Microsoft delivers June firmware updates, fixes for its Surfaces

Microsoft delivers June firmware updates, fixes for its Surfaces

Summary: Microsoft is continuing to roll out updates and fixes for its Surface RT and Surface Pro devices each month, as part of its Patch Tuesday process.


As it has done for the past few months, Microsoft is rolling out new firmware updates and fixes for its Surface RT and Surface Pro devices as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday cycle.


On June 11, the company made a few new updates available to Surface users for download.

For ARM-based Surface RTs:

  • Surface Home Button driver update that the company says will improve the reliability of the devices waking up immediately on the first button press.
  • Recently disclosed firmware update for Surface Type Cover and Surface Touch Cover aiming to improve functionality for both accessories. Includes the ability to toggle function keys, new shortcuts, and new keyboard navigation improvements.

For Intel-based Surface Pros:

  • LifeCam driver that aims to enhance clarity for low light operation and improves reliability when switching between the integrated camera and an external camera.

With Surface RTs, automatic updating is always on. With the Pros, Windows turns on automatic update during setup unless users decide to turn it off. (If you do so, you won't be notified when firmware updates are available.) Even if automatic updating is turned on, users can opt to proactively grab the firmware updates before they receive notification of their availability using Windows Update on their devices via these steps.

Microsoft officials previously told me that users of non-Surface Windows RT devices also can and should get updates (firmware and otherwise). A spokesperson told me previously: "OEMs can (and are) providing any needed firmware or driver updates using Windows Update. These updates are targeted to specific Windows RT models. Recommended OS updates are available to all Windows RT devices at the time they are published. End-user settings will determine whether they are installed automatically."

Here's the full list of updates available as part of today's June Patch Tuesday.

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  • Any word on Surface Pro 2?

    To be announced at Build, yes?
  • That's great!

    Hopefully that first one fixes the sometimes thing where you get the haptic that you hit the home button, but it doesn't actually do anything or seems slow to do so.
    Michael L Jones
    • Check your "Filter Keys" setting

      If "Filter Keys" (some accessibility feature) is on, then you get haptic feedback from the Windows button but nothing else. The keys on (at least) the touch cover generally don't work either. It renders the device much less useful. To get there, search for "Filterkeys" (or "Filter keys") in setting (go to start screen, type "Filterkeys").
    • yep

      Fixed on my RT. About time. It was one of the previous updates that broke that (and also the power button didn't always turn the device on unless you pressed it twice/held it down).

      Now it works as it should/as it did before the previous update broke it.
  • xbox music

    I wish they would fix the problems with Xbox Music and drivers on my Surface after the last firmware update. Its really annoying.
    • XBOX Music

      Agreed...XBOX Music is a nightmare...especially for those of us who still like to sync music to the phone rather than stream...and if their goal is for us to stream more music, then it needs to be much easier to do so on the phone. In addition, XBOX Music playlists are limited to 1000 songs and on the XBOX, you can't play multiple lists or even add them to "now playing." Lots of work to be done here...
  • June Update

    Latest update seems to have CAUSED issues. Browser not responding properly to direction. Then stuck in disk cleanup.. went to restart and will not find its way out of "Preparing to configure Windows"...not happy