Microsoft goes public with plans for 32 holiday pop-up stores

Microsoft goes public with plans for 32 holiday pop-up stores

Summary: Microsoft plans to open 32 holiday pop-up brick-and-mortar stores some time this fall.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Tablets, PCs

Microsoft officials have gone public with the full list of its planned 32 holiday pop-up brick-and-mortar stores.


We knew about a dozen or so of these from earlier leaks. But there are going to be more pop-ups than we expected in both the U.S. and Canada.

Other than saying these stores will open "this fall," Microsoft isn't providing exact dates as to when they will go live. I asked if any of them would be open by October 26, as this is the launch date for Windows 8 and Microsoft's ARM-based Surface RT tablets, but was told by a spokesperson Microsoft wouldn't comment. "Additional details" will be provided in the coming weeks, a spokesperson said.

Microsoft also is not commenting on plans for holiday stores in other countries that are not mentioned on the list it shared today, September 10.

Microsoft Stores sell Windows PCs, Windows Phones, Microsoft and third-party software, games, peripherals and more. Microsoft also is going to sell its recently announced Surface PC/tablets through its Microsoft Stores in the U.S. and through select online Microsoft stores, as well.

In the summer of 2011, Microsoft officials said that Microsoft planned to open 75 new Microsoft Stores in the subsequent two to three years. There are curently about two dozen Microsoft Stores. Apple currently has more than 300 retail stores worldwide.

Microsoft will have 44 permanent retail stores in place by the end of its fiscal 2013, which means by the end of June 2013, company officials said during Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in June of this year.

Here's the list of planned locations for the U.S. and Canada pop-up stores:

  • Aventura Mall (Aventura, FL)
  • Beachwood Place (Beachwood, OH)
  • Cherry Creek Shopping Center (Denver, CO)
  • Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)
  • Eaton Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Fashion Mall at Keystone (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Fashion Show Mall (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Glendale Galleria (Glendale, CA)
  • Mall at Green Hills (Nashville, TN)
  • Mall in Columbia (Columbia, MD)
  • Metropolis at Metrotown (Burnaby, BC)
  • Montgomery Mall (Bethesda, MD)
  • Natick Collection (Natick, MA)
  • North Star Mall (San Antonio, TX)
  • Oakridge Centre (Vancouver, BC)
  • Penn Square Mall (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Perimeter Mall (Atlanta, GA)
  • Roosevelt Field Mall (Garden, City, NY)
  • Ross Park Mall (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Saint Louis Galleria (St. Louis, MO)
  • San Francisco Centre (San Francisco, CA)
  • South Shore Plaza (Braintree, MA)
  • Southpark Mall (Charlotte, NC)
  • Stonebriar Centre Mall (Frisco, TX)
  • Streets at Southpoint (Durham, NC
  • Time Warner Center: The Shops at Columbus Circle (New York, NY)
  • Washington Square (Portland, OR)
  • West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Westfarms Mall (West Hartford, CT)
  • Westfield Garden State Plaza (Paramus, NJ) 
  • Woodland Hills Mall (Tulsa, OK)
  • Woodlands Mall (Woodlands, TX)

Personally, I'm glad to see Microsoft's first Manhattan, NY, store on the list. It's about time, even if it's just a temporary pop-up.

Topics: Microsoft, Tablets, PCs


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  • Sweet!!

    I'll finally have one within convenient driving distance... and I'm going to have TWO!

    Beachwood Place and Ross Park Mall are both about an hour and a half from Youngstown. :)

    I guess I can hope that one of these might turn permanent, but I won't hold my breath for now.
  • Miami area getting 2!

    OK Aventura is not Miami (North Miami-Dade county to servethe Broweird people.) Well technically Dadeland Mall isn't in the City of Miami proper (the city itself is very small but for ZIP Code purposes it's Miami) but close enough to me!
  • Rochester, NY?

    Considering one of the biggest tech schools on the East Coast is in this city, it's sad to still see it being ignored. :(
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Well don't feel too bad,

      I was really hoping for one to pop up in Maine, but deep down knew it would just be wishfull thinking on my part.. :-(
  • Microsoft goes public with plans for 32 holiday pop-up stores

    Always nice to see them expand and help the economy by creating jobs even if temporary. They are spread out quite nicely so everyone could make a short trip to visit one of their stores. I know I'm going to visit at least one.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • RE: Roosvelt Field, Long Island

    The Apple store there does gangbuster business and they have a SONY Store with Windows machines very near it that does well. I will be interested to see where they put it, how well it does, how it effects the SONY store and after all the letters here over WIN 8 design how consumers react to it.
  • I am surprised that the one in Manhattan

    is a holiday store because they just opened one across from Apple in Boston. Here

    I will be checking this out before and after October 26.
  • America isn't the world Microsoft!

    Some international stores would be nice. It's not as if Microsoft couldn't afford a store in say London.
    • Your presence is needed across the 'pond'

      ... With you on that. I am definitely sure Abuja or Lagos would be affordable too.
  • Coy MS

    Oh my! MS is being coy about the dates. Coy does not work for MS. It only works for Apple.
  • staffers?

    Most of those cities don't have Microsoft stores. Who is going to staff these pop-up shops? If they staff with local talent, who are aware they will be temps, then the pop-up experience will fail because they will get high schoolers or bottom rung tech pros. If they are going to do this, then MS needs to commit to sending 'real' MS employees to manage these things.
  • What about B&N?

    But isn't Microsoft missing a big opportunity. Through their heavy investment in Barnes & Noble, Microsoft has literally at their fingertips a partner with a huge retail presence to support their consumer outreach. In addition, with B&N in so many college bookstores, they have the opportunity to hit the key age demographic. So how come no word about using B&N to enable this Holiday retail presence?
    Andy Hunn
  • Also surprised

    I've always been impressed with the B&N sales force so training peoplepon short notice would not be a problem.
  • Its a Small World according to Microsoft

    So Microsoft still think the Global Market is constrained by US Borders

    Sigh, will they ever learn
  • PC world article and comments

    Pull up google maps type in "apple store" then "microsoft store" and zoom in or out to check the whole globe.

    Barnes & Noble has about 800 stores in US as of 2008?

    Check this article and comments. It is over a year old but.................
  • What kind of plug-in... going to protect you from B&M pop-ups? I'm thinking perhaps a flame-thrower plug-in for my backpack?

    I guess I don't really have to worry about it though....they appear to be bypassing one of the largest metro areas in the country.
  • SCORE!

    Edmonton, Alberta!
    Here hoping it doesn't take long for Microsoft to realize these should all be permanent!
    Darren Sproat
    • Hooray for a MS store @ WEM!

      Nice to see West Edmonton Mall still has some sort of international recognition. I'd thought that all went out the window around 1990. ;p
    • Nothing east of Toronto in Canada

      I would have thought Montreal would have one before Edmonton, just looking at the population...

      One in at least Montreal or Ottawa would be nice, Toronto means a 6 hour drive to get there... Montreal is only two hours and I go often, would have visited.

      Well I guess they don't want my business...