Microsoft delivers ERP in the Windows Azure cloud

Microsoft delivers ERP in the Windows Azure cloud

Summary: Microsoft's Dynamics NAV 2013 and GP 2013 ERP offerings are now available, via certified partners, hosted on Windows Azure.

TOPICS: Cloud, Microsoft, Windows

After a couple of delays, Microsoft is making available two of its four ERP products available hosted on its Windows Azure public cloud.

Dynamics NAV 2013 and Dynamics GP 2013 are available hosted on Windows Azure as of June 18. Both will be sold via Microsoft certified partners, not by Microsoft itself, as the company indicated would be the case.

Both Dynamics NAV 2013 and Dynamics GP 2013 are hosted on Windows Server virtual machines on Windows Azure. End users can access the cloud-hosted versions via the Web or desktop clients, either from the office or on the go using mobile devices.

"Over the past several months we’ve been working closely with our first 'go-live' customers and partners, as well as with the Windows Azure team, to develop guidance and tooling to ensure a great experience deploying on Azure. That work is now complete," said company officials in a Microsoft Dynamics Community blog post today.

Microsoft officials said in December 2012 to expect the first of its ERP offerings to be available hosted on Windows Azure by mid-2013. Microsoft originally planned to make its ERP wares available in the cloud last year, but ended up delaying availability in order to improve its "hostability."

Microsoft plans to make its other ERP wares -- Dynamics AX and Dynamics SL -- available on Windows Azure at some point in the future, officials have said.

Topics: Cloud, Microsoft, Windows


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  • Good. Fine. Now....

    Can we please get small business options please? How about BCM in the cloud? an AFFORDABLE price. $50/user/mth is NOT SMB-friendly!
  • So, who owns the code?

    Nav is a customizable system where code is developed and deployed to add additional functionality and tweak existing processes. Does the code remain the property of the customer/developer or does Microsoft take that code and deploy as they wish?
    Never Use Microsoft Warez
    • Good question.

      I wonder if it's hosted as a multi-tenant system, or deployed a PAAS implementation that is customizable.