Microsoft delivers RemoteApp client for ARM-based Windows RT devices

Microsoft delivers RemoteApp client for ARM-based Windows RT devices

Summary: Users with ARM-based Windows RT devices can now try Microsoft's RemoteApp service to access remotely line-of-business apps.


Back in May at TechEd, Microsoft announced officially its RemoteApp service, aimed at allowing users to remotely access apps running on Azure.


At that time, the Softies made client apps for the service available for Windows, Mac OS X and Android.

On June 23, Microsoft added another client to the list: One for ARM-based devices running Windows RT.

RemoteApp -- codenamed "Mohoro," which is currently in preview -- isn't a streaming service like other desktop-as-a-service offerings. Instead, it allows users to remotely access line-of-business apps, including Microsoft's Office desktop apps, on their mobile devices. The final version of the RemoteApp service will be available before the end of calendar 2014, officials have said.

The remote desktop app for Windows RT devices like the Surface RT and Surface 2 have been popular with users who need to run non-Metro-Style apps that are not available through the Windows Store.

Microsoft execs reiterated this on June 23 in a post on the Remote Desktop Services blog:

"The desktop apps you publish through the Azure RemoteApp service, including Office and additional LOB apps can now be accessed from Windows RT devices where they otherwise can’t be installed. While the RemoteApp programs will appear to run locally, they are actually running in Azure and you can interact with them from your Windows RT device, helping keep your corporate data safe."

Instructions for installing the new Windows RT client for RemoteApp are available in the June 23 blog post.

A RemoteApp client for Windows Phone 8.1 will be coming "later this summer," according to the blog post.

In other Azure-related news, Microsoft is making available free 90-day trials of Azure Active Directory Premium for up to 100 users. Azure Active Directory Premium is a key component of Microsoft's recently announced Enterprise Mobility Suite. For a short and sweet explanation of Azure Active Directory Premium, check out this Canadian IT Pro Connection blog post. 

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  • Mary, any word from Cicso on a anyconnect vpn client for RT?

    It would be nice to be able to vpn with it directly, but Cisco seems to be lazy.
    • Juniper

      The built-in Juniper Pause VPN client in Windows 8x is also basically broken as it does not allow you to input your login credentials so it connect to the concentrator and gets rejected. Why? There has been a working pause client for iOS and Android for years now. I know someone who took a job a Juniper and worked with the team developing this and said the hold up is all on Microsoft.
      Rann Xeroxx
  • Just installed the RemoteApp... What the hell?

    I just installed the RemoteApp on my Surface RT and it works fine so my reaction of "what the hell" might seem a bit confusing. But... WHAT THE HELL!!! This is a desktop app that the MSI is downloaded from the internet, it is compiled for ARM, and passes the DRM certificate lock.

    My point is how easy this worked and it worked just fine. Why can't I install anything else on my freak'in desktop? I got the Surface RT for $99 at TechEd so I'm not complaining but RT is just crap because its limited for absolutely no reason. The Dell Venue 8 Pro at $299 running full Windows show how much BS that RT really is.

    If the fabled Surface Mini ever sees the light of day and its running RT, it will be a market failure as well.
    Rann Xeroxx
  • Future of RT

    Hat is the future of RT? Many people say it is dead.
    Do Microsoft have future plan for RT?
    Utomo Prawiro