Microsoft consolidates its IT pro tradeshows into one

Microsoft consolidates its IT pro tradeshows into one

Summary: Microsoft is consolidating a number of its standalone IT pro-focused tradeshows into a single unified event, slated to kick off in May 2015 in Chicago.


Microsoft is consolidating its TechEd, Microsoft Management Summit, SharePoint, Lync and Exchange conferences into a single, new unified tech conference.


Microsoft execs announced the new event -- minus its name -- on the Channel 9 blog on July 21.

Microsoft execs said the new conference will be held the week of May 4, 2015 in Chicago. They said they would provide more details in September 2014 about the event.

There have been rumors circulating for a while that Microsoft planned to phase out its TechEd conferences the same way that the company discontinued the Microsoft Management Summit

I am thinking that Build, Microsoft's Windows development conference, will still happen independently of this new unified event, though there is nothing that promises that in today's announcement. Microsoft execs already have said there will be a separate Worldwide Partner Conference in 2015 in Orlando.

There's no official word as to why Microsoft is combining its various IT pro events. One reason probably involves cost-cutting, given the company is looking to tighten up its spending, as last week's layoffs of 18,000 made clear. Or it may be a case of Microsoft attempting to better align its admins and devs across its whole family of products (similar to what Oracle does with Oracle OpenWorld or Salesforce with Dreamforce.)

I've asked company officials whether Build will remain a standalone event and also what will happen with TechEd Europe after this year's event in Barcelona in October. I will update this post when and if I hear back.

Update: Build will remain a separate event, a spokesperson confirmed. As to what happens to TechEd Europe in 2015, "we have nothing more to share at this time," the spokesperson said. And as to what the new name of the unified show will be, Microsoft will share those details "in the coming months."

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  • May the 4th

    Microsoft, it'll be Star Wars themed riiight?
  • Not thinking things through

    If true then MS is not thinking things through fully. I suspect the thinking might be that this will enable companies, including MS, to be more productive by only needing to go to one conference. In practice this would probably result in less team members being able to attend as some would need to be near the computers since not every companies allows remote admin access. Equally it will be harder to make the case for attendance since there will be less time available for detailed technical presentations.
  • Brilliant move

    Schedule a conferance at the beginning of the hot humid season in the murder capital of the world! Glad to see Microsoft NOT re-organiiang this area as well! LOL
    • Not really

      Stuff making the news is localized to some South and West side neighborhoods and mostly gang related. It is not a factor for McCormick or any other large downtown venue.
  • I am glad

    I am very happy to see Satya moving full speed ahead from the moment he took helm at Microsoft attempting to organize the disorganization and and putting a cap on the over-spending in the company.
    • Was proabbly coming anyway

      I would imagine that a lot of the reorganizing and consolidating was probably coming anyway, when they first decided to do a reorg. Who knows if the layoffs would have been this large, but most people wondered if there would be any after the Nokia deal. I think there actually had been rumors that some of these conferences might get consolidated a little while ago.
  • Microsoft Canada conference

    Will there be a conference in Canada?