Microsoft and provide Gmail users with better SkyDrive access

Microsoft and provide Gmail users with better SkyDrive access

Summary: Microsoft is working to make it easier for developers to integrate SkyDrive directly into their non-Microsoft-specific apps and Web sites.


Microsoft and partner are partnering to simplify the way Gmail users can use Microsoft's SkyDrive personal cloud-storage service.


On September 10, Microsoft announced details of the partnership -- via which Google Gmail users can access SkyDrive files directly from their inbox, save email attachments directly to SkyDrive and share files directly from their SkyDrive. The new capabilities are provided via's Chrome extension.

What's happening behind the scenes enabling this scenario is an update to the SkyDrive software development kit (SDK). The SDK includes a application-programming interface (API) that is similar to the file picker for Windows 8 apps that's already integrated with SkyDrive. The new API allows third-party sites/apps to integrate directly with the SkyDrive file picker. (The SDK update also removes all API restrictions related to photo resolution and content type.)

A September 10 post on the "Inside SkyDrive" blog details the new features in the SDK update. The updated SkyDrive SDK is available from the Microsoft Live Connect Developer Center.

Microsoft is continuing to encourage for developers to integrate SkyDrive directly with their apps. At the same time, Microsoft is also working to make SkyDrive a better multi-platform solution. Late last month, Microsoft delivered its SkyDrive for Android phone app.

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  • Great! Now do!

    It would be nice if when creating an email in I could attach files from my SkyDrive. Anyone else find it odd that the SkyDrive file picker hasn't arrived there yet?
    • SkyDrive Picker Works Just Fine...

      In Metro IE10. And if you have SkyDrive app installed, then you can also use it from the desktop IE10.
      • Great! Now do the rest of us!

        So why not in Windows 7, using FireFox? When I'm at, SkyDrive is only a click away, so when in the middle of typing an email it seems obvious that I should be able to attach files by browsing my SkyDrive using the web.
        • It would be nice...

          If and Hotmail could do that natively. You can upload a local file to SkyDrive whilst sending an e-mail but to e-mail a file already on SkyDrive you've got to "Share it" from the file itself, there is then an e-mail option.
  • I can't see many people using this.

    Hotmail/ has SkyDrive and Gmail has Google Drive.
  • I am confused.

    OK I have my 75 gb of files on skydrive. And they are synced on all my devices with the Skydrive app in a library. Win 7 and CP 8. So when want to attach a file, simply attach it from that library. Am I missing something? Honestly, I am just asking. Of course it is attaching a file on my local machine, but all my machines point to that same skydrive account. Maybe I am simply missing the whole idea of the skydrive app.
    • Suppose you're on the go...

      With a tablet that has only 32GB of storage. You want to send an email and attach a file from your SkyDrive (that has say 75GB like yours)... Well, you see where the SkyDrive File picker comes in handy?
      • Share better than attach

        Microsoft offer the ability to share files via e-mail from Skydrive. I think Microsoft trying to help people getting rid of the very bad habit of attaching big files with e-mail rather than sharing files or folders on Skydrive.