Microsoft launches new Bing logo, design refresh

Microsoft launches new Bing logo, design refresh

Summary: Microsoft has rearchitected its logo and its site to reflect the fact Bing is no longer just a search engine on a Web page.


Rather than fielding a month of "decoy" logos, Microsoft cut to the chase on September 17 and debuted a new Bing search-engine logo and site refresh.

The new Bing box
The current Bing box

Microsoft officials are describing the Bing updates as a rearchitecting of the company's "brand vision" so that it's more in alignment with its product roadmap.

As some of us Microsoft watchers have been noticing for a while now, "Bing is no longer just a search engine on a web page," as Scott Erickson, Senior Director of Brand and Creatived for Bing, concedes in a new blog post. Bing is now "a brand that combines search technology across products you use every day to help empower you with insights," Erickson said.

Among the growing number of Microsoft products that integrate Bing's back-end machine-learning technology are the voice search in the Xbox Kinect sensor; the image/map embedding in Office documents; the translation functionality in Windows Phone and the Bing AppEx applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Bing's back-end tech also is what will power "Cortana," Microsoft's alternative to Siri and Google Now (though today's blog post doesn't mention Cortana).


That said, Microsoft isn't totally giving up on the idea of as a search destination. In addition to the new Bing logo (which uses the Segoe font, at right), Microsoft also has redesigned its site in the hopes of making it "faster, cleaner and more visually appealing." Users can check it out at, starting later today.

The new Bing design combines the "Snapshot" and "Sidebar" functionality, which Microsoft made part of last year. When using the new Bing, the combined region provides basic information users may be searching for -- basic factual data -- plus "the human perspective" in the form of status updates, photos, tweets, check-ins or "expert opinions.

The current three-column design is being recast as a two-column design. The combined Snapshot and Sidebar are now available to the right of the core search results. This combined second column in the new layout combines information about entities (people, places and things) from Bing's Satori search repository, as well as related infromation from social networks, a spokesperson confirmed. The core Bing search algorithm will continue to be refined over time, the spokesperson confirmed.

The new Bing layout will work across a variety of devices, adjusting automatically to both the size of a screen and the context of a user, improving the likelihood that Bing will present the right experience at the right time, the Softies said.

"Results should look as beautiful on a Surface or iPad as they do on a PC or phone," according to officials in a related blog post.

As inevitable with all things Bing, the updated experience will only be available in the U.S. to start. Microsoft hopes to expand globally over time, but for now, has no additional information as to when/how this will happen, a spokesperson said when I asked. In the U.S., users will see the new page "over the coming weeks."

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  • old bing without the b

    Logo looks better Imo.
    • The important thing is, it's still just a search engine

      Bing is now "a brand that combines search technology across products you use every day to help empower you with insights," Erickson said.

      In other words, it's still a search engine.
      • No it is not.

        It is also add on tech to what most people would consider search. Sure as translating languages or listening to what you want, or with Cortana, talking to you. In addition to other things.
  • Lemme See...

    Which Evil Empire do I want to track my web activity? Microsoft? Google? or Facebook? Hmm... decisions, decisions.
    Teri Cross Chetwood
    • Lemme See

      Plausible worthwhile web activity when visiting Micro/Google...but Facebook...well you know what i mean.
    • Well...

      ...there's nothing like the real deal, the original evil empire, Microsoft :).

      Seriously now, Google is great for text search. Bing is great for video/image search - better layout. Especially video, as it has video previews when hovering your mouse over the various thumbnails in the search results.
      Google also has a neat animated image search(aka .gif search) and a reverse search, by image. Not sure if Bing has the latter, haven't tested.
  • Better matches the Office 365 logo

    But I hope they keep the moving wallpapers.
    • Agreed

      I actually use the Bing page as my phone's lock screen.

      Nice new every day.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • Yes.

      I like the daily backgrounds with additional info.
  • Logo - wow

    When changing the logo gets the headlines you just know it's not good enough.
    • Huh?

      That doesn't make any sense. There was nothing bad about the old one and nothing bad about the new one. You'd be surprised at what gets to be "news worthy" around ZDNet and a few other sites.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Yup....

        Such as top ten reasons crap that eWeek loves.
  • Makin pretty

    As my grandfather used to say repeatedly.
    "You can take a can of paint, and paint a turd gold, but it will ALWAYS be a turd."

    I tried Bing, hated it. I tried the comparison contest that MS flooded the airwaves & online with, Bing failed horribly. {I didn't choose bing once out of ten attempts}. And what is really funny? If you type "Bing" into Bing, it flags as a misspelled word with suggestions 'Bong', 'Bung', or 'Binge'.
  • It Looks Like This Preview Is For Bing Blue

    Note the blue reference in the previews URL: