Microsoft launches IE Developer Channel browser with early next-gen features

Microsoft launches IE Developer Channel browser with early next-gen features

Summary: Microsoft is making available for download a first Developer Channel release of Internet Explorer, which provides an early sneak peek of some next-generation IE features.


Microsoft is making available to developers and users for download as of today, June 16, a first version of its Internet Explorer (IE) Developer Channel browser.


The Developer Channel release, available to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1 Update users with IE 11, provides an early look at the features Microsoft expects to provide in the next release of IE.

Here's how Microsoft officials described IE Developer Channel:

"Internet Explorer Developer Channel provides a sneak peek at Internet Explorer as it's being developed. It can run alongside and independently of IE11, and has all of the browser features that you love in IE11, as well as the latest platform features we’re working on."

Other browser vendors, including Google, Mozilla and Opera all offer similar Developer Channel releases.

Last month, Microsoft officials outlined some of the features it expects to deliver in the next version of IE (which may or may not be called IE12, but I'd assume that's the name). The "in development" list includes support for HTTP/2, the next version of the HTTP protocol; the Web Audio JavaScript programming interface; Media Capture for local audio/video device control; ES6 Promises (for easier/cleaner asynchronous programming) and more.

Microsoft made public its plans around upcoming features on its site, which shows the status of Microsoft's support for current and evolving Web standards.

DC1, as the first release of the Developer Channel browser is known, is targeted specifically at developers. DC1 includes WebDriver, Gamepad, WebGL and F12 developer tool improvements, according to a Developer Channel frequently asked questions (FAQ) document.

DC1 also is a virtualized release, meaning it uses Microsoft's App-V client to run virtually alongside IE 11. Because this may create "a small performance hit," as the FAQ notes, Microsoft doesn't recommend using this release to measure site performance. The FAQ also notes that Microsoft officials haven't yet decided -- or are publicly acknowledging -- whether or not future Developer Channel releases will continue to use App-V client.

The downloadable Windows 7 version of IE Developer Channel 1 is here; the Windows 8.1 version is here.

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  • Note to everyone

    No, Google does not own the HTML5 standard and many of their so called features are partially propietary or are not HTML5 approved standards but are ones that, oh surprise, they are developing for Chrome first.

    MS prefers to wait for officially approved HTML5 standards before getting them into the stable versión, so this developer versión is the place to put everything that is half-baked now. The gaming API is based on an open HTML5 standard which so far only Mozilla has deployed.
  • IE developer channel

    I am really liking this so is much faster than IE 11 and plays all video types very well
  • Sweet, is one of the next-gen features that it actually works right?

    My Dad purchased an Hewlett Packard computer from Sams Club and the Internet Explorer on it is slower than IE was on his computer that he just replaced. Yeah, Windows 8 rulez....*cough, cough*
    • re:

      As trolling goes, your effort was lackluster at best.
      Sir Name
    • That's a very vague comment...

      When I installed Ubuntu on one of my PCs, it ran horribly.

      The PC had a broken hard drive.

      See how vague that comment was?

      Now, there are three possible solutions to this comment:
      - Your dad's new computer is broken. He should return it and get a new one.
      - Your dad's old computer was a pretty darn good one, and he's buying something weaker than his previous machine.
      - You're lying/trolling and we should ignore you.

      I'm leaning slightly to the 3rd one, but the first is the most likely answer.
      • Here a troll, there a troll, everywhere a troll troll....LOL

        You guys with your troll-a-phobic comments all the time. It's so hard to believe that IE isn't perfect huh?

        *deep breath as I respond to the dumbest comments I ever seen*
        1)No, I couldn't actually have "used" IE if the computer were literally "broken" as you say
        2)He upgraded from a 6 year old Phenom X3 8450 to an A8-6500. He doubled up his memory from 4GB to 8GB on top of going from DDR2 to DDR3.
        3) No, not trolling. Stating my personal experience with his new "Windows 8" based system. He has updated to all the latest patches so he is at 8.1.

        If you guys weren't so troll-a-phobic you could have suggested that the video drivers may be a problem, or that he caught a virus, or a myriad of other possible problems. I give ForeverCookie the "dumbest questions I ever heard" award.

        If someone can't post a genuine complaint about Windows 8 without the stupidity you might wanna talk to a counselor. Your way too sensitive.
        • So you've fallen to demeaning people?

          If you don't want to be taken as a troll, then don't act like one.

          You posted the information, I gave an answer based on it.

          If you give incredibly vague details, expect incredibly vague answers.

          I gave a rational response, and you responded by insulting me.

          Are you sure the one making dumb comments isn't you?
          • Im not a troll...Im a 'genuinely disgusted' with Windows 8

            Genuine disgust with the 'gay' Windows 8 operating system does not make somebody a troll. But you get all sensitive about it since your 'little darling' operating system is being attacked.

            Yes, my post was a little vague. IE on Windows 8 version 8.1 is 'slow as hell'. There are unexplained, ridiculously long periods of absolutely 'nothing' happening when a request for a webpage is made. That's the problem. And if you took a moment to Google a few keywords you would see that many people have this problem.

            My Dad upgrades his computer because he wants a faster one and he gets 'PUNK'D' by Microsoft by having no alternatives but to purchase one with Windows 8. It's just sad really.
          • Please stop.

            Your words have already proven that you're a troll.

            The fact that you're treating homosexuality as a bad thing is another thing entirely.

            If you don't want to be taken as a liar, don't act like one.

            Just because "many" people have had that problem doesn't mean that everybody does, and by everybody, I mean the majority.

            My original experience with Ubuntu was horrible.

            Does that mean that Ubuntu is horrible for everyone?

            Of course not.

            Basing your entire experience off of someone else's words is a bit foolish, don't you think?

            Actually try Windows 8 before you bash it, otherwise others will just see you as a liar.
          • Are you mentally challenged...I did try it

            I stated that I had tried it in my posts. You need some counseling bro. Windows 8 sucks a rosy red titty. Sorry to insult your baby but that's the way it is.
          • Oh just stop it already.

            Nobody believes you at this point.

            If you did try it, you'd say why you didn't like it, rather than throw around extremely vague words.

            You gave no compelling argument other than "it sucks".

            Just stop lying already.
          • I see what you did now

            You accused me of being a troll from the beginning to cover up the fact that you actually are a troll who thrives on any interaction you get. Nice moves bro. *high fiver for you cleverness and your stinging fast wit*. LOL.
    • And yet

      IE 11 is faster for just about everybody else.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Because you have literally talked to and surveyed 'everybody else'? LOL

        You must have a huge circle of friends considering how many people on are planet earth. Every on planet earth has had a positive experience with IE 11 except for lil ole me. I guess God doesn't just like me very much. LOL.

        Love this silly @$$ comments. Keep them coming. Laughter is good for my soul.
        • Obviously it was hyperbole

          But for the majority, IE 11 is faster than IE 10, which is faster than IE 9, and so forth. Seriously, a few outlying bad experiences doesn't mean the program is bad.
          Michael Alan Goff