.99 per month for Office. Unspeakable nonsense.

    Its been my practice to use an office program for a minimum of 3 plus years+. I still have one computer using Office 2007 and I am quite happy with it. I have another with 2010 and I see no end in sight for it yet.

    Currently I can get a brand new copy of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional for $369.00. Or less.

    That means in just over 4 years I have definitely spent out the $369.00 in subscription prices if the subscription prices do not increase. If I want to continue to subscribe I will definitely be going beyond the $369.00.

    I see to subscribe at those prices I would have had to pay out about $580 thus far for my Office 2007 I use instead of the considerably less I did pay for it way back when. And Office 365 Personal isn't as good as Microsoft Office Professional. Its a bloody rip off.

    All web/cloud, you pay by the month crap is exactly that. Crap.

    I'll get my own copy thanks and Ill keep it that way. Sorry. I upgrade anywhere from 3 to 8 years. Its my choice, not theirs. I have no need of losing my Office licence if Im going through some financial rough time when my subscription needs to be paid. What comes first? Dinner on the table or a Office 365 subscription for the year. Hmmm. Think Ill choose dinner for the family.

    What a bunch of crap.

    Its ludicrous and we need to put an end to it. If this is how Microsoft thinks they are going to conduct business in the future, they will slowly but surely force me out. And Im betting a whole lot more.
    • Just the storage

      Just the TB of online storage will cost you $10/month.
      Buster Friendly
    • What is stopping you from buying Office outright?

      Microsoft still sells single copies of office without the need to subscribe. So what is the problem?

      For some, the subscription model is nice as it offers more than just Office. 1TB of cloud storage, Skype call minutes, exchange email hosting, lync communication, advanced collaboration features, etc.

      I'm not sure why having the option to do both is a bad thing.
      • Why?

        It costs a bunch of money compared to LibreOffice.

        As far as cloud storage goes, perhaps your private documents are not as embarrassing as certain peoples pictures but you probably would not have just anyone looking at them.
        • It does cost more

          And it's certainly more capable
          Michael Alan Goff
    • You need to....

      ....redo your math.

      Did you even consider that during that time, you will get ALLLLLLLL updates.
      not just security patches and feature fixes, but total Upgrades to new versions.

      Redo your math child. It's flat out wrong.
  • Unspeakable Nonsense...

    What I find is unspeakable nonsense, is when everyone thinks their particular use case of running Office 2007 should work just fine for everyone. In our home we have 2 pc's, 1 iMac, and 2 iPads. Office 365 covers all those devices and gives us multiple One Drive accounts. All covered for in total $10.88 per month (including taxes), this is less than I pay for Starbucks coffee in a week. But this is truly unspeakable...
    • Meat puppet?

      Meat puppet posting? Why?
      Buster Friendly
    • Another sub..

      I don't think its unreasonable to not want yet another sub, with more and more services turning to a subscription model its starting to add up and personally i don't use office enough to be bothered.

      Not to mention in my case, i already own Office 2013 outright ..i dont want to be paying full price for it again (especially as a recurring fee) just for iPad use.
  • In App Subscription

    Have bought the subscription in the app (power point), receipt received and money taken, but only message I get: Subscription not paid. Apple cannot help. Microsoft support cannot help. Spend 90 mins on the phone with these guys. So my advice is: Stay away from this utter crap unless, off course, you enjoy wasting time and money!!
  • AND

    for Office 365 annual sub, you get a total of 10 installs that you can share or even sell between your friends, (SHOCKER, they also get 1TB of OneDrive space and 60min of Skype each). There is nothing stopping you from doing that, which makes it even cheaper.

    The FUD in this thread is unbelievable.
  • But then....

    what else should we expect from MOST people who use a a seriously over priced toy such as an iPad. Ahh,, yes, that's ok, it's an iPad, I will spend whatever they are asking. No Problem.