Microsoft now at 400 million active accounts

Microsoft now at 400 million active accounts

Summary: Microsoft has completed its to migration and now is claiming 400 million active Web mail accounts.


Microsoft has completed moving its users over to and officials are now claiming the company has 400 million active accounts as a result.


Microsoft officials announced the completion of the transition on May 2. Microsoft officials added that they've migrated 150 petabyes of email over the past six weeks.

As part of the announcement, officials also said they are adding two new features to SMTP Send, making it easier to send mail from different email addresses; and deeper SkyDrive integration.

The new SMTP Send supuport streamlines the process of sending from an alias, without recipients seeing a message saying “Sent on behalf of…”  And on the SkyDrive front, users can now insert files and pictures directly from SkyDrive.

In February of this year, Microsoft officials said they had 60 million active accounts. At that time, officials said they'd be closing Hotmail and moving the hundreds of millions of existing users to

Of the current 400 million, 125 million users are accessing their accounts from mobile devices, officials said.

To those Hotmail users who are struggling with the interface: I'd suggest you check out this video and frequently asked questions (FAQ) document. I've heard from many (many, many) of you that you can't find your calendar, contacts, etc. Hopefully this page will provide some help.

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  • My question is...

    So do the previous "" extensions turn into "" extensions? The reason I ask is because... let's say someone had the email address ""... and then opened a new account "" Since I already claimed the "" address... the other person with the "abc" Hotmail account won't be able to get ""

    See what I mean?

    Just wondering...
    • You can keep the hotmail extension.

      I switched a while ago and they let me keep mine.
      Sam Wagner
    • email addresses after the transition


      You can opt to keep your Hotmail address (which many of us are doing because it's part of our Windows Live ID we've used with Windows Phone, etc.). Or you can transition from to an one. Or you can use aliases. More on aliases here:

      Mary Jo Foley
    • email address vs account name

      Those are two different things in every email platform. Some people are confused, because certain email web interface providers, such as gmail have an strict naming policy that more or less translates an.e.mail.address@gmail to anemailaddress (removes punctuation). etc.
  • Microsoft now at 400 million active accounts

    This looks great for Microsoft. is becoming an all in one communication solution. You have email, you have file storage for skydrive, you have IM, you will soon have video conferencing through Skype. Its at 400 million now and just wait until Microsoft gets all services up and running that number will double very quickly.
    • it sure is great for microsoft

      This will allow them to "spy" more effectively "like google". Also, so will anybody else because MS doesn't use SSL.
      • SSL

        Actually, accounts use SSL by default and and accounts have it as an option that Microsoft recommends to those users who haven't turned it on.

        Sorry to burst your "Sure my favored company is evil but they must all be" self delusion.
        Mike Galos
        • I'm Just

          trying to waste LD's time with trolling comments like he does all the time for any non MS technology.
          • then you are doing exactly the opposite of your intensions

            you are making his day
          • Thanks for being a fan!

            Your jealousy has been noted. Be sure to tell your friends!
      • DOES use ssl.

        • but bing doesnt

          • I don't use bing

            For email, and I'm sure you don't either.
          • I know. Imagine all the people who could see me using bing

            to search for storm windows or a toaster.

            You're right! They better use SSL for search,
            William Farrel
  • Active....sure...but actively doing what? The real question.

    Take that number and, for starters, subtract the scores of hotmail accounts used by individuals or groups as fronts for Nigerian 401 scams and to circulate spam....yeah, you get the picture.
  • How Many for Hotmail and how many like my who got tired of Google

    I got tired for Google and went another advantage i can use Outlook for other email servers I use.
  • Sent of Behalf Of

    The biggest piece of news is that MS allows us to get rid of the "sent on behalf of" crud when sending from our other owned domain names. This is huge! I have multiple business and personal addresses, but I couldn't use Hotmail/Outlook because of the "sent on behalf" crud, which was a deal-killer. This will actually make a big difference for SMBs when they consider going for the whole MS cloud services package too. If you read the support forums, you'll see that this "sent on behalf of" issue has been a sore point for years.
    • Just great ...

      Well, I just tested out the new no-send-on-behalf feature doesn't work. still sends messages with the "sent on behalf of" crud even after following the instructions in the announcement blog. Nice job, Microsoft.
    • Smb's aren't targetted by

      They are targetted by Office 360, which is Exchange online.
  • Good for them now they need to fix their Android app

    I like the service and use the skydrive quite a bit. But I had to remove it from my phone as it gave my phone a very horrible battery life when it was installed. And there is no option to tell it to not check for updates or anything. If they can improve on it in the next revision I will put it back on the phone.