Microsoft delivers Office 2010 Service Pack 2

Microsoft delivers Office 2010 Service Pack 2

Summary: Microsoft has made available for download the second service packs for Office 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010.


Service packs may have gone out of style in the Windows realm, but they're still alive in Office.


On July 23, Microsoft made available Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2. (The downloads, which are gradually showing up as of this morning on the Microsoft Download Center, are marked as having been published on July 21.)

Microsoft delivered the betas of Service Pack 2 for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 back in early April of this year. (Invites for a private preview of Office 2010 SP2 went out in mid-January.)

As was the case with the beta, the final SP2 is a rollup of all previously released updates to Office 2010.

Microsoft officials said in April that SP2 consists of updates that improve security and compatibility. Specifically, SP2 provides improved compatibility with IE 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Office 2013.

Microsoft also is releasing an SP2 for its Office Web Apps today. Office Web Apps are the Webified versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that Microsoft makes available for free and for use in various browsers on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Update: Here's the Office Sustained Engineering blog which includes links to all the various Office 2010 SP2 downloadables.

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  • office 03,10,13 are the best offices

    Given I use office 2003, 2010, and 2013 on all my windows computers, 03 on xp, 10 on windoss 7, and 13 on 8 I have no complaints except I hated office 2007 as I used it for 5 yrs and never really liked the new look but 2010 really made it better at work compared to 2007 and it didnt have a buggy or laggy interface either nor did I have a problem with saving stuff like 2007 gave me. Overall no problems now sibce I only use those three now anyways and the fact I dont use vista either too which is great as I got rid of both vista and 2007 2yrs ago and never looking back.
    • 2013 might be good

      But it's ugly to look at. Can't use it, makes my eyes bleed!
      • I don't mind it.

        And it does fit the "newer cleaner" metro look they've been pushing, but it's be nice if they gave more options to customize the look. Perhaps some well designed themes with a bit more color?
        Sam Wagner
      • Actually all of them suck

        Unless you like helping Microsoft share your data with the NSA.
        • Re: Actually all of them suck....

          Oh and we hear the battle cry from the Linux Boys and Girls. After 3 "LIBREOFFICE"

          Feel Better for that !
    • Office 2013 is just plain ugly

      Office 2013 looks simply terrible. Does anyone actually prefer the stark, flat, fuzzy-text, white look of the new office over the nice to look at Office 2010 suite? I cannot imagine using Excel 2013 all day long. I'd be suicidal and I would be wanting to claw my eyes out.

      I do agree with you on Office 2003 and 2010. Great products. Office 2013 - no way. It sucks all the life out of you and causes eye pain. The bigger the monitor - the more angst too - it looks even worse on large screens.
      • Yeah, I kind of agree

        Visual Studio did this too. Microsoft has ported their Metro UI guidelines "no chrome" rule to places it doesn't belong. In the case of windows and toolbars, chrome is often a user's way of telling what the context of an item is.

        This at a time when we have the best graphics cards in our computers that have ever been installed on common computers... guys, I think our monitors can handle a bit of chrome!

        It is a minor annoyance, but an example of how Microsoft's stubborn wrong headedness with Metro is infecting their other apps and platforms.
  • fuzzy text? Check your settings

    Office 2013 has a much better cleaner look with very crisp text. It makes 2010 look garish, cluttered, overdone and old-fashioned.

    I especially like the optimisation of the interface for touch (or not, if you don't have it) and the ability to hide the ribbon or the menu entirely to give yourself more room on the screen. It's well thought out, well executed and much easier on the eye especially for productive tasks.

    Not saying it's perfect - if you hide the menus then it becomes a lot of clicks or taps to get into anything. Not sure how they can improve that. It's just another iteration of improvements that, if you've used the new one for a time, makes going back to the old version a drag!
  • I'd be very grateful for an Office 2013 that turns it into Office 2003...

    I DO use it all day. Your eyes DO hurt. And the worst part? With no color segmentation of areas you are constantly getting "lost" visually.