Microsoft claims 160,000 Windows Phone apps in store, drops dev costs

Microsoft claims 160,000 Windows Phone apps in store, drops dev costs

Summary: There’s money in them thar Windows Phones, says Microsoft.


Microsoft has temporarily dropped the annual registration fee for developers who publish Windows Phone apps on its app store from $99 to $19.

The offer, announced on Wednesday, is available for the next 60 days to developers with plans to publish Windows Phone apps on the Windows Phone Store, and comes as Microsoft reminds developers there is money to be made on its platform. 

Microsoft claims it now has more than 160,000 apps and games in its store — no small beer, but still a fraction of the number of apps in Google's and Apple's stores that consumers have invested in over the years.  (Google has approximately 700,000 apps in its Play store, while Apple has around 850,000 iPhone apps and 350,000 iPad apps available.)

Still, Microsoft is investing in new programs to drive Windows Phone app downloads, such as the Red Stripe Deals, which promote a bundle of discounted games and apps on the store. Microsoft claims that deal has on average given developers a four-fold lift in net revenues in each week of promotion. 

Microsoft also says transaction volumes on the Windows Phone Store are reaching 200 million per month and daily revenues have risen by 2.5 times since the launch of the platform

It seems Microsoft's partnerships with mobile operators could be helping it out here, with 30 carriers letting customers pay for apps bought on Microsoft's store through their phone bills. 

Microsoft has its eye on first-time buyers. The company estimates there are currently four billion feature phone owners worldwide whose first smartphone, it hopes, could be one of the cheaper Windows Phones, such as Nokia's Lumia 520. Half the US market currently owns features phones, Microsoft said.

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  • Does Anybody Care?

    Windows Phone 8 is just a placeholder. Wait for Windows Phone 9, that will be Microsoft's REAL smartphone OS. Then you will see Android get a real run for its money.

    Of course, the completely new architecture, rewritten from the ground up, will require apps to be rewritten as well. Microsoft will be introducing a new programming paradigm (it's too revolutionary a change to be called a mere "language" any more), called "XML#', which is like XML combined with C#-style managed-code garbage collection--"managed XML", if you like. Be prepared to throw away everything you learned about boring old traditional Computer Science and Programming: Microsoft's new "multimedia computification" concept renders all that obsolete!
    • At first....

      ...I thought your name was "Idiot", then I read your comments and it confirmed it.
      • I know I shouldn't have, but I lol'd

    • Here we go again

      Why is it with Microsoft that the next product will always be the real killer product....until it is released.
  • probably someone stole your morning coffee.

    I am running Windows Phone 7.x apps on Windows Phone 8. I can't run Windows Phone 8 apps on Windows Phone 7.x like I can't run my iOS6 specific apps on iOS5 or your lover God Google's platform Android or the copybot's Jellybean apps on FroYo. Take Care. Next time make sure you put your zippers on, otherwise you will be considered as a clown.
    Ram U
    • The above was for @ldo17

      Ram U
  • Microsoft claims 160,000 Windows Phone apps in store, drops dev costs

    There is a lot of money in them Microsoft Windows Phone 8 phones. Its the only mobile market that isn't saturated.
    • Why did they charge 99$ to begin w/?

      MSFT has top engineers but some of their managers are just outta touch w/ the business world. You need to lower that price to drive adoption from day 1. I don't understand how they didn't see through this in the past.
      • they changed it ti 19$

        They have been giving discount in various forms. noe the price is 19$ until next 2-3 months.
  • Math

    "..daily revenues have risen by 2.5 times since the launch of the platform."

    In my universe, 2.5 * 0 = 0.

    Sorry, couldn't resist :)
  • Way Too Many Apps

    All three platforms have too many apps. The amount of crap out there is astounding.

    I'll take quality over quantity any day.
    • all three have too apps but all three dont care!!

      all three companies dont care about theirs too many apps out there or not as they see it as apps=revenue and plus its a way to show off to the media or journalists saying they have more than the other. app store sizes is all but to show off and get people to buy their device over another. but i do use some apps but cant switch phones as this platform i use now has great support and have no reason to switch. but i wont use bb ever as its not centered for the consumer at all which is the majority of the market anyways. So i think wp9 will be better as i will wait until wp8 ends support next year july 2014 on whether to switch to wp9 if they consider on maikng it or not or its back to the iphone for me regardless. i will only switch if they get better app selection as there is some apps i use but cant switch as i stated above so add more of the ones i use and ill consider switching.
    • Re: I'll take quality over quantity any day.

      What's stopping you?
      • Wading Through Crap

        What's stopping me--or at least making life more difficult--is having to wade through tens of thousands of apps that are pure rubbish in order to find the rare nuggets of gold.

        Rather than encourage ever-increasing app counts in their stores, all three platforms should focus on weeding out the junk. Maybe have a policy that says if an app doesn't get a certain number of downloads and have a certain minimum user rating after a set period of time, it gets booted from the store.
        • Re: Wading Through Crap

          You want it handed to you on a plate, without having to do any work?
  • AppCampus

    Nokia and Microsoft also invest 18 Million Euros in their app economy via
    • My appcampus app

      I participated in the appcampus program with Remember The Name: