Microsoft: Four million Windows 8 upgrades sold since launch

Microsoft: Four million Windows 8 upgrades sold since launch

Summary: The software giant is selling more copies of Windows 8 than its software predecessor did during the same period after Windows 7 first launched, more than three years ago.


On sale for less than a week, Microsoft's latest software offering, Windows 8, has sold more than four million upgrade copies alone, according to Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer speaking at the BUILD conference in Seattle.

Only today, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ballmer was not willing to disclose anything on the record about how well the latest operating system was selling. However, the software giant threw open the doors on at least one key metric.

Microsoft has also shopped "tens of millions" of Windows 8 to its partners around the world, according to Ballmer. The chief executive added that enthusiasm is "very high" for the next-generation operating system.

He also said the Seattle, WA.-based company is also seeing strong interest from business and enterprise users, and that Windows 8 was even outselling the software's predecessor, Windows 7, during the same period after launch in July 2009.

By comparison, in the same four days after Apple released the latest iteration of OS X, dubbed "Mountain Lion," the Cupertino, CA.-based technology supergiant reported that more than 3 million copies of the software had been downloaded from the Mac App Store.

However, Ballmer remained quiet on dishing out any specific figures relating to the Surface RT tablet, which went on sale on October 26 to coincide with the Windows 8 launch.

While many U.S. buyers of the Surface RT tablet received their devices on the day of launch as promised by Microsoft, most European buyers are still waiting for their tablets to arrive, four days after delivery should have begun, according to ZDNet crowdsourced research.

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  • Microsoft: Four million Windows 8 upgrades sold since launch

    Those are very good numbers. Glad that I'm part of one of that 4 million. Actually I'm several parts of that because I bought several copies of Microsoft Windows 8. To all the nay sayers well this just puts a damper on your perspective. Here's good luck to Microsoft to sell another 4 million copies of Microsoft Windows 8 and another 4 million after that.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • And this while most of the east coast was readying for a hurricane!

      So once life gets back to normal here, I wonder how many of the typical anti-MS trolls will fall victim to their own disappointment.

      You can see the usuall MS haters here already making their excuses!
      William Farrel
      • 4 million in 2 months, w/80% complaints at 1/4 price is NOT good

        Mr. Farrel, I read 3000 reviews of Win8 after the users installed it due to the price of only $14/40. By contrast, the cheapest Win7 I could find was about 4 times that much, for the full OS.

        80% of the Win8 installers had serious complaints, many not related to the ungainly Start Screen. Stuff that didn't work; long or excessively problemmatic installation. Inability to get/read mail, play their DVDs connect to their printers, software which doesn't work, etc.

        So yeah, 4 million in 2 months because it was so cheap to try. But the real cost was high in frustration and time lost. Even so, 4 million x 40 per (to be charitable) is like 1 million of Win7 over the same period, in terms of overall revenue. So Win8 isn't yet a success. It's just been TRIED and COMPLAINED about.
        • Agreement with brainout

          I own two licenses for Windows 8. 1 for a Vista Pentium and 1. for a Windows 7 I7.
          I am reluctant to install in both laptops but based on an article on zdnet I will try it first on the older pentium which I intend to upgrade with 4Gig of memory and a 160 SSD.
          Maybe it's just me but I think it is incredible ethics which allow a company to issue a product which they know will render a great number of peripherals of their customer base useless.
  • I bought it, I had too

    I need to test websites with various browsers. I bought Windows 8 Pro just so I could test with IE10.
  • Impressive!

    That's a lot of upgrades! I'm one of them and I love Windows 8 on my PC!
    Brenton Klassen
  • hmm

    Mountain Lion is only for Macs, and there are about 10 times as many PCs as Macs, so 4 million Windows 8 upgrades for PCs vs 3 million Mountain Lion upgrades for Macs means Mac users upgraded at a rate 7.5 times higher than Windows users. Now that could mean Lion and Snow Leopard were so bad Mac users were desperate to upgrade, or it could mean Windows 7 is so good MSFT has mountain-level inertia to overcome, or it could mean Apple people just spend more than PC people.

    Gotta wonder whether MSFT employees, OEMs' employees and their families, presumably all of whom could upgrade even cheaper, were included in the 4m figure.

    The big question is whether and how much Windows tablet sales will eat into iPad sales this holiday season. Myself, I'm buying an iPad Mini because it works with my iTunes library. How many people are going to pay yet again to get the same songs (and books) on yet another device?
    • More likely it means what most already know

      Most people don't upgrade but obtain a new OS with the purchase of a new computer.

      While I purchased an upgrade I did so because I'm in the technology field and need to be familiar with all general purpose operating systems. If I were not I would not have purchased Windows 8. Not because I believe it's a fail but rather Windows 7 is working fine and I see no reason to switch to Windows 8.
    • Not to nitpick...

      But they have had Itunes for windows for, oh... forever?
    • Not very tech savvy huh?

      Itunes for Windows maybe?
      Fuhrer D
    • You know you can import your music...

      Apple hasn't had DRM protection in... forever. I already made the switch to WMP just because it doesn't lag my machine the same way that bloated application called iTunes does. You just import your Library, Windows does have support for AAC by default.

      I don't buy anything like a book that wont let me port it to another device. I use the Kindle app, and it works great across all my devices. I got windows 8 and honestly, between Xbox Music/Video and the Xbox-Tablet-Phone-PC integration, its something to behold.
      Diogo Pinto
  • Another Massive=FAIL from the anti-MS crowd

    I love watching the haters flounder!

    William Farrel
    • We love the Microsoft drones...

      Arm A. Geddon
  • Even thought I have have an iPad...

    I'm buying a iPad mini too. Also, the new iPod.
    Arm A. Geddon
    • RE: Even thought I have have an iPad...

      Should have read, "Even though I have an iPad."
      Arm A. Geddon
    • O good.....

      With all those apple devices you'll finally be able to FaceTime with people that want to talk to you. LOL.

      Yeah, go FaceTime yourself from you mini pad to your phone to your iPad. Totally useful. Buy white car and white sweaters while you're at it. Eventually you'll blend right in.

      Good thing apple didn't design our national flag. It would've been a white eagle with a white background. That's funny too... They call that a surrender flag. I know you're still learning colors in kindergarten, so I won't hold it against you if you don't get it.
      • No. No iPhone.

        My company pays for mine. And at the present time it's a BB Bold 9700. At home I use a land line which is a Panasonic 3 phone set. One being corded, the other two wireless. Btw, I love gadgets so I just don't have Apple.
        Arm A. Geddon
        • And another thing...

          Stop ASSuming!!
          Arm A. Geddon
          • That joke was old....

            ...when I was young. I believe I first saw it on Saturday night live, and no, not a rerun or tape either. In other words, long before your Mom had a twinkle in her eye. All your posts really just reek of pre-teen. Your wit is right up there with "chicken-crossing" jokes, and the occasional fart cushion.

            Come on, at least google "funny" every once and again?!!

            Can't you come up with anything even moderately witty, interesting, and/or factual, or are all your posts based on varying themes of "nyuk nyuk nyuk"?
    • So what I'm reading is:

      "I'm buying the same device in all 3 sizes, because I think they're different."

      Honestly, I had an iPad for the longest time and that alone stopped me from getting any other iOS-based device, Apple made no effort in differentiating between them. Its like buying two identical desktops, but one has a bigger screen. Who needs that?
      Diogo Pinto