Microsoft issues fix for a Surface Pro firmware glitch

Microsoft issues fix for a Surface Pro firmware glitch

Summary: As part of its latest Patch Tuesday fixes for its Surface family, Microsoft has issued a fix for its Surface Pro tablets running Windows 8.0. There's still no fix yet for a Surface Pro 2 firmware glitch from last month.


It's Tuesday January 14, the first Microsoft Patch Tuesday of 2014. As has been the case with most of the recent Patch Tuesdays, Microsoft is patching its Windows 8.X Surface tablets.


As part of today's patch bundle, Microsoft is issuing a fix to its first-generation Intel-based Surface Pro firmware. The Surface Pro fix will be available "later today" for download from Windows Update. This fix addresses issues users have had with both the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 when running Windows 8.0 on Surface Pros.

What about the Surface Pro 2 firmware patch some were expecting to be out today? Microsoft pulled the December Surface Pro 2 update from its download site after a firmware glitch caused a number of those attempting to install the December Surface Pro 2 update to encounter serious battery-life problems. The December update for Surface Pro 2 included a patch that was originally designed to improve Surface Cover interaction including power-saving sleep functionality.

I've asked Microsoft about the Surface Pro 2 firmware update. I'm hearing from my sources that the fix for that one is still in the works. 

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "Our customers’ experiences are very important to us and we are working hard to release an update package as soon as possible."

There may be more Surface updates from Microsoft today for its other device models. If there are, none are listed on Microsoft's Surface Update History pages at the moment. 

In terms of non-Surface-specific updates, Microsoft patched four non-critical security issues today. The list of non-security-centric patches is longer, and includes a number of Windows 8.x ones.

Microsoft issued a fix for its ARM-based Surface 2s earlier this month which remedied a rogue Bitlocker prompt issue.


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  • Glitch in Surface Pro firmware? Can't be.

    LD tells us there are never any issues with Microsoft products whatsoever. And we know he is a trustworthy source.
  • and yet on lagdroid

    I didn't even need to have a firmware glitch to have crappy battery life and a laggy phone, it is a built in "feature".
  • sad :(

    After running updates and not seeing the Surface Pro 2 firmware update I came straight here to see what's up... incredible. I have to leave this thing plugged in all the time...
    • get rid of the hate stuff and just contribute facts or serious opinion

      I come to the comments looking for real information relating to the topic on hand. Instead, I get low-brow rants with no intelligent content. "sad" has it right. I'm also sad. Most comment sections are turned into garbage by just a few miscreants.
      • Facts


        This report is very troubling and we are investigating this over the holidays. This report is similar to others that we have received from a small number of customers, but unique in that your scenario requires a Surface Touch Cover for the behavior to manifest on your device.

        Likely something on the firmware level is preventing your Surface from entering low power states during periods of inactivity when your cover is attached. We will be releasing an update to resolve our other sleep state scenarios soon. We are working to get this behavior to reproduce on a test device so that we can test our upcoming fix on it and make sure this behavior is also resolved. So far an in-house example of this behavior has proved elusive, but the trigger mechanism is likely similar.

        Please stay tuned after the holidays for an update that will resolve this behavior.

        Thank you,

        Microsoft Surface Team"

        • Tim

          I couldn't help but notice the date on your post is already Jan 15th and after holiday.
          I have being doing some research on MSF tablets and might be interested to get a Pro 2 although I was thinking about surface pro instead due to the older platform- I just don't like 8 :)
          I appreciate if you let us know once the issue is resolved for good.
    • SUrface Pro 2 - Plugged In Not-Charging - Simple fix

      I have a a MS Surface Pro 2 that wasn't charging although plugged in. I read the following simple solution from a Microsoft Hardware SE and it worked! Hold down the volume key and the power off key at the same time. Do not release either until it reboots. I had the same issue for the past 2 months! I did this little simple fix and it worked and my battery correctly charges and I have my normal long battery life! Try it! Worked perfect...SE told me he didn't know why...but it does.
  • very sad

    Can't be trusted in the hardware business. Everybody I know with the SP2 has sleep, power, etc. Issues
    • That's really strange

      so many other people here claim they've never seen a Surface Pro 2 that I was wondering if there was any sold at all.
      • Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets are selling very well,

        according to Mashable‘s checks with various retailers where the devices are sold out with just over a week to go until Christmas.
    • I don't.

      And yes I own one. Some units were impacted. It will be fixed just like early release iPhone issues.
      Luke Skywalker