Microsoft holiday offer: Surface Pro 256 GB for $949

Microsoft holiday offer: Surface Pro 256 GB for $949

Summary: Microsoft is offering a $150 price cut on its first-generation, Intel-based Surface Pro with a 256 GB solid state drive as part of a bunch of Surface 'holiday deals.'


Microsoft is offering a "holiday pricing" deal on its highest end, first-generation, Intel-based Surface Pro tablet, officials announced on December 11.


The 256 GB version of Surface Pro is $150 off through December 31 or "while supplies last." The $949 price is available through the Microsoft Store online. A first-generation Touch Cover also is available for $49.99 as part of the offer. (The rest of Microsoft's Touch/Type covers are not discounted as part of this.)

Microsoft added a 256 GB model of the Pro to its Surface line-up back in May, starting in Japan.

Microsoft is touting other Surface holiday offers available too, on peripherals, sleeves and bundles. Some of these offers actually launched a month or two ago, but are being touted as part of the package of "holiday" offerings. Promoted bundles include:

  • A Surface Pro Essentials Bundle, starting at$838.98. This is $328 off the normal price and includes either a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 and a Type Cover 2 or Touch Cover, plus a one-year Office 365 Home Premium subscription, a screen protector and a Microsoft Compelte Warranty for two years. This bundle went live in October and runs through June 29, 2014 or "while supplies last."
  • A Surface Accessories Value Bundle, starting at $149, which is $50 off the normal price. The bundle includes a choice of select Surface sleeves,a $25 Windows Store app and games card and either the backlit Type Cover 2 or Touch Cover. This went live at the end of November and runs through June 29, 2014 or "while supplies last."
  • Another Surface Pro Accessories Value Bundle, starting from $169. This includes a Type Cover 2 or Touch Cover, a fingerprint screen protector (for Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2) and a one-year subscription to Office 365 Home Premium. This deal kicked off at the end of November and runs through June 29, 2014.

A word of caution on these Microsoft holiday deals: Supplies really do seem to be limited, if the fast sell-out of Dell 8-inch tablets offered by Microsoft in its brick-and-mortar and online stores are any indication.

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  • cost too much.

    Those are not fast enough to run even office 2013 without heavy lag on basic operations. get a cheap windows 8 laptop and a real tablet (ipad or android). you'll be better off.
    • BS

      Surface Pro runs just about most apps fine - StarCraft 2 included

      Maybe *you* will be better off, not my call and not b/c of performance.
      • He might have confused it with the RT...

        ... and even then, he's wrong.

        The RT, while sluggish at times, is nowhere near slow or laggy.

        In terms of general operations it's about as fast as the iPad 4, if not faster.

        The web browser's a bit slower, but that's justified, as it loads all pages as their full equivalents, rather than mobile versions.
    • re:

      You couldn't be more wrong. My first gen Surface Pro 128GB definitely hold its own with my laptop and desktop, both of which have i7s. It boots faster than either of them.

      If you're going to spew ABM propaganda, at least come up with something that is marginally believable and not obviously bogus.
      Sir Name
    • You do realise the surface pro

      Pretty much has the same internals as an ultrabook. They're more than capable of handling office. Even my clovertrail tablet could run office pretty smoothly. I have since replaced that with the Lumia 2520, even the snapdragon processor does office fine. These last two devices may slow down a bit if you're doing something intensive with excel, but I haven't seen that with any "normal" use.
      Sam Wagner
      • Yes, the Surface Pro was introduced by Microsoft as ...

        ... a "reference standard" by which all other Windows 8 tablets are compared.

        It is priced to compete with the MacBook Air and comes in a little less than the typical ultrabook and a little more than the typical mid-range laptop.
        M Wagner
    • So true, Jean-Pierre-, so true

      Just the other day I was using MS Office for iPad and it was blazingly fast, while running two other programs in the background, yet the Surface took 27 minutes to load the weather app!

      I hear you!
    • Well...

      I agree it costs too much, not much debate there. However the device itself is extremely high performing and powerful. It can run anything as well as a laptop or ultrabook. It is really considered an ultrabook anyway. Hence I disagree with the "heavy lag" comment, that is way off base.
    • use one before you comment please

      I have i7, i5, AMD A8 based laptops in addition to Surface Pro (original) with 128GB. This definitely outperforms all those laptops in booting, loading applications and also i could do Photoshopping with stylus easily and pretty fast. Thanks for your insight.
      Ram U
      • Get back to work

        There's work to do up there in Microsoft's product testing lab.
        • Testing

          Usually tends to happen before product release, not a year later. Think of a better put-off.
        • Do you really think I work for Microsoft?

          Anyway, how is life progressing while you are waiting for your unemployment check?
          Ram U
    • Surface Pro running SQL Server and Toad for Oracle so...

      You must be thinking of the Surface RT which is ARM based.

      People need to do their own research before writing off the MS Surface Pro II as an option.

      I've got a 8gig/256gig SSD on order, so I know it will handle more than just "APPS"
      • It's obvious there are lots of Fanbois here...hence the denials/flags

        Buy what you want, but don't get PO'd if others don't agree/respect your choice.
        • Whoops...should have refreshed my browser before I spoke. Not many flags

          ~Best wishes.
    • Hmm

      then Microsoft must have them poorly configured, my Atom based tablet runs Office very nicely...
    • Yep, Surface is too expensive

      Dunno about the performance issue but the cost makes me baulk. That's in the territory of the price of a decent laptop plus a decent android tablet. Now that files are completely portable, running a Windows OS doesn't mean as much for a mobile device. You can have an ultra-portable Asus UX21 plus a Nexus 7 tablet for the same money. Or a more bulky laptop and a Nexus 10. Something ain't right.

      This whole phase is making MS look pretty bad. I've rubbished them a lot over the years but I love Windows 7 and I don't like seem them look this weak. I just got a cheap 4k panel for my Windows box and Windows looks beautiful on it. Cummon MS, get scared, get hungry, impress us again!
      John in Brisbane
      • You wish...

        Show me ultraportable with i5/4GB/256GB SSD witch weight 2lbs/900g and cost less then $1k. Now, where is that decent tablet with these kind of power, expandable storage, Wacom pan, real USB...

        I do understand that you don't need what surface offer... but you can not ignore what it is.
  • Those Bundles are Misleading

    Right now, they have NO Cover 2's of either variety, so the bundles are no go (I tried with my recent SPro 2 purchase).
    • bundles aren't for surface pro 2

      The bundles are for the original surface pro, not the 2. Same with the covers, only the first gen touch covers