Microsoft makes Office Online available in Chrome Web Store

Microsoft makes Office Online available in Chrome Web Store

Summary: Microsoft is making the Web versions of its Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote apps available to users through the Chrome Web Store.


Microsoft's Office Online -- the Webified and free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote -- are coming to the Chrome Web Store.


Office Online, which is the renamed Office Web Apps, already worked in the Chrome browser, as well as Internet Explorer and Safari. But Microsoft is going a step further and allowing Chrome users to add Word Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online to their Chrome App launchers to "create new Office documents online with a single click from your desktop." (Excel Online will be coming to the Chrome Web Store, too "shortly," according to an April 14 Office Blogs post.

Microsoft is making some additional enhancements to Office Online, as well, today's blog post notes.

Excel Online is getting the ability to insert new comments, plus editing and deleting of existing comments. Microsoft also has improved support for files containing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), allowing users to open and edit VBA-enabled spreadsheets without removing or breaking the VBA in the file.

Excel Online also now has the "Tell Me" functionality that helps users find relevant commands in a drop-down list form, the same way Word Online does. (Microsoft announced that this capability would be part of Excel Online in January 2014.)

Microsoft is adding commenting to the editing mode in Word Online, allowing users to make comments and changes simultaneously with other co-authors/editors. Microsoft also has simplified footnotes and endnotes so that users can add them inline, according to the blog post.

PowerPoint Online is being updated so that slide layout looks more like what the final result will be after editing. PowerPoint Online also gets the aforementioned Tell Me functionality.

OneNote Online is getting printing support with the latest bunch of updates, as well.

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  • "from"?

    Funny how the word "Microsoft" doesn't appear in the screen grab anywhere
  • Hey why not?

    They're great apps, makes sense to me to spread the word, even using unorthodox methods.
    • Now, if only Google could spread the love...

      It'd be nice if WP8 could get an official YouTube app...
      • That is pretty petty

        All of their fussing out over binary vs HTML5....
        • wasn't it also about MS removing ads?

          • Not quite

            Even after MS added ads to the app, Google refused to allow it
  • Google Drive All The Way!

    I have been using Google Drive (formerly docs) for quite some time. It has been working great for me, no need to change.
    • GDocs is better than the MS online stuff

      but both are miles behind desktop Excel. Can't use either GDocs or online Excel for a pivot table or use a macro or VBA (it sounds as though the new MS will not "break" existing VBA if a user opens and then saves the document.) The online services are still pretty much like the MS Works consumer toy that used to ship free in Windows.
      • You can use macros in Google Docs

        You can write macros in Apps Script (based on Javascript) in Google Docs. I've done it, and it works well. It isn't as feature-rich as VBA, but it's getting better all the time
      • Pivot tables do work in Google

        I don't know what version of Google Sheets you are using but every version I've used supports pivots tables.

        Select the menu item Data => Pivot Table Report and filter away.

        Not sure about Excel Online - I don't use that.
        Sing the Blues
    • Eehhh

      Doc's is ugly. Office Online is beautiful and works as well, if not better. And it doesn't f*** with word docs.
  • Android Version Please

    At least make editing Word Docs in the OneDrive app available on Android. Google Drive needs some competition on that platform, and MS should provide it.
    • It is on phones

      And if you can get the apk you can use on tablets, but stick with quick office for the time being, Office mobile is pretty poor for anything other than a quick edit.
    • tons of competition on android

      search for office - there are many office "suites" on android- people still mostly use evernote- just goes to show how unnecessary m$ office has been all these years.
      • So unnecessary that people with drop the others and go with this

        didn't you say nobody would get the Office Apps for iPad because of all the other "better" apps?

        So why do you think you'd be right this time?
    • I have

      the Office app on my Android phone.
      • here is the link for both ios and android

        Link to iOS version:

        Liink to Android version:
  • This is waht Microsoft should have done a long time ago

    I have not tried the product myself, But always thought MS made a huge mistake when they decided that their office product will only run on their OS. HUGE MISTAKE. After that, people needed an alternative and thats how Open Office and others where created. Microsoft should have done what Adobe does. Make their product run on every platform. Linux, Mac, Windows, etc . I am glad to see that at least they are changing that.
  • I wonder...

    If these will have the "offline" functionality of some other Chrome apps. If so, then the value of a Chromebook just skyrocketed.
    • Nope

      And as we speak you can only install word or powerpoint, as MS used the same ID for both!
      No excel, obviously trickier to manage!