Microsoft, GoDaddy partner on Office 365 plans for small businesses

Microsoft, GoDaddy partner on Office 365 plans for small businesses

Summary: GoDaddy will be offering its small-business customers a choice of three Microsoft Office 365 plans, including one for $12.49 a month that includes desktop versions of Office.


Microsoft and GoDaddy are extending their partnership announced in the fall of 2013, the pair announced on January 13.


GoDaddy will be offering its small-business customers a choice of three Office 365 plans that will be connected to their domain names.

The Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy plans include:

  • Email Essentials, starting at $3.99 per user per month for 5 GB of email storage and 2 GB SkyDrive Pro storage
  • Business Essentials, starting at $8.99 per user per month for 50 GB of email storage, 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage
  • Productivity Plus, starting at $12.49 per user per month for 50 GB of email storage, 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro; Office Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone; and the latest versions of Microsoft's Office desktop apps for up to five PCs and/or Macs

Office 365 from GoDaddy is available in the U.S. and Canada, and will be expanding globally within the next three months, according to a press release.

In October 2013, Microsoft struck a deal with GoDaddy that allowed users to purchase custom GoDaddy domain names directly from within Office 365. Microsoft also allowed existing GoDaddy users to update Office 365 to start using that domain name directly from within Office 365.

The GoDaddy deal isn't the first such Office 365 partnership aimed at small-business users. In 2012, Verizon Wireless announced it was adding Office 365 to its Small Business Essentials suite of tools for small businesses. And Microsoft signed up Sprint to offer Office 365 the same way to its small- and mid-size business users.

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  • Smart move...

    Smart move by GoDaddy. Elephants don't grow on trees, you know.

    Seriously though, why would anybody want to team up with GoDaddy? Surely they could have found a more respectable company to partner with (Hover or Dreamhost maybe) and got some kudos from the community.
    • They probably had Danica Patrick in a bikini doing the presentation

    • The real question is

      Why would anyone want to partner with Microsoft? They must have a death wish!
    • Smart move

      only fools partner with google and their so called office suite. I guess that's why most people call google docs *pubic domain* because privacy is right out the window when you sign on the dotted line.
      • Nice try buttwipe.

        I don't use Google products either. Try again, loser!
    • Why Work with GoDaddy

      @ajo1979 I led the partnership discussions from the GoDaddy side ... it turns out that a lot of companies want to work with GoDaddy.

      We understand small businesses and have a lot of them (over 12 million customers). In the year since I joined, we've made a lot of changes to our products, our ads and our team.

      Take a look at this interview with Blake, our new CEO, in Entrepreneur

      Thanks, Steven
      Steven Aldrich
  • sweet

    this is actually pretty sweet being a current user of both office365 and godaddy, the website tools in o365 are pretty weak for current web design and still use sharepoint sites...the website tool in godaddy has much better/modern style templates and creates better dynamic websites for someone who doesn't want to code one from scratch.
    • GoDaddy + Office365 = BFF's

      @joshjacob We’re glad you think so. We've added a lot of features to our Website Builder tool as of late that helps small businesses create sites they are proud of and get them found by more customers. Thanks, Steven
      Steven Aldrich
  • Microsoft and 1and1 - Exchange and SharePoint

    Microsoft and 1and1 have a server partnership for Exchange and SharePoint with both servers offered across most of the 11 countries that 1and1 serves. Nothing about Office365.