Microsoft delivers OneNote for Amazon Fire Phone, Kindle Fire tablets

Microsoft delivers OneNote for Amazon Fire Phone, Kindle Fire tablets

Summary: Microsoft is making its OneNote note-taking app available for free for the Fire Phone and Kindle Fire tablets through Amazon's Appstore for Android.


On the heels of announcing Skype for Amazon's Fire Phone, Microsoft is making available its OneNote note-taking application for Amazon's Fire Phone.


OneNote for Fire Phone is available in the Amazon Appstore for Android on July 24, Microsoft execs said. This isn't a version of OneNote optimized for the Fire Phone; it is the existing OneNote for Android app that is now available in the Amazon Appstore for Android

While OneNote for Android was developed and optimized for the phone and not Android tablets, it can be installed on Android tablets, as well. That means the version in the Amazon Appstore for Android can be installed on Kindle Fire tablets. (The image embedded in this post is what OneNote looks like running on the Kindle Fire HDX.)

Microsoft is still working on a suite of touch-first Office apps  for Android tablets. That suite will be released before the end of calendar 2014, according to my sources. It will likely be free but require a subscription to Office 365 to unlock functionality, the same way that the Office for iPad suite does.

Delivering productivity apps and services across all of the top mobile devices is a new priority for Microsoft, and no doubt a key reason the company has been quick to make Skype and OneNote available on Amazon's mobile devices. The fact Evernote is already in the Amazon Appstore for Android probably also spurred the OneNote team to release its apps there, as well.

Microsoft first delivered OneNote on Android phones in 2012. OneNote for Android phones is already available in the Google Play store.

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  • Cloud

    I'm a little disappointed that the free versions of OneNote don't allow creation of local notebooks. The sync works great so you can transparently edit your cloud notebook offline, but I have some notebooks I prefer not to have in OneDrive - two types that come right to mind are confidential ones (our company policy prohibits cloud for those), and those kept for archival purposes but no longer active. Maybe once OneDrive starts encrypting data at rest, I'll feel differently, especially given how well the offline sync works.
    • Got to make money somehow

      Giving away everything for free isn't a good way to make money. Office is a pretty good deal especially with the storage included. Then you can access those files from any device.
      Buster Friendly
  • Microsoft delivers OneNote for Amazon Fire Phone, Kindle Fire tablets

    Microsoft plays well with others but the others don't want to play well with Microsoft. That is ok because soon these Amazon Fire users will see how good the Microsoft applications are and make that transition over to Microsoft Windows products. Its more of a migration tool.
    • Why do you care?

      You a shareholder?
      • Why do YOU care?

        Shareholder, fan, customer, citizen, it doesn't matter. Just like you, he has a right to an opinion. At least you weren't insulting like, it's a nice day and I'm just not going to bait the trolls.
        • I wasn't insulting

          That was you.
          Still doesn't answer the question. What is his interest in getting everyone to MS?
    • Great joke, LD!

      We need your jokes in here to balance out the serious posts.
    • the problem is

      amazon doesn't return the favor. they don't even let you buy anything on windows phone or tablets or xbox. you basically have to use their site because their app support is lousy, when it exists. IMHO MSFT should have made a deal with amazon: you get these apps if you give us yours. We all know the fire phone is a bust, but at least it would get amazon to eat some humble pie.
  • Ink?

    Will Microsoft ever bring ink support to Android and/or iOS versions of OneNote, or is that be reserved to the Windows environment only? OneNote is just a shadow of itself without pen support.
    • API

      the problem is that neither iOS nor android ship with a uniform inking API so MSFT would have to build a non standard one. And given google cannot possibly demand their devices to ship with a stylus, there is no real incentive for them to do it. Apple could, but you know how they hate pens so yeah, the best they can do is use the touch points but cannot bring tilt and pressure to offer a good experience. In addition, the resolution of the passive capacitive touch system is far far lower than that of the electromagnetic and active capacitive pens MSFT ships on surface tablets.
      • That's what I was thinking

        That's just what I was thinking - how many of these platforms even have a pen option? The power of OneNote these days is the access anywhere ability.
        Buster Friendly
      • What About Android Pen Devices Then

        Samsung has a whole line of Galaxy products with Wacom support - why wouldn't it work there (a Galaxy Note 3 with OneNote would be an amazing complimentary device to the Surface line).
  • Windows Platform First.

    Windows, Windows, Windows.... pushing apps/services on other platforms is a colossal mistake MS... conquer mobile platform share first...the rest will follow...
    • Why?

      They make all their money selling software for other people's hardware. They've done that since the beginning as the first Word platform was Mac and most of the Windows installations are OEMs.
      Buster Friendly
  • Please clarify if this is full OneNote or OneNote Lite?

    OneNote on the Surface RT does not have indexing of audio files or indexing of audio in video files or indexing of OCR images, or indexing of PDF files.

    Are these features also missing from the implementation on other devices?
    I use the indexing of the audio to search recordings of my meetings and photos of slides.
  • died, short of the Warning Track

    OneNote was a good concept that has died, just short of the Warning Track.
    the issue is -- in a note -taker -- you need to option to add notes in a LIFO -- reverse-chron
    sequence so that the last thing you add pushed the other content down so the new note
    is the first item in presentation. I found i could make blank space to do this -- but --
    it was a pain. truly great programs are a pleasure to use, not a pain.