Microsoft cuts Vista prices by 10 percent

Microsoft cuts Vista prices by 10 percent

Summary: Businesses buying additional copies of Vista will receive the discount from today


Microsoft has announced 10 percent discounts for UK small businesses and home users wishing to purchase additional licences for Vista.

Nick White, product manager on the Vista launch team, revealed the extension to Europe of the Windows Vista Additional License programme in his in his blog. The programme allows small businesses and home users to install the same edition of Windows Vista on additional computers, once they have purchased the operating system. Customers can purchase up to five additional licences at 10 percent off the suggested retail price.

However, comments posted on White's blog show some users have not welcomed the move by Microsoft, with many people finding the operating system too expensive.

One UK-based reader of White's blog said: "I'm willing to give Vista a go. Only, however, if the family discount is extended to the UK in June when the current limited time (US only) offer expires. Otherwise it's way too damned expensive for the three PCs I have. Ten percent per additional licence is just not enough of a 'sweet deal' for me." Family discount, which enables people purchasing Windows Vista Ultimate to buy two additional licences for $49.99 in the US, is not currently available in the UK.

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Another reader pointed out that many US retailers already offer Vista at 10 percent below list price. "Honestly, it leaves much to be desired (and I speak not as a Linux or Apple zealot), especially as you can easily find Vista discounted by 5-7 percent at or marked down by about that much at [US] retail stores like Best Buy. Ten percent isn't worth it unless you are completely incapable of comparison shopping, or you live 100 miles from the nearest computer store and you're on metered dial-up," said the reader.

The Windows Vista Additional License programme is available online in the UK from Monday.

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  • License confusion

    I may be mistaken but the packaging on the retail box of Vista says that you can install on 3 PCs and the OEM only on the one PC.

    If that is the case someone spending a fortune on a Retail version should be able to legally install the same OS with the same license key on 3 PCs. An OEM user as they are paying 1/3rd of the price and should really only be getting an OEM edition with a new PC (or significant new components for an existing PC) will have to either buy more licenses. I assume the additional licenses are for those that go beyond the 3 PC restriction that the retail version allows.

    Again I will have to double check with my friend in Microsoft Licensing but I don't see why a someone wanting Vista Ultimate on 3 PCs will need to pay