Microsoft CRM apps for iPad, Windows 8 on track for fall 2013

Microsoft CRM apps for iPad, Windows 8 on track for fall 2013

Summary: Microsoft's next 'major' update of its Dynamics CRM products is due this fall and will include the release of native clients for Windows 8 and iPad.


Microsoft is on track to deliver versions of its Dynamics CRM apps for iPad and Windows 8 this fall, company officials reconfirmed on July 2.


After going back to the drawing board with its mobile CRM apps, Microsoft officials said last year that they'd be fielding the promised new versions for iPad and Windows 8 tablets in the second half of this year. According to, Microsoft officials actually pinned a fall 2013 date on these apps back in the fall of 2012, as part of the Dynamics CRM update codenamed "Orion."

"Shortly following" the Orion release, Microsoft will make available "new touch-optimized mobile experiences" for Dynamics CRM on Windows Phone 8 devices, iPhones and Android phones, according to Microsoft officials. (The alleged delivery date for Android phone version of Dynamics CRM is Q4 2013 as part of an update codenamed "Leo.")

After delaying delivery of Dynamics clients for iPad, Windows 8 and Windows Phone for a second time, the Dynamics CRM team switched gears and ended up redoing the native clients as HTML/JavaScript apps. And instead of charging $30 per user per month as originally announced for these client apps, the Dynamics team announced they'd be available for free.

Alongside these new native clients due this fall, Microsoft also will be delivering "major" releases of Dynamics CRM 2013 (on-premises) and Dynamics CRM Online in the fall of 2013, officials said today.

These fall 2013 Dynamics CRM releases will provide Yammer integration; Skype-Lync integration inside the CRM product; and MarketingPilot marketing-automation integration, Microsoft officials said.

Microsoft also plans to offer this fall a "limited beta" of Netbreeze, the social monitoring and analytics product that the company acquired earlier this year.

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