Microsoft gives Yahoo name top billing in Microsoft advertising rebrand

Microsoft gives Yahoo name top billing in Microsoft advertising rebrand

Summary: Microsoft is rebranding its search marketplace as the 'Yahoo Bing Network' and its online advertising offering as Microsoft AdCenter as 'Bing Ads.'

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As reported on September 9 on, Microsoft seems to have inadvertently tipped its plan to rename Microsoft Advertising to the "Yahoo Bing Network" and to rebrand its own online ads as "Bing Ads."



Update: Microsoft officials sent overnight the following clarification:" Microsoft Advertising is not changing branding. What was called the 'Search Alliance' is now the Yahoo Bing Network. AdCenter is being rebranded to Bing Ads."

When I checked around 10 pm ET on September 9, Microsoft was displaying posts, a new Twitter account and a Facebook page showing the new branding.

Yahoo Bing Network looks to be the new name for the combined Yahoo and Microsoft core search sites, which Microsoft is touting as accounting for 30 percent search share in the U.S. Microsoft (and Yahoo) also are highlighting as part of the rebranding that it's not just Yahoo that is powered by Bing. On the new Facebook page for the rebranded advertising network, the pair emphasized that the "Yahoo! Bing Network is the combined search advertising marketplace made up of Yahoo!, Bing, and partner sites," like Facebook, Amazon, Monster, WebMD, CNBC, and Viacom, plus networks like The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

"The robust Yahoo! Bing Network reaches 151 million searchers in the U.S. who are likely to spend 124% more than the average searcher, and likely to spend 5% more than Google searchers in the U.S. That also means you can reach 46 million unique searchers in the U.S. who aren’t using Google, claimed Microsoft on the new Yahoo Bing Network About page. "A similar result holds true worldwide, with 489 million unique searchers, 92 million of whom do not use Google; and worldwide the Yahoo! Bing Network represents an audience who is likely to spend 124% more than the average searcher and 78% more than Google searchers worldwide."

Since Marissa Meyer took over as CEO of Yahoo earlier this summer, there has been quite a bit of speculation about whether Yahoo would continue to put its search eggs in Microsoft's basket, as the partnership between the two hasn't worked out financially for Yahoo. As Search Engine Lang noted, it's interesting that Yahoo gets top billing in the rebranded Microsoft Advertising name.

Microsoft hired Mark Penn, a Washington pollster and strategist, in July, with one of his first charges being to work on growing Bing's share.

Last week, Microsoft announced a new ad campaign -- "Bing It On" -- aimed at showing consumers that Microsoft has improved the relevancy of its Bing search results to the point where they meet and/or beat those generated by Google. When I asked one Microsoft exec last week why Microsoft is continuing to plug away at gaining search share vis-a-vis Google, he noted that increasing search share is key to improving Microsoft's online advertising position and relevancy.

Microsoft also forged a deal via which Bing will be the default search engine on the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets announced last week, Microsoft officials acknowledged.

I asked Microsoft officials for comment on the company's rebranding plans beyond the information that is now available online. No word back so far.

Update 2 (from September 9): It looks like the move is now an officially acknowledged done deal. Microsoft posted to the Bing Ads Community blog site an announcement of the rebranding. "We’re pleased to announce Bing Ads as the new name for Microsoft Advertising adCenter, the tool you use to manage search ads on the Yahoo! Bing Network." 

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  • So...

    So does this suggest that Microsoft may make another offer to buy Yahoo in the not too distant future?
  • So...

    So does this suggest that Microsoft may make another offer to buy Yahoo in the not too distant future?
  • With Amazon using Bing and...

    Apple dumping several Google services, looks like Bing is on the way up.

    I can see Apple potentially incorporating Bing as a search function.
    • As long as I could dump "Bing" were it belongs

      I have no issue. I personally believe Bing is junk, and refuse to use it past the testing I already did on it. I found that Microsoft tried too hard to copy Google results, so I chose to use the original, rather than the second rate copy. Much like 99% of Microsoft's products, second rate copies of the better product are not good enough for me.
      Troll Hunter J
      • Copy?

        You make it sound like Google invented search, NOT, they copied and improved it, but Alta Vista was around long before Google.
  • Jump onboard

    As a media buyer on these platforms we never called it the search alliance. We always call it bing yahoo platform. Glad to see they are takin notice. And this makes sense as they set e the majority of your but on Yahoo, like it or not. Bing is clunky and outdated. They need to put money in the entire restructure of the system. 90% of my budgets goto Google, and probably always will.
    • Clunky?

      How is Bing clunky?
      x I'm tc
  • Correction

    *set the majority of your budget on Yahoo, like it or not
  • Hopefully Microsoft Advertising Performance will Improve

    and that the existing Microsoft Advertising promotion team have all been sacked.

    Over the last month our eCPM rates have tumbled from $0.8 to $0.15 on our WP Apps/ Games. We never get any response from Microsoft, little support, leaving us with the the impression that Microsoft are not interested in Indie Apps Devloeprs, and see us as merely Apps Count fodder.

    Microsoft need to totally revamp the Microsoft Adveerting Team, not just rename it. When a Consumer opens my App in Norway, its really stupid to keep serving Up Ads about Tyre sales in Mid US states. Google understands global advertising, and the world is greater than just the US. Microsoft to date does not understand IP client sourced to geo locate to the consumers state, and not to ask whether the consumer is expected to reveal their location to my App, so they can get more specific Ads. Really !

    Microsft Adversting and PubCentre is still a distant cousin to the main Developer Centre, even after the recent revamp, developers had different Accouints on Develoepr Centre, from PubCentre, with different W7 Tax Form submissions, different payments and PubCentre still insisting upon ITIN for non US develoeprs, wheras Developer Centre doesn't.

    So we look forward to Microsoft supporting Indie Developers , with better promotion for Higher ECPM Rates, better directed global Ads and better/ easier support to non Indie US Developers.

    But I remain Unconvinced that Microsoft really understand what they need to, and simply think a rebrand/ rename to Bing Ads will be sufficient.
  • Microsoft Rebrand?

    Is there anything Microsoft not rebranded?
    I am surprised they do not have a new word for rebrand?
    Lets call it Microsoft Name.......
  • I use Bing all the time

    It does a pretty good job and pretty happy with the results I get. Google has too many privacy issues. I am afraid to use them half the time. There is no way I would want to create an account with them and do my searches under my name.

    Competition is good. Google is probably too big anyhow.