Microsoft extends life of Malicious Software Removal Tool on XP

Microsoft extends life of Malicious Software Removal Tool on XP

Summary: In line with their policy on antimalware signatures and software, Microsoft will continue to create and distribute the MSRT for Windows XP users until July 2015.

TOPICS: Security

Microsoft confirmed today for ZDNet that they will continue to create and distribute the Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows XP users until July 14, 2015.

A Microsoft spokesperson said "Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool is aligned with the company's antimalware engines and signatures and as such, the removal tool will continue to be provided for Windows XP through July 14, 2015."

The clarification of policy was first reported by Computerworld on Sunday, citing sources close to the company.

The MSRT is a tool produced monthly by Microsoft for Windows users on Patch Tuesday. It searches for and removes certain widespread malware infections on Windows systems. When Windows users run Windows Update it may be run automatically and silently. It is also available for download and execution from the Microsoft.

Microsoft reiterated that continued availability of the MSRT is not a good reason to stick with Windows XP, nor are malware detection and removal tools adequate protection for users.


Hat tip to our own Mary Jo Foley.

Topic: Security

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  • lingering death

    The worst of all possible worlds.

    They have killed the OS but are keeping the life support machines running. Code blue will be called repeatedly scrambling the staff to resuscitate the beast to die another day.
  • Server 2003

    C'mon people. You keep wondering why Microsoft and other vendors such as Mozilla are keeping XP supported until July 2015 - the reason for all these July 2015 extended support dates is because Server 2003 is still supported until July 2015, and since XP has the same codebase, it would be stupid for software vendors to remove XP support when they still need to support Server 2003.
    • ehh, maybe

      I'm not sure why that would matter to a browser author. Generally Firefox on Server 2003 runs in ESC where the restrictions are intense.
      Larry Seltzer
  • MSRT is an euphimism

    Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is not at all what it pretends to be. It is a tool to disable software that is not registered. It's a tool to find pirated software, and disable it, not a tool to aid the user in any way.
    • Gosh, a scoop!

      Please forward me the slightest shred of evidence for this. I'd love to write about it.
      Larry Seltzer
  • I remember trying the MSRT...

    ...before I learned how to manually remove malware and repair search redirects. Useless for that purpose. And I can usually tell when someone running XP has tried to use it before I arrive because running it manually often changes the boot.ini by adding a "duplicate" operating system causing a choice list at startup.