Microsoft looks to roll out a Surface Pro docking station

Microsoft looks to roll out a Surface Pro docking station

Summary: Microsoft is likely to roll out a new docking station for its current and next-generation Surface Pros later this year, according to new reports.


Last year, when asked on Reddit whether Microsoft would make its own dock for the Surface, Microsoft execs said that was not in the plans.


But it looks as if they've had a change of heart, given the latest leaks from anonymous sources.

Microsoft is readying a docking station that will work with both the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, according to reports on Neowin.Net and the Windows SuperSite.

(Note: As with several previous leaks about the next-generation Surfaces and peripherals, Microsoft officials aren't commenting. But from what I've heard/seen, these leaks seem to be right on the money.)

The coming dock will allow users to connect to an external monitor, Ethernet and USB devices, blogged Windows SuperSite editor Paul Thurrott on September 6. The dock will include one USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports, he said.

While docked, Surface Pros and Surface Pro 2 will charge automatically, according to the reports.

Microsoft hasn't announced when it will take the wraps off its next-generation NVIDIA-based Surface 2 and Haswell-based Surface Pro 2 devices, but many are expecting this will happen on or around October 18, which is when the company will make Windows 8.1 generally available.

Microsoft is working on new keyboard/covers for current and future Surfaces, including a new Power Cover that will provide extra battery-life for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 devices, according to earlier leaks.

So far, there's been no word on how much Microsoft plans to charge for any of the new, expected Surface peripherals.

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  • This thing is getting more impressive by the announcement

    A total computer replacement, if you're on the 256GB version.
    • Agreed

      Coupled with a Haswell and this docking capability, if they can keep the price reasonable, these will really begin to sell much better than they have in the past.
      • Re: if they can keep the price reasonable

        That is an very big IF. Haswell is more expensive than previous generations, unfortunately.
        • It would be a pity if you couldn't afford it

          But quality items do cost more than the cheap junk that apple puts out.
          • that's an obvious troll

            As Apple gear is neither cheaper or even mentioned in the article.
          • Are you sure about that?

            "Apple gear is neither cheaper"

            We keep hearing that the ipad is way cheaper than the Surface Pro.
          • too funny

            Too funny you can't just make this stuff up
          • Don't feed the troll

            You should know better :)

            Ya the Surface Pro dock does look good. Hope it's affordable
          • What about the cheap junk that you keep spewing...

            You really need to get a life.
          • too funny

            Too funny you can't just make this stuff up
        • Huh, I guess that's why Haswell chips online are cheaper

          I5 4570 199
          I5 3570 205
          • Re: Huh, I guess that's why Haswell chips online are cheaper

            Not only online, but the Intel's RCP is higher.

            For some (obvious) reason Intel prices their lower TDP, higher clock (performance) chips higher. It helps if you look at the spec.
    • At an inch thick, with keyboard

      It's a laptop. HP &co are not going to be pleased.
  • Exactly what I wanted.

    This will make moving from stationary to mobile extremely fast and simple.

    I hope they keep going with accessories. Maybe next something for gamers like the Razr tablet with dual sticks and buttons.
  • Phone?

    Add a dock for the phone as well.
  • More?

    How about wireless charging for Windows Phone/Nokia built into the back of the new keyboard?
    • Re: How about wireless charging ... built into the back of the new keyboard

      Might be, but... probably the charging requirements of the Surface Pro far exceed the amount of power that can be delivered wirelessly. That wireless charging technology is designed to power devices that are normally powered by USB (well under 10W).

      You can't charge the Surface Pro via USB, can you?
      • That isn't what he was suggesting

        I read the suggestion to be that you could place your Nokia phone on the keyboard while it was closed and it would charge the phone.

        I'm not convinced that would provide enough value for the additional weight it would add.
  • Kudos Microsoft

    Wow, this looks fantastic.

    Come on world, for all we hear about Microsoft sucking, why can't any of you come out with anything better than this?
    • Read Paul's Write-Up Closely

      His description of the dock is as Rube Goldberg as it can possibly get:

      "...hulking device..."

      "...slides in at an angle and is held in place with by arms on the side that are pulled out to release the tablet..."

      " USB 3.0 port..." rest are 2.0

      It's a start, but by the sounds of it has to work around the fact they left no bus connection coming out of the chassis for such a device (need to mate up, some how, to existing display port and USB 3 to pass through to dock?)